Cardio or Weights?

I have spent my fair share on workout clothes, it's no secret that I'm a shopaholic.

I found these running capri's at Old Navy for 23 bucks!

They are just as good, if not better, than my 60 dollar running tights! They even have a key pocket in the back.

I've written about my running story before and the first half marathon I did {where i was sure I was going to come in last} and the Rock and Roll Half that was amazeballs.

I guess you could say I'm the cardio queen, but lately I've had a tiny change of heart.
I've started adding in more and more weight training, cardio helped me lose the pounds, but the weights are what are helping me change my body.

I think people give up on weights because they don't see immediate benefits, it does take time.
My arms didn't happen overnight, it was constant commitment to getting arms better than Kelly Ripa.
Plus, I like being sore the day after a workout, it lets me know I'm working my body.
You have to push yourself, go heavier, go harder.

I think the best thing about this type of exercise is that you can do it at home, in your living room.
You don't need a sitter, you don't need to carve out an hour of time.
You just need some weights and a few good blood pumping tunes.

I've been clean eating {about 90% of the time} to try to build my muscle definition.

The main point that I've learned from eating clean is to cut out the crap.
I call these things Faux Healthy.

These are just empty calories, there is no nutritional benefit to eating them {besides maybe emotional}.
They won't fill you up, they don't feed your muscles, they won't get you to your goal.
Just because it's low calorie doesn't mean it's good for you.

We alllll know you make your six pack in the kitchen.

Not exactly a six pack {yet!} but I'm seeing a little definition coming through and if you could have seen what this looked like at 260, this is pretty much a miracle.
That I gave myself.
Makes me want to get up and do sit ups every morning!

I hope to have time to make a short video of my favorite ab moves for Friday.
It would involve me talking the husband into taping it for me, which I'm sure I'm going to need to trade 'favors' for :)

And just because she's my cutie and the fact that I get nasty grams from family members for not posting enough pics of her :)

She loved the sugar, but not the mess!

Happy Hump Day!

**if you vote for my husband to help me tape a video leave me a comment so I can show him that he NEEDS to help me! peer pressure works!**


  1. Dear hubs,

    Help a sista out and tape your wife getting her workout on so the rest of us momma's that want sweet abs like your wife's can see what its all about.

    Kind regards,
    Flabby twin momma who is ohhing and ahhing over your wifes 6ish pack.

    PS-If you do this, she may give you some favors ::wink wink::

  2. i need more weights in my life, but am waiting for cooler weather when i can't ride anymore- below 60 for the high and i don't like to be on my bike! :) it looks like it's coming next week. then the plan is to walk still (walking you don't get that cold breeze you do riding!) and use the hour i would ride for weights/yoga. my flab will thank me. actually it will be gone and won't be able to . :)

  3. Oliver! Help a sista out. Your girl has awesome abs and we need her secrets. Just think, you could be embarking on a new film career!? :)

  4. I *NEEEEEEED* to see your ab moves!! Please Mister Hubby Man tape it for us!! (That was in my best whiny voice that my kids use so well) :)

    You're looking fabulous my dear! Makes me want to get up and do some ab work

  5. Love the work out suggestions and props to you for posting the stomach pics- you look amazing keep it up! I agree with the faux healthy. I cried the day I realized I'd have to give up lean cousine's to drop l-bs. Vote from Elle Noel for an ab video!

  6. I love love love your blog. I have been stalking it for a few months now. I totally agree with you on weight lifting, more women need to give it a chance. Your abs are looking awesome, can't wait until mine look that good. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  7. I definitely would love to see a video!!
    And you are such an inspiration for me, so thank you. You look amazing!
    P.S. your daughter is a cutie too! :-)

  8. yes, please please pretty please, we need an ab video... :)

    Yanira in Orlando

  9. Definitely need an ab video!!!!

  10. You look absolutely amazing! And question, have you had any extra skin removed or have you just gotten super lucky?

    And yes, your husband needs to help!!! :)

  11. To the husband:
    Help Megan post an AB video!!!


  12. I have been eating clean this week and I can tell a huge difference! First off, I am never hungry because I eat something every 3 hours. Second, I have been coming in under my calorie goal but I am eating what I want all day long. Third, I am not miserable after eating. Amazing.

