Chevron Ombre Painted Curtains

Ok, I'm not going to tell y'all about my fun {in the dark with an ax murder chasing me} run or the beautiful wedding I went too.
Because I may have certain Instagram girls hunt me down and beat me if I don't share my newly crafted Chevron Ombre Curtains.

Sooooo, it all started with this website a friend sent me with Striped Ombre Curtains. I was dying, I NEEDED them, only one problem, they only come in blue.
Blue is great, but it would not work for the space I wanted it in.
If blue works for you, buy them because they are an AWESOME deal and you can't make your own for cheaper than that!

I made the curtains that were hanging in the kitchen nook before.


Now, if you are here for a tutorial it ain't gonna happen for 2 reasons.
1. I basically followed the directions I found at Remodelaholic.
2. Mine aren't perfect and I'd hate to tell y'all my backward ass way of doing things.

BUT, I will share what I learned so you can learn my my mistakes.

I started with these curtains from Target.

In the tutorial I think she used the satin lined curtains, I was afraid that material would cause bleeding,
next time around I think it would work out just fine.

I didn't have the tool she used, so I just cut a piece of cardboard into a triangle.

I in no way took into account the size of the curtain when making it and it worked out just fine.
I could only find it at Lowes.

I spent a good 20 minutes pushing down all the edges, I was soooo scared it would bleed!

I bought 4 different colored {grey} paint samples, but in hindsight you probably need two of each.
I rolled it on with a small roller and let dry overnight.

Then I put my crew to work pulling off the tape.

I only had one tiny spot at the bottom that had bleeding, pretty impressed!

Because I ran out of paint and the fabric was thin I had some 'bald' spots, but it's all over and looks distressed so I actually like it :)
The paint makes the fabric a little stiffer, but you really can't tell unless you touch it.
You could add fabric softener additive from the craft store to the paint, but honesty I don't think it would help all that much.

After I hung them I realized they were so awesome that they made the light fixture look like crap.

Soooo, I dug out the chandy I bought for my bathroom {and will never ever get hung} and put her up.

I'm gonna give y'all a tute on that this week because nothing {besides paint, of course} can spiffy up a room like a pretty light fixture!

And just so there's no confusion about the amount of hard work this was here is a pic of the wasted tape :) 
I will say that the taping gets easier as you go and that you don't have to have PERFECT corners because once you hang them you won't see imperfections.
I DO recommend trying this, I'm not awesome, I'm just brave and try things and if I can do this so can you {and probably better than me!}

Stop by tomorrow for more of my chevron obsessions!

Happy Monday!


  1. Love how those curtains turned out, they look awesome!!

  2. I would have been on of those upset Instagram ladies had I not heard all these deets! The curtains are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! You are so crafty

  3. I have been waiting to see the finished product! They came out perfectly. I love Chevron myself, and if my husband would let me, my entire house would be covered in Chevron. Great job! I wish I had the patience, but I saw you had two great helpers:O)

  4. That looks like a lot of work--but the result is sooo pretty!

  5. They look great!! So glad you posted the pictures of them! Now no one has to get hurt. :)

  6. Those turned out fantastic, Megan! What a great idea. I love the colors that you have on yours. Way to put everyone to work on this one. :) Megan

  7. Soooooooooooo amazingly awesome! Love love love!


  8. Love love love the curtains! Great job!!! And that gives me a great idea for the striped curtains I've been wanting for my living room ;)

    you seriously rock! please come give my house a make over!!

  10. Fabulous as usual you clever, clever woman!

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just painted our master bedroom a light gray and I used orange as an accent color. I haven't been able to find the right cutains to fit the space, but with the creation you just shared I will be able to create my own! The best part it will even be budget friendly!

  12. You need your own crafting show-- seriously. Yur wild child taste is actually growing on me. And I love that you put the whole house to work. :)

  13. I'd be one of those instagram hunters. LOOOOOVE the curtains!!! I don't think I have the patience. DIY gets expensive. :-P

  14. those are awesome....you are way more patient than me!

  15. Love the curtains! I gave brief thought into doing those at some point (stripes or chevron, ombre on both) but gave up. Maybe for our TV room that is about as boring as can get right now (white walls, ugly gray carpet, giant gray sectional).

  16. OMG this is amazing! i SOOO Have to do this for my family room! I would be the envy!

  17. I love love those curtains. Maybe I will get brave and try it out soon! :)

  18. I think those curtains look fabulous. Love the chevron toes too ;)

  19. New blog follower here! LOVE your curtains! They came out great!!

  20. What a attractive look came out.Its really very great post.

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    Curtains and drapery

  21. What is that wall color? I love it! Been looking for something similar for my bedroom.


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