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I posted on Instagram that I was writing out everything I eat and a lot of you wanted in on the action, so here you go!

*Edited: I do not count my calories, I just eat sensibly.  I try to stop when I'm full and only eat on schedule.  I would guess that I eat around 1600-1800 a day though, BUT y'all know I hit the gym like a crazy fool and I burn around 1000 calories in a workout. So, the amount of calories you eat should be based on your lifestyle {how active you are}.

Most days I eat Regular Oatmeal drizzled with honey and a cut up bananna.
If I have time I'll make eggs and wheat toast.
Protein Shakes {Fruit, Almond Milk, Spinach, Whey Protein}

Apples with peanut butter {I like the to go cups by Jif}
Trail Mix {Nut\fruit mix}
Greek Yogurt with granola {I get the individual sizes} {the granola is the one with the lowest sugar per serving I can find at the store}
I do like this one from Sprouts.

hard boiled eggs {I'm lazy and buy the pre boiled ones} sprinkle with salt and pepper
Lara Bar's {beware of 'protein' bars or Fiber One, LOTS of sugar}
100 calorie popcorn

Salad, I really LOVE the Dole ones!! I usually find them at Kroger\Tom Thumb. I buy frozen precooked grilled chicken heat it up and put it on. Yummmy!

Wraps, Low Carb Tortillas with spinach, turkey meat, light mayo, etc. and some Wheat cracker and string cheese on the side.
I also really like Evol Products, they are a little pricy and I get them at Sprouts but they are all organic, low sugar, high protein and good in a hurry

1. Chicken, green beans, potatos I use spray butter, not a stick of it! Just spray and then season.
2. skillet lasagna w\italian turkey meat
3. turkey burgers with Best Broccoli Ever Burger on whole wheat bun, light mayo and whatever veggies you want.
4. Oven Baked Fajitas on corn tortillas 
5. Crockpot Baked Potato Soup I had a friend make this stovetop and not in the crockpot, she just let it simmer for a hour.

A few Tips
Check labels, don't buy things that have more than 5g of sugar per serving.
I would recommend 'purging' the house. Throw away any temptations!! 
Eat even if you are not hungry!!! If you wait until you are, then you will likely cheat. 
I eat at 6am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 7pm.
I try to keep the mindset that I'm eating to fuel my body not for fun. Do I want to eat this hardboiled egg?? Probably not, but I do it anyways :)

I am actually starting the Advocare 24 Day Challange tomorrow, so check back for the details on that!

I pin lots of good eats on my Pinterest so come on over and join the cool kids.

I'm pretty proud of myself this weekend, I only had 1 cheat meal. 
And just one little foray into the chocolate fountain :)

Hey, it was on a Strawberry!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Megan, do you count calories or do you just eat sensible portions and not worry about actual counting?

  2. Wonderful food choices! It's so nice of you to share for those that struggle, trying to put together healthy snacks.

  3. Thank you for sharing!

    I started making hard boiled eggs in the oven. Place in a muffin tin. 325 for 25-30 minutes, dump in an ice bath.

  4. I loved that you clarified how the Fiber 1 bars are packed with sugar. This looks totally do-able.... anything to get your arms. :)

    And good luck with the 24 Day Challenge. I did that, too. It's a good way to jumpstart weightloss and eating clean-- but it looks like you already do that on your own. :)

  5. Love stalking your blog and getting great information for my weight loss. Thanks for the tips with eating.

  6. I have been looking in to the Advocare 24-Day Challenge, but I haven't heard of anyone else who has completed it! I'll be looking forward to hearing about your experience!

  7. Definitely keep us posted on your 24 day challenge! I just finished mine on Friday. I'll be doing it again someday. LOVED how it kick started my weight loss again! Good luck, girl!!

  8. Thanks for the food tips! I always have a hard time finding good snacks:) Thanks!

  9. Megan, you are amazing. I totally wish I would go back to eating that way. I've gotten so far gone that going back makes me want to cry! I do need to boil me some eggs though, and buy some of those jif to go packs of pb, yum!

  10. thanks for the tips! Very useful and OMG CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!

  11. I suggest that you try Bolthouse Farms dressings. I get them from Giant and Martins. Whether I'm craving a creamy dressing or a viniagrette, everything I've had from them tastes amazing. Plus they're made out of real ingredients and have no preservatives or any weird additives. Also, Udi's Vanilla Granola is THE BEST granola I've ever had in my life. Even my boyfriend (who really hates "healthy food") loves it. I suggest it to everyone! Again, no preservatives and it's made out of real ingredients.


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