5 Yoga Poses for Runners

Thankfully yesterday I had a test in my last class of the day and I'm a fast test taker so I was out early enough to head to the gym for a preventative Halloween Candy workout.

I did 30 minutes on that damn stairmaster, 30 minutes of my own cycling class, and a  3 mile run.
I planned on doing abs after, but my sister called and locked her and Miss M out of the house.
She's such a blond, but you gotta love her.

I got home to this.

She enjoys spreading her candy out like a treasure.
She has candy back logged from the 3x she's already been trick or treating and we still had to hit the neighborhood.
Thankfully a bunch of my neighbors crapped out and didn't even have lights on so she only got a bucketful.
The bad side of that was the leftover candy WE had!

Those White Chocolate Kit Kat's are the devil I tell you!

OK, moving on!

I'm the first to admit I do NOT stretch nearly enough. Even after I ran that 14 miles I stretched for maybe 5 minutes.
The other day I was browsing the web and came across 5 yoga poses for runners and after trying them I'm on board! My quads and hamstrings are sooooo tight!!
I will be adding these in every night!




I was like 'oh this one isn't so bad'
Yeah, try to raise your back foot!

Tight quads!!!



I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm no Yoga expert, but try these moves your legs will thank you....eventually :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. pigeon is my all time favorite streth- do it with your forearms and forehead on the ground- stretchy heaven!

  2. Where did you get those turquoise pillows????????


  3. You have the happiest house--love all the turqouise! So fun....you and Miss M--two peas in a pod! :)

  4. I'm loving yoga!!! And the hubs has been researching how yoga is goo for runners. Can I offer a lil help here? On your warrior... You look a lil more spartan cheerleader than warrior. Lol. Your arms should be level and parallel to the floor. ;)

  5. I do a few of those yoga poses, but my by far fave are the ones with baby in them- they make every picture worth a giggle!

  6. AGH!!!!! The Goddess pose - love it. I need to do more stretches for sure. I really need to. I am going to try them and the pigeon pose makes me laugh - ha:)

  7. You crack me up. Love the photos of you and your baby with the yoga poses. I only hope that I can work as hard as you at the gym. I gave up sugar from today until Thanksgiving in hopes that the left over Halloween candy won't tempt me. Thanks for keeping it real.

  8. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't stretch that good before and after running but after seeing these yoga move totally going to try these!

    Thanks girl!!!

  9. These pictures are hilarious! You ladies are so cute!

  10. Those look like some great yoga moves! I love the Pigeon pose for post long runs. I love your little helper, she's great!

  11. Getting ready to train for a half and I think these will certainly come in handy:) Thanks!!

  12. Do you think that over all you are a happier person after losing weight?

    I feel sometimes that my weight is the major source of me not being as happy as I think I would be if I were thinner. I feel it's on my mind all of the time & now I'm to the point of feeling like if I wanted to do activities that my weight will stop me because of weight limits...

  13. OOOOHHHH Pigeon is my favorite! Love that one. Feels so good for my tight hip flexors & hammies. I dont' stretch enough either. I always feel better once I do but it's another 10 minutes of stuff to do. Mama's got other stuff to do! Happy Friday :)

  14. i love your yoga pose pics :)

  15. You are too cute! I just recently added a yoga class to my workouts - it's only once a week but it sure makes me slow down and stretch. I can slow down my body but my mind is still going a million miles an hour.

  16. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this today. I didn't stretch very much (at all) after I ran last night and my sleep suffered. Thanks for the tips!


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