Good Friday to you all!
I'm excited to have a free morning {after a dentist apt, of course} to work on stuff around the house. 
I may clean, but I'm thinking I need to craft something, just because.

For a while now I've been meaning to get my body fat measured, for another way to track my progress.
You can't only rely on a scale!

I have to say I was a little nervous to actually check it, not sure I could take a blow to my self image :)
Y'all that's like athlete status, the top range of it, but still!
I remember the first time I got it checked, at 240 pds, I thought why do they torture us with this thing, I'll never ever have a good number.
 Plus is was super embarrassing to have someone pinch your fat and measure it!
This number is showing me that my weight training is paying off.

You can read more about Body Fat here.

You guys ready to work some legs?

When working your legs you really need to think about your form to ensure you are working the right muscles.

Keep your chest up when you squat, imagine you are sitting in a child chair.
Your walking and runners lunges should have your booty cheek on FIRE. 
DON'T skip those jumping jacks, they are amazing for your outer glute and thigh area!



  1. Booty cheek on fire....will def. keep that in mind :)

  2. You are just too adorable! I love these videos!

  3. Ooh, girl... THANK YOU for the leg vlog! I'm excited to add it to the mix and shrink my Beyonce booty. ;) Happy Friday, pretty lady!

  4. YAY on the body fat percentage - WOWZERS!!! YAY another routine - I am on it. Love your workouts.

  5. GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a serious accomplishment!!! My ultimate goal is 18%, for the longest time I thought I'd just be happy to see it under 25%. It's crazay how far you've come! WOOP WOOP! That's so freaking awesome, glad to know it is possible to dip under 20 :) Hope you're having a great day!

  6. Yay! I love your videos! I can't wait to get home and watch this one!!

  7. Have you posted a workout playlist? I'd like to see yours. Thanks for all the lunges!

  8. Happy Friday Megan!

    Congrats to you!!! That's an amazing number for your BMI! Keep up the good work!

    I was 242 lbs when I realized I needed to lose weight several months after I had my son (April 2010). I now weigh 196 and I feel awesome! I have been having a rough week. Bad food choices, no working out, lack of motivation. I am hoping to kick it to the curb this weekend and start fresh to get myself going again. I weigh-in with weight watchers on saturday mornings...nervous I gained for tomorrows weigh-in.
    I just wanted to say Hi. Come visit me some time at jcway1182@blogspot.com.

    Thanks - Whitney

  9. ooops...my site is
    Whitney at jcway1182.blogspot.com

    thanks :) Happy Friday!

  10. You have so much energy! Isn't it amazing what working out can do for our busy days? You are such an inspiration.

    I've been told not to gain weight. Yes, all 112 pounds of me. Fat fuels estrogen and estrogen fuels my cancer. There is nothing like being told not to gain weight to make a lady hungry! I think about food constantly now -not just about my nutrient rich foods but all the foods I have to either stay away from or just take a bite.


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