Fat Girl can't Resist Cookies.

Is today Monday? I can't be sure, no school makes one day blend into another. It feels like Sunday to me. 
I did A LOT this weekend. 
Miss M had her first preschool show, super cute. I want to eat her face some days.
I actually went out and had a few beers. Stayed up past my usual bedtime.
Did some Christmas shopping at the CHI Omega show. It was just OK. I did find some good deals for myself though :)

After that I went to a cookie party. 
For those of you who have never been to one, everyone makes a different cookie and then you get to take home a bunch of different types of cookies.

OMG> so easy and delicious. I really need supervision when cookies are in the house.
I ate a fat girl amount these last 2 days.  
This is the problem with the holidays! I'm hosting my own cookie party in like 2 weeks so yeah, I need to get control of this shit like ASAP.

I ran a lot this weekend.

This is perfect running weather! Cold and hot at the same time.

Soccer Sunday is over, sad. I'm now responsible for getting is a sweat fest on the hardest day for me to find my motivation. Something about Sundays makes me want to stay in and eat.
I forced myself out the door for a run, 5 miles at a 9:19 pace
50 push ups
40 Dead fish {each side}
 That afternoon I volunteered to help out one of the instructors from the gym make a video to get certified to teach a class.
90 minutes later my arms were shaking and my legs were feeling like jelly.
I rewarded myself with cookies. Damn, inner fat girl. 
Let me let you in on a secret, you CAN NOT outrun a bad diet. You can't eat cookies and then go 'work' it off. Trust.


I'll be running the 8 miler on Turkey Day! Anyone else going?

I also took out a MAJOR source of beige in my house. It's so much better I can barely stand it :)
Hopefully I can get my house clean enough to take some pics today!

I mean, really?

Happy Monday!


  1. Love this! I've never heard of a cookie party... I think its a blessing i've never heard of it. yikes!

  2. Mmmm COOOKIES. It is impossible to outrun a bad diet. My problem is when I eat bad I feel bad... then when I feel bad I don't "feel" like working out and end up slugging along in my workouts. When I fuel my body right I am more excited to workout!

  3. AGH!!!!!!!! I love this - I love running in this weather too - it makes for the Perfect run. I want your cookies:) HAHAHA - for real I have a terrible sweet tooth - terrible, so I am stocked up on gum right now. BOO:( Happy Monday girl.

  4. You look so fantastic Megan! You inspire me to take my work outs up a notch. I'm doing a little 5k Wednesday night, but I may try my longest run ever on Thursday afternoon. Gotta go stock up on the blocks! Happy Monday!

  5. Your cookies looked so good! I will be visiting family in Dallas for Thanksgiving. I am doing the 5k with my kids and my husband and BIL are running the 8 mile run.

  6. You go girl. Reason #157 why I don't keep or limit amounts of sweets in my house. Hello my name is Nicole and I am a sugarholic. No joke. Love love sweets. Good luck with the willpower. If you desperately need a place for the sweets ok I'll take them off your hands ha!

  7. Loved Miss M's turkey outfit! Super cute!

    Wish I had the motivation to get my Christmas shopping started, run a million miles, bake cookies, swap cookies, and save the world! You're amazing!!!!

    Happy Monday, girl!

  8. What is Madison doing on the counter?!

    I can't wait to see pics of the room!!! Holla for getting rid of the beige! :)

  9. Hi Megan! I've been reading for a while but have never commented. Just wanted to let you know that your workouts are inspirational! Also love love your chevron dress!

  10. Your cookies look DELCIOUS! And again, I love your shirt! LOL to your daughter sitting on the kitchen counter! She looks like trouble, our girls would get along!

  11. I've never heard of a cookie party. I may have to throw one myself, even if I'm the only guest :)
    Happy Monday morning!

  12. Happy Monday to you too! I've heard about cookie parties, but have never had one. I might just have to give it a try this year.

  13. You are already doing better than I, I had the same cookies, without the running.

  14. Coooooooookies!!!! Yummy & worth it. Don't beat yourself up, you are a rockstar!

  15. First time commenting but long-time reader.

    I've got to say - you inspire me with your fashion. I love it (here, on the blog, and Instagram, too). You help old-no-fashion-sistas like me...

    You also inspire me with your kick-ass workouts.

    Thanks, girlfriend,

    Kelly in Cali

  16. My eating is so out of whack. The fact that my hormones are so effed up isn't helping I'm sure... I ate almost an entire jar of marshmallow fluff since yesterday... 2 days... 1 jar... I'm going to enjoy my thanksgiving and then do my best to eat well between now and Christmas.

  17. I love your love of Chevron! I know what you mean about cookies. They are the death of me. If they are in my house, I will eat them until I am gone. Ugh...

  18. Those last sets of photos from you outside look like a Shape magazine article. You get it, girl!!


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