Fall Mantle 2012 Edition

We had a crap ton of rain over the weekend.
Being from Texas you are never supposed to complain when it rains, you know because we live in a drought state and all.

My Mom and I certainly did NOT let it stop us from shopping at Canton.

This place is huge and apparently no one else considered the rain a deal breaker because everyone and their dog {literally, they bring them in little strollers} was there.

The rain brought cooler weather and it really felt like Fall, so I decided to finally change my mantle :)

First, I had to bust out some glitter and bring a little happiness to this dead goat.
It is a goat right?

I also bought some wooden letters and painted them up.

I'm really loving the letters, they are large enough to make an impact on this giant wall.

This cute paper decor is from Ali's fun Etsy Shop, perfect amount of sparkle!

I found this skull at HomeGoods and he didn't have a price and it was the last one.
The girl ringing me up was all 'how about 14 buck' ummmm OK! 
I'm pretty sure he was at least 30.

It's not quite as colorful as last years mantle.

I just realized I have no idea where that glitter owl is.
Hmmm I gonna have to send the husband back into the attic and search around :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. OMG I love love love Canton! I was supposed to drive in and go with my sister but the rain held me off. I hate I missed it but we are planning on going in November. It is super crowded but oh so fun.

    Love your mantle. It is so cute and spooky!

  2. Just ordered some letters for above our headboard. I'll be sure to post pics when my project is complete. Thanks for the tip!!!!

  3. LOVE the glittered goat! And I know I have said this before but GAH come decorate my house already- youre awesome!

  4. OMG I love your decor - come do my house? Your eye for color combination is magnificent. Happy Fall girl.

  5. I LOVE the mantle! Makes me want to redo mine for fall...

  6. it looks amazing! i love the goat horns glittered... awesome and unexpected! and of course ali's paper decor! i have the spiders she makes. :)

  7. How much do I love that goat skull?!? You look gorgeous!

  8. Love the mantel! Those letters are great. Funny, I am a TN girl but I've been to the big Canton sale. My grandmother wanted to go one year bad in the 90s. I just remember there were a lot of American flags and I spot two in your picture, haha!

  9. I love it! You are just SO creative!!! Those letters are very neat, if I can think of something to do with them, I might have to buy some of my very own! :)

  10. Love your crafts and the mantle looks great! Seriously, who else would glitter and goat skull? I'll be lucky to actually carve a pumpkin, let alone deck my mantle out in fall decor. Jealous! :)

  11. Love the letters....I so wanted to make it to Canton this month, but it didn't happen. There is always next month...So glad you got some much needed rain. :)

  12. Your mantle looks awesome. I love your country-chic style... and the glitter!! You need a magazine spread-- you have serious talent, lady!

  13. WOW! awesome!!! everything looks really great!! The eek letters fit in perfectly :)

  14. what an adorable mantel!! I love all the glitter! and those letters are perfect! you make me wanna go to the craft store right now!! :)

  15. LOVE both mantles! You are awesome at decorating.

  16. Oh girl! You are making my mantle look shameful! Love the fall deco!

  17. Love your mantle (as always!!) and not to mention your colorful home :)
    So envious!!
    oh and your pictures beautiful!

  18. You have the coolest taste! I would never think to put some of that together but it looks so awesome! Love it.

  19. Everything looks amazing!!! :)


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