The Best Day Ever {or how I got in a 6!}

Before I let you in on my secret you wanna see a before and after??
Huh, do ya?
Well, it more of a halfway and almost there....

I remember being SO EXCITED I got my butt in some bling jeans!


I mean, 25 pounds makes a big difference. 
And I'm just saying my booty definitely looks better :)

Oh and BTW, these jeans are SERIOUSLY the most comfortable, well fitting jeans I've ever owned. 
I don't even want to rip them off as soon as I get home and put on sweats, they are amazing!

While I was browsing at Kohl's, I just randomly started picking up different jeans to try on. One brand I was looking at didn't have any 8's so I grabbed a 6 just for kicks.
In the dressing room I ALMOST didn't try them on because nothing can ruin a day like not being able to button something your trying on in a dressing room.
At home I can handle it, but in a store, that shit better fit.

They fit AND they are skinnies.
Holy Heck, how did this happen and I'm still the same weight I've been FOREVER??

*Edit- click here to see which black jeans I bought!

I'm going to tell you what my secret is for squeezing my ass into a size 6, but not losing a pound.

Are you ready?

Yes, a shit ton of squats. Lunging ones, jumping ones, baby ones, booty back all the way ones.

We alllll know I'm a pear shaped gal, I've come to terms with it. I'll never look AMAZEBALLS in a pair skinnies and that's OK {well, kinda}

The goal can't just be to 'get skinny', there are plenty of skinny girls who are not healthy or in shape.
I want to TONE, I want a new SHAPE, I want to kick ASS. 

Legs are my worst features, but my favorite body part to work at the gym.
Cardio alone won't cut it, if you want to change your shape then you need to
a. lift weights
b. plyometrics

You can't get these guns on the treadmill.

Maybe, just maybe if I keep squatting my ass off I'll be able to wear a pair of colored skinny jeans.

See, sometimes that scale IS a lying whore :)

Need some motivation to get squatting?
Besides my amazing butt?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Megan, I just wanted to drop by and say hi and that you are just looking fabulous. Definitely and inspiration to many. I need to tone too! Time for some crunches and squats. :)

  2. You look great! Congrats on the size 6 and FYI you already do look amazeballs in skinnies!!

    I'm gonna have to go check out Kohl's...

  3. You look freaking amazing, seriously, HOT!!

    I'm going to need to know what brand those comfy jeans are so I can go buy me some, especially if my butt will look like yours in them!

  4. what jeans are you wearing that are a size 6?

  5. Lookin' gooooood, girl! And I'm with ya -- squats are the secret to slim! :) Keep up the good work!

  6. Where did you get the size 6 jeans in the bottom pic?

  7. Great work on all the squatting! I am also a firm believer in squats....I am hoping all the ones I have done in the past several months help me in my marathon this weekend! You have literally worked your butt off and it shows. Keep it up!
    I am loving your Fall decor and it motivates me to get mine out of storage and decorate!

  8. Way to go girl!!!! Love the jeans...I need to work on the squats...:)

  9. Meggy Meg I am loving it. You are awesome and look fantastic. I love those VW skinnies and those pink Macy's ones you could totally rock. I think after this half - I am accepting your 200 squats. I too love squats and planks - my two favorite excercises. WTG.

  10. SOLD! I'm doing squats with my weight training from now on!

    Hey, congratulations on being a SIZE 6!!!

  11. Yay! Congrats! I so badly need to start lifting. I get plenty of cardio in everyday but I never lift. I need to get someone to show me how to lift safely and correctly. Love the jeans! It makes me sad because my 5'11 self cannot do anything with a 32 or 34 inch inseam, haha!

  12. Holy. Crap. Woman!!!!!! You look AMAZING! I think I might secretly be uber jealous of you, you are such a hottie! ;P

  13. What a fun surprise in the dressing room! Congratulations! And I think I may try out the 200 squat challenge after I finish my 30DS. Jillian is currently turning my thighs to jello.

  14. WooHoo, that is awesome! Go on with your bad self. Size 6 is one of my goals and someday soon, it will be mine. I don't know if I can work up to 200 squats, but I did it with crunches, so why not?

    Seriously, you look amazing and you deserve that smaller size. Love Chris Farley, btw, too funny.

  15. ya girl! you look smokin'! I just posted a couple of my before and after pictures on my blog last week! You're freakin' amazing! Keep doin what you're doin!
    -karly :)

  16. Love this post for I too am a pear body! I've been running, but thanks to you and your amazing photos, I am going to give squats a try! You're rocking those skinny jeans! Jelly!

  17. CONGRATS! Nice work!!!! You are TOTALLY right, Squats are where its at! I sneak in 15 squats at work everytime I use the restroom, followed up by 15 counter pushups. Its better than nothing right?!PS you will too look AMAZEBALLS in skinnies, you already do!!!

  18. WOO girl I am so proud of you! You look AMAZING! This is just the kick in the pants I needed to get off the couch this afternoon...thanks, girlfriend!

  19. You look AMAZING! Congratulations! Very inspirational post and those jeans are hot. Keep it up!

  20. You look AMAZING in those jeans!!!
    Great job girl!

  21. Your post made my day! So happy for you!! I am a fellow pear shape, so I feel your pain...you are ROCKING those jeans <3

  22. AWESOME!!!! You look awesome! All that hard work is paying off!

  23. you look amazing. that's all i have to say.

  24. Congrats Girl!!! That's awesome! I have a pair waiting for me. Guess I'll get squatting. Hehehehe

  25. Meg... you have seriously been my motivation lately. For real... you looks so amazing and I love your attitude. And how can you weigh more than 130 pounds? For real. I love a good squat session, so I am starting that challenge tomorrow.

    I hope you are so proud of those size six jeans!!

  26. What an amazing feeling that was, I bet! Way to go girl. You're such an inspiration and I bet you're on cloud nine right now (or cloud 6 lol)..

    By the way, amazing arms too! I hope to one day have guns like you:)

  27. I'm sorry to break this to you but you DO look amazing in a pair of skinnies! the example is in the photos!

    I wish I looked as good as you do!

  28. You look amazing! Congrats on getting in a six! That is so awesome. You are an inspiration.

  29. YOU ROCK!!!!!! Thanks for being an inspiration! My highest weight was 180 and I am now a 163 and I am hoping to get to 140 and I can't wait to slide into some 8s or even 6s!!!!!!!


  30. I love this Megan! I just wish I had motivation to do any stinkin weight training or lunges or squats. I really only love cardio. I suck and need to get back to that stuff but despise it, it's so boring to me! Any suggestions? By the way, YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!

    I know you'll be in those skinny colored jeans in no time!!

  31. you look great, and I love your hair...skinny jeans SCARE me:)

  32. I can say this only because I am the mom of 3 daughters and butts are a frequent topic of conversation as my girls need compliments and reassurance. I don't want to sound creepy. This is what I would say to one of my girls.

    Your fanny is adorable and you look fabulous in skinny jeans. You ROCK those jeans and you should be proud of those cute buns after all your hard workouts.

    In our home we call them "biscuits" because when our girls were young their fannys were too small to be buns - so they were biscuits. :)

  33. Was thinking about you when I was doing squats last night!!! Hurts so good today.

  34. That is so awesome! WAY to go! You should send me your old jeans since i'm your before picture! ONE day i'll be your after picture (and you'll be a whole new after picture)and i can send the jeans on to someone else!

  35. You are such an inspiration Megan! I love reading your blog and following your journey :)

  36. I just found your blog and may be doing a little stalking :) So glad I found you because my legs are my problem area too. I need to go through your posts and figure out what you did to get them in shape.


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