Lessons from a Toddler.

Lesson 1: Never. Ever. tell her places you will go or fun things you will do beforehand.

This child will ask, and ask, and ask again.
'Mommy, we go see Kaylee this weekend?'
'Mommy! we go see Kaylee this weekend?'
It's like talking to myself.

Lesson 2: Don't expect to get away with ANYTHING.

'Daddy, Mommy ate chocolate out of my bag'
'Mommy, MiMi gave me ice cream'
Even her teachers have mentioned that she's a tattle.

Lesson 3: They are smarter than you think.

When watching TV if someone dies, we would always say 'Oh, they are just sleeping'
One day, while watching Castle;
Madison: 'Mommy they got killed'
Me: 'We don't say that word'
Madison: 'Ok, I'll just say they are sleeping'
Totally dumbfounded. She's so on to me.

Lesson 4: Broccoli will make you poop better.

My glamorous life.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. This is totally hilarious! only because I know it is so freaking true! We have been planning some vacations for awhile now and every day it's "Are we going to florida today?!"

  2. This had me rolling this morning. She is fabulous in all forms. I love it...

  3. Kids are so smart! I find myself underestimating mine often. And I try to never tell them what we are planning until about an hour before, I get so tired of hearing them ask over and over when we are doing whatever it is. And I love that you actually posted a video of your kiddo pooping. Too funny!

  4. Oh my gosh... this video cracks me up! A few weeks ago my 3-year-old son was constipated, and now our toilet conversations are about broccoli and salads. Last night he said "COME OUT POOPOO!!! ...Mommy I need broccoli!"

  5. hahaha word!! Bless her little butt! My kids would have their poop CUT out before mentioning the B word.

  6. Awesome post! I can't tell my 3 year old we are going anywhere until I'm ready for her to get dressed and get out the door! She asks every 5 minutes "is it time to go yet?"

    She can't keep a secret either!

  7. I about died in my chair at work... you are amazing! Hugs!

  8. LOL! That little lady knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition. That's a sign of a good mama! :)

  9. Just to let you know, ALL of these apply to a 7 year old as well...especially the first one! Sometimes I swear he is still 3.

  10. OMG, that first photo of Miss M is soooo awesome! She's definitely working the attitude. Love it. :o)

  11. Haha this was great! Kids are awesome! :)

    I wanted to say Hello and pass along the Liebster Award. You may or may not have already done this but I thought it would be a fun way to get to know my fellow blogger's. No hard feelings either way. Thanks!


  12. Haha! I hate it when they figure out your tricks!

  13. That video just made my day. LOL!


  14. Haha! The "just sleeping" thing is funny!

  15. Lesson 4 is totally my favorite!!!!

  16. Lesson #1 extends way past toddlerhood, just so you know. I can't tell my kids that we are going to do anything or they will ask about it 5 billion times.

    That video is too funny. Definite blackmail material when she gets older.

  17. I just love your blog, and your little one is a doll. Thank you for the inspiration. By the way how tall are you?

  18. Plus the bathroom is no longer a quiet sanctuary. The minute you go its a gathering of the masses.

  19. I swear our girls are the same! I tell Lily that we may go to her grandparents' house and she asks me for days, then just starts telling me. And yes, you definitely don't get away with anything! But I think that just means they are watching us and want to be a part of it. Lily tells on me to my husband if I let her do something. Except for the chocolate ice cream the other night... she didn't share that tidbit! :)


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