Makeup, Spray Tans, and just Awesomeness

Class is quite dull today, blah blah blah.

I'm feeling a little sassy today in my {usual} pink.

Ignore the husband lounging on the bed watching the debates.
No, I don't have time to talk politics at 7am.

First Random Awesomeness

Y'all know I heart my makeup and I was a fan of Birchbox, then my credit card number was stolen {they got my number via NewportNews.com and charged a $1000 bucks in purses} and after getting my new number I never renewed my subscription.
Just being lazy and I was a little over the fact that I kept getting randoms {laundry detergent??} instead of makeup samples.

Which worked in my favor because I came across My Glam Bag.
Super heart double love.

First off, that chevron bag rocked my world.
Second, full size lip gloss and eyeliner?? Yes, please!

How rockin' is this gloss? Smooth and NOT sticky <3 br="br">

Second random awesomeness.

Spray Tanning. I thought I'd share a few tips on what works for me.

1. I always us the prep gel, it honestly doesn't help with the smell but I do think it helps adhesion.
2. I wear 4 caps because I hate getting misted half wet hair when I'm done.
3. I only lotion the BOTTOM of my feet and my hands {both sides}

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put the towel down.
You know, unless you like having black feet.
Dry completely!

When it fades it will be splotchy, it's just a fact of life.
I get resprayed about every 5 days, but I also sweat my booty off daily and certain area rub off faster than others.
It's better than skin cancer though, just sayin'.

Third Random Awesomeness.

Do you ever just do things for fun at the gym?
I do.

Like sprinting my ass off on the treadmill to see how fast I could do a mile.

I think I could do better, we shall see next time the mood strikes me :)

Or squatting 50 pounds, just to see how many I could do.
 I did 60 before my thighs started shaking :)

I'm feeling that little fun activity today!

Ok, back to your normal programming.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I just got my first Ipsy bag and the stuff in it was AWESOME this month! So glad I picked Ipsy/glambag over Birchbox. =)

  2. Love the make-up tip! I'll have to check it out! Oh, and you've inspired me (again) to see how quickly I can do a mile. Not sure when I'll do it, but be looking for a posted picture. I'm super competitive, so I'm going to have to beat your time. :)

  3. My girls get the glam box and they got the same box. I loved the makeup bag.

  4. Dang chick, you're an animal! I wish I had an ounce of your motivation. And that pink lip color rocks. I wonder if I could pull it off? Hmmmm.

  5. I love random posts. And I hope you don't mind me saying you look hot... ok awkward moment maybe? Oh well totally true.

  6. What do you mean by put the towel down? In the bed while being sprayed?

  7. Love the pink! And I laughed out loud about your husband int he background-my husband does that too and he's always saying, "Um, are you taking a picture? can you wait until I move?" haha

  8. I am loving that lip gloss - I adore it... I might have to have it. Yes I do insane stuff too - like plank until I can't breathe and fall over or calf raises until my calves tense up. I love that stuff.

  9. Love the bag you got with the makeup! Too cute! ANd since I don't work out at the gym, I do things in my living room and outside as well:) I get those little spurts up my a** where I feel the need to challenge myself... and I love it! Happy hump day:)

  10. You live life with gusto and I like that!

  11. I love my birchbox! Now I am off to check out this glam bag you speak of. My sister does glossy box. Beauty products are so addicting..

  12. I hate credit card thieves... but I must say, you look super awesome with your new makeup and ya lips did. :)

  13. You look awesome! I would LOVE to get a spray tan...just haven't yet!

  14. holy crap I had no idea things like this existed...I just signed up for ipsy, Thank YOU thank you!

  15. You're 1 of 2 ladies that I always scroll down past others to see if you posted each day or not! :]
    I may not always get to comment (my net is slowwwww) but I ALWAYS read you posts & follow you on instagram. True inspiration!!! & you're beautiful as well.

  16. I didn't know services like this exist! Thanks for the recommendation, I have now signed up for Ipsy!

  17. I cannot tell you how much I am diggin the eyeliner. I do the whole "cat eye" look and this liner makes it soooooooo effin easy!!!!

    Lookin good pretty mama!

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