I get a lot of emails about where I get my motivation.
I wish I could bottle it up and sell it to y'all, I'd be rich because I just have a ton of it!

I think it starts with just who I am.
I'm an Aries, a first born, I like to be the best I can be.
I'm SUPER competitive, almost to a fault, just ask my brothers who refused to even play games with me when I was younger.

I know seeing the way I look now, it seems as if I've always been this way.
I was not a runner.
I hated sweating.

I think the turning point for me was becoming a mother.
I was a role model for someone and I wanted to set a good example for her.
Hence the reason I went back to school and the reason I want to live a healthy lifestyle.

I want to share my new found love of sweating and eating food for fuel and not for masking emotions.

I won't lie, I like to look good. I think it's pretty obvious that I like to shop and it's nice to go in any store and wear what I want.

I hiked this skirt up just a bit to show off my legs, first time EVER, usually I'm pulling things DOWN.

I didn't do it for my husband, he wants to jump me all the time regardless of my size.
Which is great, but when I was heavy I ALMOST wish he had said something because we were so so so unhealthy!

For me, the social aspect of working out is what keeps me going. I love to be around other people, which I didn't get a lot of when I stayed home with Miss M, working out was my social time.
Which is weird because running is a lone sport and it's my favorite workout :)

I even managed 5 miles on the dreadmill while chatting with some ladies about food at the gym.

Back when I first started running I made a crazy commitment on Facebook {and to everyone I knew} that I would run a half marathon.
I had never even run a 5k or more than 5 miles!
I put it out there and let everyone keep me accountable because I AM NOT A QUITTER.

I have LOTS of bad qualities, as we all do I'm sure, but one thing about me is that I don't quit.
I don't make excuses.
Being healthy is my number two priority {you know besides keeping my kid alive}.

Doing lunges, of course :)
We are all busy, we all have work to do and families to take care of.
You just need to decide to put you first.
I think I'm a better wife and mother because I do.

I've set up shop in my garage in the dead of winter.

You can't let one bad food choice hold you back. So what, you ate bad, get over it and make healthy choices for the rest of the day.
Don't wait for Monday. 

I'm not saying I am perfect, but I sure am determined.

Happy Tuesday!
Now go get your sweat on!


  1. Can you please send me some motivation?

    PS-Your arms (and boobs, haha!) are awesome! :)

  2. You really are an inspiring woman! Your vibrancy and energy are wonderful!

  3. You are inspirational and I love your no nonsense, healthy lifestyle and approach to food/exercise.

  4. i always get more motivated when i start to see progress.... when my pants are looser that keeps me going!

  5. Its so nice seeing this post..
    I've been stuck at the same weight for a while but you've given me the extra push I know I need.
    Thanks for always being honest and your hard work has def paid off!!!

    You look amazing! Thanks for the motivation!

  6. So inspiring! Makes me want to go to the gym right now!!!

  7. Dang, chick! I wish you could bottle up some of that motivation! I always wish I could run, but between my jacked up knee and my laziness, it just doesn't happen.

  8. Great Post...is so easy to fall off but we have to pick back up. I also feel so much better when i work out and eat right. Thanks for this post today

  9. Megan you are a TRUE inspiration - I adore you and your outlook on life/working out/motherhood. I am addicted to your blog and I wish we lived next door. You ROCK girl.

  10. Great post, reading your blog always inspires me when I don't feel like working out!

  11. You're a great inspiration! I am a procrastinator so I need all the motivation I can get! :)


  12. Long time reader here....You are such an awesome, inspiring woman! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  13. Love you girlie!!! You are my motivator and inspiration :) now, if I could just convince myself to become a decorator as well.

  14. Love you girlie!!! You are my motivator and inspiration :) now, if I could just convince myself to become a decorator as well.

  15. Love you girlie!!! You are my motivator and inspiration :) now, if I could just convince myself to become a decorator as well.

  16. Thank you for this post. I really do wish I had your motivation! I really need to just start & get in a routine but the beginning is the hardest right?

  17. Megan, I love this! You are super cute - I loved the dress with the teal leggings! You keep rocking with that great motivation! I will need to soak some of it up soon!!

  18. "You can't let one bad food choice hold you back. So what, you ate bad, get over it and make healthy choices for the rest of the day.
    Don't wait for Monday." YES AND AMEN!!! I need to frame this! Thank you for all the motivation! Needed to hear this today!

  19. What a motivation you are to ME! I too want to be a healthy role model for my (future) children. To me, it doesn't get any closer to home than that.

    I also love what you said about not doing it for your husband. I find too many times people think losing weight will save or help their marriage or their husbands will love them more if they were skinnier. What great husbands we have to love us at any size! But really, doing it for yourself should be first and foremost, and I love that you portray that message so well.

    Thank you for being a great role model to not only your precious little girl but to all of your readers! Love that you keep it real:)

  20. It's great that you are so motivated! I am really glad you mentioned eating bad because I had a cupcake earlier and I keep beating myself up. I'll just do better for the rest of the day! I am trying so hard to eat better foods. It is really hard this time of year!

  21. Bottle it up baby! I'm such a slack ass but i want your arms so I guess today I owe you money for motivation! Honestly you make it hard to make excuses and I love it. Aaaaaand, I want to squeeze your baby's sweet face oh my word....

  22. Great post! Love it and keep on keepin on!

  23. I really love your post - I have about 80 lbs to lose and I come to your blog when Im feeling discouraged :) I just started my own blog at www.glutenfreemamalemay.blogspot.com - come leave me some love :) Keep at it - youre my inspiration!

  24. SO inspirational, seriuosly! I love your zest and the fact that you are not a quitter. Way - to - go!!!

  25. Ok seriously! Love the tank!! I want one:) And thanks for motivating me today:)

  26. i'm the queen of starting over on Monday and the fact that I'm doing Insanity (which likes monday's) only makes it worse... Thanks for your post. What are your typical meals/snacks sechedule?

  27. Thanks for this post! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and I have to say I am a fan! I am ready to get healthy for my two babies, and I love to see busy moms who are making weight loss work for them!


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