Chevron Loves and Questions

Good Monday! 
I'm probably the only person who looks forward to Mondays, I just like getting back to my regular routine.
Plus I look forward to my Monday sweat-fest at the gym :)

Ok, Lets start with some pretties and by pretty I mean chevron love.

I FINALLY got my otterbox for my Iphone 5.

It's from Personalized from Me to You, although I believe they are not doing otter boxes anymore and switched to something else.

I also found some CUTE leggings at Forever 21.
Total motivation to sweat out some squats!

As you can see I had some cute fashionistas helping me out.

I had several people send me this video on how to chevron your nails, totally going to try it out!

I also had a girls day with Miss M on Saturday, we got her a 'Mommy' hair cut :)

I figured if she won't wear ponytails or bows then at least she can have a stylized cut.

I get lots of emails from people with all kinds of questions so I thought I would do a Q&A.
What do y'all want to know?
Feel free to ask me anything and I'll try my best to condense them.
I've also added some new tabs at the top, I'm trying to organize my posts so if your looking for things on how I sweat or how I eat you can find them. {It will take me a bit to go through all my post and relabel them, so bear with me!}
Or how I manage to stuff so many colors into my little house :)

I did have some requests for a hair video, if you rock the short hair then you may want to take a peek at it.

That's what I got.


  1. Happy Monday Megan!!! Love all the chevron :)

  2. Thanks for the awesome hair tutorial, I got my hair cut short for the first time in five years and I need all the styling help I can get!

  3. What did you start to eat when you were in the 200's and starting losing weight? I cut my calories back and eat healther, lots of protien, butim a big woman i find myself still hungry!

  4. That is the cutest iPhone case!! Love it!!

    I'd love to know how to get started with running. I have all the motivation in the world while I'm at work & reading inspirational blogs like yours but once I get home, all motivation is gone! Thinking I join a running group but my schedule doesn't work with the local one very well... :(

  5. omg, i think i'm envying a toddler's haircut...super cute!

  6. Her haircut is adorable!! My niece cut hers like that when she was that age & I loved it. Something unexpected about seeing a style on a little girl. :-)

  7. Awww her little hair cut is so cute! And love all the chevron :)

  8. Your daughter's hair cut is absolutely adorable!

  9. I love M's hair. My daughter is 2 and won't sit still yet for a haircut yet. So stinking cute.

  10. Hey there! I love your motivations and workouts on here. I also love your short hair and can't wait to get mine updated like Miss Madison's tomorrow! I'd like to know what your budget looks like, without actual numbers, just % for example 10% on clothes, 15% on groceries, etc. Also, what's your typical weekly workout schedule? and one more..can you share a weekly/monthly meal plan that is family friendly for kids too?

    Thanks so much for your motivation! Check out the blog I just started with my sister

  11. Love the blog and inspiring workouts. I'm looking forward to my mom haircut/update tomorrow like Miss M!
    Could you share your typical workout week, weekly/monthly meal plans that are family friendly and what your budget looks like? For example, 10% budgeted for gym membership, 5% budgeted for clothes, etc.

    Thanks for the motivation and inspiration, I loved looking back at your story. Check out the blog I started with my sister today

  12. Madison's haircut is SO cute! Adorable.


  13. Holy cow I LOVE Miss M's new hair cut..it's SO adorable!!! Yay..a Q & A!!!!! Keep rockin' it girl, you look FAB!!!! P.S. I LOVE you hair as well!!

  14. I dont have a question, but I have had Heyyyy Sexy ladyyyy in my head since yesterday when you posted on Instagram.... so theres that.

  15. I love chevron. Not sure I'd be able to pull off the leggings, but they are super cute. and I love the little mommy cut! I need to get my daughters hair cut but I have some weird connection to her hair. She was so bald for so long as a baby!

  16. I LOOOOOVE M's haircut. So cute! Toddler chic even haha..

    My questions for you:
    How many more children would you like?
    Would you ever adopt?
    Do you find you ran faster the more weight you lost?
    Do you ever plan on doing a full marathon?

  17. First - I saw a Chevron picture frame at Target today (I think w/ the Holiday frames and stuff) and it made me think of you!

    So a few questions. :)

    Are you going to work full time after you graduate next month? What will Madison do (daycare, preschool, etc)? How will you fit in working out to the extent you do now?

    Do you treat yourself ever? Soda, sweets, munchies, etc? How often?

    Do you have a ton of close friends, or a handful of best friends? More of a family person?

    How many days per week do you work out/how long?

  18. Ugggh I just typed something up and it got eaten!

    Anyways, first I wanted to tell you that I was at Target and saw a chevron picture frame and totally thought of you. It was w/ the holiday frames and stuff. :)

    OK questions :)

    How often do you treat yourself? Is it hard to pass on sweets/munchies/etc?

    Are you a coffee person? What kind/how do you like it?

    Do you have a ton of friends or more a handful of CLOSE friends? Are you more of a family person?

    Are you getting a full time job after you graduate next month? What will Madison do (daycare, preschool, etc)?

    How many days per week do you work out?

  19. I am loving M's hair!! Such a baby doll! :)

    Ok, my question is... Do you feel like the same person now that you are uber skinny as you did when you were heavier? Like, mentally and emotionally.

  20. YAY!!! Thank you so much for the hair video!!! I need to get mine cut again. I really need to do bangs. I get so lazy and just air dry and straighten and that is why I have my problem with volume! Looks like I need a new blowdryer!

  21. I have been following you ever since you did a guest post on MamaLaughlin's blog.

    I think you are amazing! I am currenlty at 215, and my goal weight is 140. I know I can do it. I just need to make myself get off the couch and on the treadmill!


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