    Also, I vote for your husband to video for you!!!

  13. YES! Abs video! Please! I loved the arms routine and video you did and now I need a set abs routine. Right now I just do whatever moves I remember from the 30 Day Shred. Hello, ADD! :)

  14. OMG you have to trade those favors, I wanna see some ab routines. HA;)

    I agree 6 packs are made in the kitchen I just need get all the junk out of mine. Why oh why does Faux Food taste so good. LOL...

    Oh I love those capri's - I will be hitting up Old Navy!

  15. It's in your husband's job description to help you. Ugh - the favors. Then again - I can get pretty anything with favors. LOL

  16. You look amazing! I love your cardio/running/weights ration, may have to take some more time to plan my workouts out that way.

    I am also you addressed "faux healthy". Even I sometimes get caught up in the whole fat free, lower cal hype, when it is just what you called it, crap. Thanks for the reminders today!

  17. Please video tape your wife's ab workout!!! I need some help!

  18. HUBBY HELP HER!!!! I love seeing the videos!!!! :)

    Your wife looks AMAZING!!!! Help keep her happy by recording her for us!!!

  19. You look amazing! Keep up the good work! And i totally vote for your husband to help!!! Cant wait to see the video!

  20. You look amazing and I seriously think I can tell an overall difference in your skin/hair/body with clean eating. Please make an ab video

  21. Your abs look amazing! I would love to see a video. Tell Oliver that he definitely needs to do it.

    I've also been reading about the benefits of strength training and I really need to get some new weights. My 1 1/2 pounders aren't doing the trick anymore. Yay for getting stronger!

  22. I do body pump(1hr weight lifting class) 2-3 days a week and I can definitely tell a difference. Hoping you do an abs vlog, I could use some help there! You look great, btw!

  23. I have those capris too and looove them. I love that they're higher cut, but they don't have super tight elastic that gives you the muffin top. I tried to wear them to play softball in the other night and my husband laughed at me and asked me where my shorts were to go with my tights... FAIL!

  24. Dooooo eeetttttttt, Oliver! Doooooo eeetttttt!!!!!

  25. Ab video please and thank you!

    Extra sugar on top!

  26. Pre-mommyhood I had a trainer for a while. He said that whil ehaving a balanced workout (weights and cardio) is ideal, if you have to pick one or the other, always go with weights (resistence training). He said that you immediately stop burning calories the minute the cardio workout stops, but that you continue to burn calories long after using weights because your body is working hard building new muscle. I actually prefer weights to cardio because you can get 'em done quicker. Oh,and btw, you look GREAT Megan!!! Come on Oliver - video your HOTTY wife!

  27. Oh Dear Oliver!
    I'm sure if you do your lovely wife's video she'll give you extra "treats" and who doesn't like "treats" right??!!
    Oh and I'll babysit for free. Im in Irving and your wife knows me :)
    see if that helps!

  28. Are you able to find the capris on oldnavy.com and paste the link?!?! Pretty please! Also Mr. Husband....please oh please tape your wife's ab vlogg!!! Her faithful readers would be oh sooooooo thankful!

  29. I think you are well on your way to a total 6 pack! I can't believe you once weighed over 200 lbs!! I have just started up at a gym. So far just walking the track and a little bit of weights. Should I alternate these on each trip or do them both? Should I even be doing weights while I am trying to lose weight?

    I would LOVE to see a video!!


  30. I was wondering if you involve your daughter in any of your clean eating? I don't have a problem with my kids weight or anything like that but i find that as i struggle with eating right i also struggle to feed them good healthy foods sometimes opting instead for quick fix foods because my energy level is usually waaay down.

  31. PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE tape for her!!! I definately need to see how she did that!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  32. PLEASE...PLEASE....PLEASE tape for her!!! PLEASE!!!! Did I say PLEASE!?!?!? She is such a inspiration to so many of us & we want to know how she's come so far!!! PRETTY PLEASE Megan's hubs!!!

  33. Do you have any "special" gear for running in the cold??? Or tips for running in the cold?


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