24 Day Challenge {2}

I just finished the first half of the 24 day challenge {The Herbal Cleanse}
So far, I'm down 2 pounds!
I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself, I stuck to the plan all except for 1 meal yesterday :) 

I did some things I've never done. 
First, I packed and took food with me on Saturday. I knew I was going to be gone from the house most of the day and the day before I was even planning how I would just hit up Chick Fil A after the gym.
What y'all don't think about what you are going to eat the day before??

I rationalized; I worked out 6 days, I burn a ton of calories, one meal won't be a big deal.
All of this is true, but I thought about how I would FEEL after I ate fried food.
Instead I packed my salad, an apple, and trail mix.
Let me tell you when I woke up on Sunday I felt amazing and proud for sticking to my diet.

Second, my lovely husband decided he needed ice cream this week.
I have not had one single bite, in fact I have not even WANTED any!
Who is this person who can resist sugar????

Mini Me did not do as well :)

My tips for being successful:

You need to plan your meals, your snacks, and for any events you have coming up.
Write it down and post it on the fridge.
You should never wake up and think 'what am I going to eat today'

This is what I contribute to my success. It really takes the stress out of eating healthy, I know what I'm going to eat and when I'm going to do it. I've said it before, but I eat 5x a day. Your snacks should be around 200-250 calories.

If your tummy starts rumbling then you have waited too long! You are more likely to cheat when you are hungry, plus keeping your blood sugar level all day really keeps your energy level up throughout the day.
This is what makes you feel amazing!

Eating lots of fruit and veggies requires more frequent trips to the store.
Can I just say I hate store with this large buses they call carts!

She insists on getting it, but refuses to stay in it.

I found Think Thin Bars at Kroger.

They are very yummy and have 0g of sugar.
The are sweetened with sugar alcohol, which is getting mixed reviews depending on where you are reading.
I personally don't get any negative effects from it and it has minimal effect on your blood sugar levels, which is my main concern. I don't want any spikes which can then cause me to crash and in turn crave more sweets.

I made the Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was freaking delish!
Who says you need to eat bad for it to taste good?

Happy Thursday!


  1. I hate those cars too!! But my son insist and he stays in it. Taking an autistic child to the grocery store is not fun no matter what they ride in...

  2. I hate those cars too!! But my son insist and he stays in it. Taking an autistic child to the grocery store is not fun no matter what they ride in...

  3. The 5 p's: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

  4. Girl you rock!!!
    Way to go on the no ice cream! I won't lie ice cream is my weakness!! :(
    Also love your picture of you are what you eat. If only we could all eat a skinny person!

    Have a happy Friday eve!!!

  5. First I LOVE your outfit! That top is so cute!

    Second- I couldn't agree more with your steps to success, planning and not letting yourself get hungry are key!

    Third- I'm so happy you joined me in Think Thin land, I'm obsessed with those protien bars!

  6. Congratulations on getting halfway! I think your tips really hit home for me because I am terrible about planning what to eat. I just need to take the time on Sunday and get all my shit together. That soup looks amazing, too. I will definitely have to look up that recipe.

  7. Way to go for sticking with it!! I don't know if I would have enough self discipline to skip Chick Fil A....

    LOVE your outfit! Where is the shirt from, pretty sure my closet needs it! :)

  8. You look adorable and love your shirt!
    Can't wait to try this soup...and the think thin bars! Thanks for the tips.
    Also, what is this herbal cleanse your doing?

  9. I completely agree! The only way I am successful is by planning the entire day of food (meals and snacks) AND not allowing myself to get to the point of "OMG, I am STARVING!". Greta advice!

  10. I have a list.
    1. LOVE the shirt.
    2. Not sure how you can keep away from ice cream, but GOOD FOR YOU!
    3. I'll have to search for those Think Thin bars, no sugar sounds great.
    4. That soup sounds great, I need to make it!

  11. way to go!!!!!! you are so stinking cute, too- love your hair!

  12. Love your tips and your daughter has by far the best facial expressions. I don't even know her and I know I would love her..

  13. HAHA - I love that last picture I think I have it pinned somewhere. It makes me smile every-time I look at it!

  14. Love that cartoon at the end.

    I'm thinking about the fact that I always feel better when I eat low carb/sugar. I just downloaded the Whole30 book, so it will be interesting to see what that says, and if it can continue to convince me to eat clean.

    What I'm nervous about is when we are in Minnesota for a visit at Thanksgiving. Being in Scotland I can avoid most of the main culprits that send me into bad food spiral. But when I have 10 days to enjoy it all? eek. I think I'll definitely have to plan what I am going to indulge in. But it's going to be hard to pick what the winners are. :)

  15. Love that shirt in the first pic. Where is it from?

  16. Megan! I just recently found you off Kendra Pryor's IG-- luv your posts-- I'm trying your arm routine this week and some of the snack/foods you mention.

    And_u def have Texas style girl... Lol I live in AR but grew up in Texas! Have a good week-end!

  17. Can you elaborate more on exactly what you're eating on the cleanse? I am finishing up day 1 and spent a majority of the day starving and/or unsatisfied. :( I'm craving pizza like no other right now.

  18. I love that lovely criss crossed back top!!! Where did you get it???

  19. You are close from 140! And if you didn't have so much muscle, you would have been there earlier. You are buff and tough, my friend!

  20. Are your boots from Kohl's? From what I can see they look similar to mine! I love them!!

  21. Look at you with your bad ass skinny self! You go girl!!!! It is so easy to just hop on over to Chik Fulla Fat Ass after errands...especially when it's like 20 feet from my parking space :( Luckily I am good 99% of the time...it's that last little bit that gets me. It's like the devil on my shoulder and I need to squish his annoying head. You are doing so great and you should be sooo freaking proud of yourself! I love ice cream but when I have it in the house I won't eat it...because I know if I take even ONE bitty bite, I will want an entire bowl...and that's just not good. Get it girl! XO

  22. I love your blog! I've been reading for awhile- saw you on Mama's L's just starting my own! I've made a similar crockpot recipe like that before. yum!

  23. Wow you look great! I love the detail on the back of your shirt and I think the pics with the kids are adorable but I also really like how you do the step by step.


  24. Great tips! and congratulations on the cleanse so far!


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