24 Day Challenge Results

I finished the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

Let's skip the talking and get right to the results, that's why your here right? 

Starting Weight 150
Ending Weight 146.5

3.5 pounds may not seem like a lot, but for me it was hard effing work.

Arm  {10.5}  10.25
Chest  {34} 34
Waist {28} 28
Hips  {38.0} 37
Thigh  {22} 21
Calf  {15} 13.5

I'm pretty excited about those inches lost! 
Y'all know I've been hitting the weights and I started taking Catalyst to help build my muscles and I'm likin' what I'm seeing!

I took some before and after pics although the difference is subtle.
Even little bit counts though, right?

 Someone asked if I had extra skin removed and the answer is not yet :)
That little pooch around my belly button is a goner as soon as I pop out another kid.

Overall I thought I had good results.
Could I have eaten better, maybe.
Could I have worked out harder, probably not.
Is it worth the money?
eh, I honestly would try the 10 Day Cleanse first {32 bucks} and see how you do.
You will get good results just doing the cleanse!
The meal replacement shakes are good, but not something I thought I needed added to my diet. I eat lots of protein and I enjoy actual food to chew on when I eat, but if breakfast is hard for you then these are great. 
The MNS Max 3 gave me lots of energy, but it's not cheap to keep taking forever. {46 bucks for 2 week supply}
Mango Strawberry Spark is amazing and it's like a party in my mouth every time I  drink it. LOVE. Plus it gets you over that afternoon slump.

There you have it!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. The results might be small, but you can more then def see them! I envy that you don't have a lot of extra skin on your belly.. that is my biggest fear. eeeek.

  2. The results might be small, but you can more then def see them! I envy that you don't have a lot of extra skin on your belly.. that is my biggest fear. eeeek.

  3. Great results girl! You look so stinkin TINY!!!

  4. You looked amazing in your "before" pic, ya jerk. What the skin surgery, like a tummy tuck?

  5. those are great results!!! you look awesome!!! its harder to lose the less you weigh! congrats!

  6. You look amazing! Congrats on the 3.5- that's a a lot to drop in 24 days for me too. Get it girl!!

  7. I can definitely see the changes in the lower half of you body!

    I plan on getting rid of that pooch too!

  8. Great job lady! 3.5 lbs is awesome! I would kill for that much loss! You look fab and you should be so very proud! Woohoo!!! :)

  9. Megan I can totally see the difference! You worked hard and I'm not sure if its because of the challenge or your hard work, but either way, You look effing great! You are such an inspiration, girl!!

  10. Love some Spark - fruit punch is my fave though, mmm mmm!

  11. I can tell a difference for sure! How tall are you?! A friend of mine just did the 24 day challenge too and she wasn't super impressed either and didn't think it was necessarily worth the money! I tried the 10 day cleanse, but didn't totally stick to it. BUT I love SPARK and it totally broke me of my 5 soda a day habit!

  12. I was wondering what the diet is like when doing the 10 day cleanse?

  13. WOW girl you look great. For real - you are one my biggest inspirations. I am so glad I found you.. LOL.. I know about that pouch crap - I would like to get that sucked out and placed in my (.)(.) parts. LOL

  14. Girl you look amazing!!!!
    And look at those abs!! WOOHOO!!

  15. I see a difference. WOOHOO .GREAT JOB!!!! inspiring!

  16. Just a quick note to add to that:
    If you are a first timer like me, I wouldn't recommend it. I'd do it the way you did first. Actually EXCERSIZE. for those of us trying to get thin quick, it's not a great idea. It made me sick the first day and I was still eating crappy. My friend is on it but she hardly eats at all. Maybe once a day. I'm waiting for her to fall over any day now ;)

  17. By the way you look PHENOMINAL!!!!

  18. Of course EVERY little bit counts! And I can see the difference! WTG! I wish I could make myself work out as hard as you do!

  19. You can totally see a difference. When you get to a certain point you have to work twice as hard for the pounds to come off. Way to go!!!

  20. I had the same exact results with Advocare. It helped me get rid of my sugar addiction, but it wasn't worth the money.

    I will say that you are looking hella awesome!!

  21. You look great!

    I'm so glad that you posted about this cause I have a friend who tried it and had amazing results and then became a rep for them. She keeps pushing me to try it but I wasn't convinced that her results weren't just cause she has skinny genes. Maybe i will try the 10 day cleanse. =)

  22. I just found your blog tonight, I always see your ig name on all my blog friends photos. I finally decided to check you out and I'm so glad I did! You are so motivating. You're awesome!

  23. You look great! And it was I who asked about the skin. Happy to see that it's possible to look as good as you without surgery! :)

  24. Oolala I can tell!! I can for sure see the difference in your hips and thighs. Looking good Megan

  25. Meg I have the same belly button skin pooch as you. I looked into having it corrected butbwas told a full blown tummy tuck was the solution. I am not interested in putting my body through that. Have you been told something different?


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