My first {and maybe last} Vlog.

Y'all ready for this awesomeness?
The One Where I Say Ummmm

*this was the one and only shot too, Miss M's attention span would not have lasted much longer :)

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Ps. Who is doing their squats??? I wanna see some pics! 
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  1. I love my Dyson too! The best vacuum ever.

    Your so cute and so is your daughter!

  2. So I haven't done my Vlog yet but I'm pretty sure ours is going to sound exactly the same (minus the Bambina thing because my husband would die if I did that to a deer) Have a great weekend!

  3. Ummmmm I loved it =) You should do more =)Miss M is too cute. That deer head is too funny, you are one lucky chica because my husband would never let me hang a glamified deer head in the house, at least not without a fight! Love your style =)

  4. "My name is Megan too!!!" Hahaha ... She is adorable!!!

    I love Chick Fil A as well ....... so good. And I totally don't think it is fast food!

    I love your arms / upper body. I have a girl crush on you now!!!

    Loved hearing your voice!!! :)

  5. You are so gorgeous lady! Loved watching your video and sweet baby girl! You go watch Real Steel while Mommy answer some questions! Oh I cracked up laughing! Hope you're having a great day!

  6. ahhh! your so cute, thanks for giving us a little shot of bambina! this better not be your last vlog!

  7. You are as adorbs as you come across in your blog!!! I love how Miss M had to vlogbomb you a few times :) My kids would do the same thing. Hell, I would do the same thing, who am I kidding? Great post lady!!!!

  8. I LOVE my dyson too!! I also love that everyone leaves me alone when I am doing it!

    I have a daughter named Maddison :)

  9. Oh how cute is that video. Yep, you say ummm a lot (we all do) but your cuteness makes is less annoying LOL Your a natural, I loved seeing your expressions and your voice, makes it so much more real.

  10. Aaannnndddd, you're just as cute in "person" as you are in pics! So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Chick-Fil-A is amazing! Love it!!
    You're deer is the cutest thing alive!!! I kind of want one now! :)
    And don't worry I say umm all the time, the hubs gets on to me when I say it WAY to much.
    Loved your video!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  12. You are super cute! I found your blog this week via instagram off Mama Laughlins! You inspired me to get on my elliptical this week! It's hard but I am going to do it! Thanks for posting and sharing your story!


  13. Loved it! Oh my goodness gracious, I need a bambina on my wall! My husband would die!!!

    I vacuum a crapton because of my dog, but I can't find a good vacuum. Do you think Dison is worth it? I've heard great things about it but not sure which one to look at. Hilarious that I'm talking about vacuums. LOL

    Also loved seeing your daughter, she's too cute!!

  14. I super heart love Bambina! :)

    So fun watching your video and seeing Miss M! "I'm Megan too!" LOL! What a cute little ham!

  15. Megan, you couldn't be anymore cute. And I love the fact that you would grab Bambina off the wall in a fire. :)

    Thank you for linking up.... You're going to get a Kim Kardashian ass-sized squat picture today! :)

  16. I'm totally starting the squat challenge today, according to the fitness test, I will be starting on Week 3 column 3 - come on skinny legs :)

  17. You are adorable! I love your blog and the vlog was great! You'll have to do another.

  18. You are so pretty in pictures, but even prettier in vlog form! :)

    Miss M is super adorable too!! And I totally didn't notice the "ums" until you pointed 'em out.

    ..also, I about died laughing at the "What's your favorite music video?" part... like, really? Haha.

  19. I loved it - your daughter is so cute and I love your sweet voice. Chick Fil A is AWESOME. You are too cute:) I am so glad I got to watch.

  20. Cute!! You are adorable (and I love that I am one of the few that has actually met you in person).

  21. I love your sweet face! BTW, I agree, Dyson's kick ass.

  22. LOVED the vlog. It BETTER not be your last. :) You are so fun. I am so nervous to ever do a vlog...so impressed that you did it!!

  23. LOOOOOVEEEE it!! so cute!!!

    Totes jealous of your Dyson!!!

    ummm.... that is all! :)

  24. Love your answer to what you would take if your house caught on fire! Before you answered, I thought to myself, "I hope she takes Bambina!" hahaha!!

  25. Love your accent and I too love my Dyson.

    I'm a new follower from the linkup. I just posted my very first vlog today also. Come check it out!


  26. love this!! Your little one is too cute! love those cheeks :)


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