{Perfectly} Imperfect Pumpkins

Poor Miss Madison.
She lives such a hard life.
All work and no play, oh wait that me.
Noooo wait, that's my husband, yeah now I remember I don't have a 'job' according to him.
All I do is sit around looking pretty and craft :)

Well, I figured I might as well pass along what I'm good at to my kid.

After an {expensive} trip to Michael's I came home loaded up with goodies so we could paint some pumpkins for the foyer.

Look how excited she is :)

I let her creative juices flow.

I didn't worry about the mess.

Or the fact that she dumped 20 bucks in glitter on it.

What can I say? She loves glitter just like her Mama.

Not too shabby my little one.

Now for the rest of the season I can hear 'Mama! I made THAT pumpkin and THAT pumpkin' over and over and over again.

Sorry Oliver, maybe the next kid can be yours!

I call dibs on this one :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Love it!!! Great job Madison! Am i a bad momif I never let my kids play with glitter? It's like herpes, gets everywhere and you can never get rid of it. :)

  2. Awwww! I think those are the prettiest pumpkins I've seen!

  3. she is such a cutie! the pumpkins came out great.

  4. Oh my word. You two are too adorable!

  5. I swear you two are too cute. Love the pumpkins - so colorful and fun.

  6. Awesome. Just love it! I just bought a couple of pumpkins today, now I need to figure out what we are going to do with them. Hmm... paint sounds good.

  7. That's awesome! She did a great job, and more than anything, I love the last picture of you two and your faces! Perfect!

  8. I love that last picture, it is to die for, so cute! The comment about the 20 bucks worth of glitter cracked me up, too. What a fun mommy/daughter project that turned out to be.

  9. I LOVE those pumpkins and your little pumpkin! She is sooo cute! And hey, $20 bucks in glitter went to a fabulous cause so it's totally worth it! Great job Mama and Miss M! :)

  10. How cute! Those pumpkins came out nice!! I love your striped wall & that beautiful mirror too :) have a good weekend xx


  11. Love it! I let Lily paint on a few of my empty canvases not long ago and she loved it. And just so you know, big girls can't use just a little bit of glitter either. My middle school students go CRAZY for glitter! It only comes out on a few projects so they know it's special! Ha!!! I have yet to let Lily play with it... maybe I'll do it but that stuff is going outside! I really want to make the glitter (on the inside) ornaments for her glitter tree (hot pink and silver tinsel that goes in her room for Christmas). I think our girls would really enjoy each other!

  12. She is so cute and that looks fun!!

  13. you guys are the cutest and funniest mother daughter team!

  14. Pretty, sparkly, and made with love. So fun!!!!

  15. Y'all are too cute! I never thought to put glitter on a pumpkin - guess that's why you're the crafter and I'm not! ;)

  16. Adorable! The glitter one she did actually looks pretty aweseome. She's learning early for her crafty momma.

  17. Great job Madison! Love the display too. I love my little boys, but there is just something magical about having a girl to do crafts & girly stuff with.

  18. I totally agree with your "she's mine, maybe the next one will be yours". My child is so a mini me. The way I look at, there are worse people in the world than us, so they are pretty good kids. Love the pumpkins. Love the blue table, which is exactly like my pink hamper in Abby Sue's room. I am so totally loving blog land and the people I get to "meet". FYI, you need to get your butt to a zumba class. Talk about fun and a workout. I can totally see you taping yourself dancing.


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