Talkin' bout My Hair.

I have hair ADD.
In my head I wish I had long luscious locks, but in reality I don't like to spend more than 10 minutes from shampoo to hairspray.
Once upon a time I had long hair.

Then I got married and cut it off, like the day I got back from my honeymoon.
Then I had a baby, got fat, and got skinny.
The more weight I lost the shorter I cut my hair.

I think I was around 185 here.
I call this my Kelly Clarkson hair :)

I cut it super short, 160.

This was my favorite cut, it was so sassy and SO easy to fix every morning.
Plus I had a lot of compliments on it.

Growing it out was really not painful, which was my main concern when chopping it.
I only decided to grow it out because I was trying to get knocked up and I get fat face when I pregnant.

Now that I see this picture I want to go chop off my front layers!

I have noticed a new trend in my hair cuts.
I need Botox, like yesterday, blah blah blah I know I'm too young.
Age knows no boundaries, this girls got some wrinkle on the forehead.

So I randomly decided to go chop some over the weekend.

I hate when my hair is on my neck too it makes me want to put it in a ponytail everyday.


Bangs will suffice until I find a job {soon!} and the hubs can't say shit about me getting poison in my forehead.
Or I just won't tell him, doubt he would notice.
Although he did notice my bangs, so maybe that's not a good plan.

I did flat iron it today and I usually round brush it which I like better.
I just don't dig flat hair, I'm too short I need all the help I can get :)

And just for fun, here's Miss M last year and this year on Halloween.
My, how they grow.

Now, the rest of the day will be spent trying to avoid all that damn candy.

Happy Halloween! 
I'm looking forward to see all your cute kids in their costumes so post pictures!!!


  1. Love the new bangs, they are super cute! I always go in spurts with my hair. I let it grow really long and then chop it all off. Last chop was in June so I'm back in the growing out stage. I kind of want to keep it short, though. We'll see.

    I hear ya about the wrinkles. Just call them smile lines, sounds so much better than crow's feet.

  2. Pretty!!!! I love the new do! Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!!!

    Oh - and wrinkles on the face come from a lifetime of smiling :) Just sayin'!

  3. Your bangs look great! I've been thinking about chopping all my hair off. But, UGH! The regrowth process sucks major balls! Perhaps I'll shave my head and wear wigs.....

  4. Your hair is so cute! I am really ready for a new "do" but cannot decide on anything, so I keep letting it grow. It's getting out of hand! :) I love the new bangs - and the cute pink sweater. As usual Miss M is so adorable!

  5. Girl!!! I love love love your hair!
    Mines the longest its been in years. I kind of like it but there's a part of me that wants to chop it when I hit 60 lbs!!
    We'll see! :)
    Happy Halloween your little trick-or-treater is too cute!

  6. You look sassy and fabulous with any hairstyle...your hair is ALWAYS so cute. And little M is just the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Happy Halloween :)

  7. I love your hair! I wish I had the balls to cut mine off but I just can't bring myself to do it.

    And I feel ya on the wrinkles. I swear the skinnier I got the deaper the wrinkles went. I have what I like to call my forehead butt crack that I want to have fixed so bad. One day I will have a smooth face again. :)

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  8. Miss M is so cute! My little boy is going as Scooby Doo tonight (b/c he wanted to be a puppy!)

    I just realized that in that last pic, you look just like Rachel McAdams! :) Love your hair and your new bangs!

  9. love the bangs but blow dry them forward without the round brush then once dry use round brush to the opposite side you want them to fall. you will get perfect bangs that way !

  10. So I love the bangs but here is a suggestion ... Blow dry them forward with just your fingers(no round brush) until they are dry , then round brush them to the opposite side that you want them to lay ... perfect bangs every-time!

  11. Pfft! Let all the haters hate Botox. You and I can get it and look amazing. I am 30 and am a big fan. I do look young for my age, and so whenever anyone finds out I've gotten Botox, the gasp they let out would make you think I just told them I stabbed my puppy. Here is my theory (I heard this from the Dentist who injects me - yes Dentists.. they have it for TMJ, and she was cheaper than the salons/clinics): If you can't MAKE the wrinkles, you can't GET the wrinkles! Now, I do have wrinkles from the 28 years of life prior to Botox, but preventative maintenance people!! I will put an end to new, deeper ones now!


  12. you look cute no matter what! love the bangs! i have been considering chopping some, but i don't think i have the face for it.

  13. I LOVE the cut! It's so pretty. I am growing my hair out right now b/c it's nice to pull back in a wet ponytail/bun when I don't feel like doing it. :)

  14. You are so dang cute! Love the hair. And M's costume!

  15. The one of you in they grey tank & sunglasses is my favorite style (maybe because it's most like my own?? haha), so I'm glad you decided to do something similar. I like it!

  16. OMG I love the Bangs and hair cut it is really cute

  17. Megan, you are such a crack up!! I like your hair every way but my favorite is with all the streak highlights.

    Just wanted you to know that I actually put gel in my hair today to try to spike it. Well, it's still too short but I tried and I went out in public - TJ Maxx and Trader Joes - with no hat. I almost stuck my tongue out at the people that stared at me. Maybe I should next time :)

  18. Love your new cut! I have had the same hair forever bc all I do is wash it, comb it, & throw mousse in it. I dread doing anything extra!

  19. I love your hair! I am so like you, the whole hair ADD thing. I am in the process of letting it grow, i have had it your new short length for three years and i am ready for a change, but seeing that makes me want a cut soooo bad!! But anyway, you look amazing, the bangs are great!

  20. Long or short, your hair is pretty. It looks SO easy to take care of, too. I like the bangs especially, they soften the edges of your face. While I am overweight, my face looks too chubby for a short cut...I may consider it as I lose this weight. Fingers crossed!


  21. I love the new cut! My 2nd favourite is the one where you had it REALLY short (it suited you!)

  22. I just wanted to let you know how I found your blog! I actually googled Kelly Clarkson hair, and up popped a pic from a post you did about it! (That was over a year ago) Love your sense of humor and random blog posts! I always know I'll enjoy your blog when you have new entries! :)

  23. I love your hair. It's so pretty in every design. I like short hair (especially your sassy style) but it does not agree with me! It'll make my face look super fat and I don't need help with that. I typically do the long, layered thing and will chop it straight or add extra layers. I'm boring with my hair. Oh well, it's easy to take care and that's what matters!

    Oh, I forgot to post this yesterday but I nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog!

  24. I love your hair and Little Miss is just too cute!

  25. I'm a hair stylist and I always say bangs are a poor woman's alternative option to Botox. Lol.....you have great hair and love the bangs on you. Bangs is like the funniest word ever to me!!! Hahaha. I know, I'm a dork:0)

  26. Live your hair!
    I love love love it super short!!!!


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