How to Hang an Antique Chandelier {tutorial}

I've got to be the most ADD blogger ever.
One day we are talking weight and the next I'm showing you how to change a light fixture.
You should meet me in real life, I would say I'm kinda nuts but my friends seem to like me :)

After I made my chevron curtains and hung them, I was all 'ewww the light fixture looks really bad now'

Over the summer I bought a antique chandy to hang in my Master Bathroom.
{Except someone would have to climb all the way across the house IN THE ATTIC to put a bar between the studs. I don't do attics.}

I bought it for 50 bucks at a flea market, the wiring was scary old so I went to Home Depot and bought a hanging lamp rewiring kit. {It was in the ceiling fan section}
It will come with wiring and a plug.
In the middle of the chandy there will be wire nuts that connect the wiring for each arm to the wire coming out the top that would hang from the ceiling.

I won't assume you know what a wire nut is because I sure didn't!

Just untwist them and pull the middle wiring out. 
Next, take your new wiring and separate the wires into 2 sections and strip away a few inches of the plastic coating {using wire strippers from the store}

Just like the way it was before you took it apart, thread the new wire down the middle of the light and then you twist the old arm wiring with the new wires and twist back on the wire nuts.

At this point it makes sense to plug it in and make sure all the lights are working.

**Turn off the breaker, make sure it's off!**

Now, unscrew your old light fixture.

The middle bolt holding the light fixture to the ceiling will have to be reused on your new light fixture.
Cut the chain and cord of your new light to the desired length and just attach the new chain to the bolt.

Now just rescrew the bolt in with the new light attached.

Now you have to connect the wires from your light to the ceiling. 
There will be 3 black, white, copper.
 The copper one is the ground and you don't attach anything to it just leave the wire nut on.
It doesn't matter for the black and white, just attach one of your new wires to each {bend the old and new together and attach a wire nut}

Before you finish turn the power back on and make sure it works.
When it doesn't start cussing and call your husband.
He will come take it apart and find that you didn't screw the wires together well enough :)

Put the cover back on and you are done!

I love a new light!

If you'd like to see some of the other's I've put around the house you can check out my bathroom light, or the one in my dining room, or the vintage cutie in my bedroom, or even the ceiling fan I did back in the day when my pictures really sucked.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I need you to just come stay with me for a weekend. I bet we (well, you) could have a ball doing tons of DIY things I've started and never finished!!!

  2. Sooooo pretty!! Every room needs a chandy :)

  3. Wow. Who are you? Pretty impressive!

  4. what a difference it makes! glamorous and beautiful and dramatic... you and the light! :)

  5. Girl you AMAZE me. If I had 1oz of your craftiness I would be so excited. I love the new light - and I agree a new light can make ALL the difference.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! I just randomly found you through a search on some home decor blogs, you know how these things happen! And I got sucked right into your blog!!! Oh my! I love your attitude towards working out and being a super mom and your adorable daughter. I cant wait to follow along!! xo

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