Day in the Life {Trophy Wife}

 My day always starts off with coffee, emails, and blogs.
 My only alone time, I try to be VERRRRY quiet so as not to wake the terror toddler.

Clean up time. 
Not the house, me.

It's amazing how much better I look with makeup :) 
I'm really into Stila right now!

I heart me so big Texas hair, lots and lots of Aquage and a round brush.


Pack my bags and get my afternoon 'pick me up' ready.

Breakfast {oatmeal, honey, and bananas}
Pack my snacks and lunch for the day.


Kisses bye bye.
Daddy takes her to preschool on Monday and Wednesdays.

Realize my oil needs changed and my tires rotated. {When the hell do I have time to do that??}
Monday=Starbucks {Chai Tea with Soy Milk}
Sit in traffic for an hour.

8:30-11:45 School.

I tend to browse Pinterest when the teacher gets boring, thankfully that's not a lot this semester.

I live too far from school to drive back home, but my parents live down the road so I usually stop over there on my break and eat lunch.

Of course I have to catch up on the Housewives.

Then I finish up a paper that's due tomorrow.

Back to school for another class. I'm wishing I had packed more snacks or a bigger lunch because I am still hungry.
{I totally resisted the left over Red Velvet cake that was in my Mom's fridge thankyouverymuch}
My sister picks up Miss M from Preschool and I almost laughed out loud at this picture she posted on FB.

The kid looks drugged. ha ha!

Back to my Mom's to get ready for the gym and pick up my baby,

I'm tired, but I consider the gym just part of what I have to do.
Would I rather go home, make dinner, and relax....yes.
Got to do what you got to do!

Once again I wonder why the hell I'm eating an apple and my skinny ass sister is eating Cheetos.

Sweaty time.
{30 minutes running on the treadmill, 45 of spin, 15 of abs}

I drive home, make dinner, clean up my messes.
I swear my bags multiply, but in reality it's just the kid.

I unpack them and feed the kid, who starts acting like this....

Just tired from school and a short nap.
Plus she wants her Daddy, who isn't home yet.

I finally get to sit down and eat.

Which lasts for abouttttt 2 minutes before Miss M comes and starts crying about wanting to go outside and jump on the trampoline.

FINALLY my husband gets home.
I kick everyone out of the room because I'm OFF DUTY.

See ya tomorrow suckers!

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  1. that is one long and busy day! and you look adorable throughout the whole day! :)

  2. Dang girl, I'm tired just reading all of that!

  3. Love your blog! And I love to see that you do Advocare SPARK! That is some good stuff, isn't it? Fruit punch is my favorite...mmm mmm.

  4. Fun! What are you going to school for?

  5. Your day is packed! Its amazing how much energy a toddler has isn't it? Mine is a crazy fool when we pick him up and he cannot wait to get home and play.

    I must say, when I do the gym at work rather than running at home, I have my lunchbag, my purse, my gym bag and my work bag, so I totally feel you on the multiplication of the bags!! People ask me all of the time if I'm moving into work!!!

  6. Love it!!! Very entertaining post! Makes me exhausted just reading it!

  7. Those pics of Miss M are priceless! Do you have to take her with you to the gym after you pick her up from your sister's? I guess most places have daycare these days...

    Also, ps, YOU are freaking skinny, so those apples are most definitely working! :)

  8. I'm visiting from Holly's link up. I clicked on your name 1st because we share the same name & I had to check out the "trophy wife". It's accurate...you're beautiful! I love all the healthy food options, and cracked up when I noticed the "Keep Calm & eat a CUPCAKE" framed sign in your kitchen. I wish I could've surfed Pinterest in nursing school. They were like wolves ready to eat you alive if you even got drowsy, so I would've been eaten up if I was caught on Pinterest. Good luck in school!

  9. Sounds like you are one wild busy lady! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read :)

  10. Megan... You are GORGEOUS! Seriously, I want your hair.

    And I love that you have a whole tub of Spark. I loved that stuff when I did the 24 day challenge.

    Thanks for linking up, lady! You are such a motivation! :)

  11. Great post...it wore me out! You rock!


  12. You look like you have lost more weight, is the clean eating helping??

  13. Love it!! And I think you look great without make-up! I found you through the link up as well! Good luck in school.

  14. You crack me the HECK up
    LOVE ur blog. OMG

  15. Damn woman I want your hair and your makeup! You are effing gorg! Why is TX so far from NC and why did I move? We could totally hang out and grab some Starbucks! I am just so amazed by u going back to school that is sooooo awesome! You are one hella busy lady and you kick some ass! Miss M is so cute and I can totally relate to how she acts bc C gets like that by like, 3pm...I am so ready for daddy to come home and take over!

  16. So impressive how you squeese everything including an 1h and half at the gym! Thanks for sharing and show that it can be done.

  17. Love this peek into your day to day. You are one busy girl!!

  18. I love how you mentioned going to the gym is just something you do. I am lacking motivation and I feel that I have no time. In reality, I know I do because I can leave my daughter at daycare until 6. I'm just so wiped out by the time I get off work that the idea of working out sounds impossible. I used to love doing it in the morning but I've been enjoying my sleep too... I need to find a time though 'cause this belly isn't going away and I was hoping to be pregnant but that's not the case this month. I almost did a day in the life too but mine would be boring... wake up, get ready, work, come home.

  19. Whew, sounds busy. That pic of Miss M is too funny!

  20. I wandered over here from Holly's link party. I have to say, I love your blog! You have a long day mama!!

  21. To sum you up - a complete stranger - in one word or less....INSPIRATION! Thank you for sharing you with us :)

  22. Your too cute!!! I'd love to swap days one day!! haha

  23. Love it. I loved reading about your day.. I already follow you because you ROCK. I really enjoyed today's post.

  24. Megan you are the trophy wife for sure! Busy bee you are but you sure do make the most of it. Getting sick of the whining and trashy episodes of The Housewives I fast forward through most of it lately. Too bad there isn't a way you could pin when your in traffic that would be the bomb!

  25. What I wouldn't give to eat an entire meal without getting up one time to get more ketchup, juice, clean up a mess. I totally relate to all your toddler melt downs :)

    Cute blog...can't wait to read more.

  26. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. This is so so so true during this season of your life. Someday you will miss the craziness :)

  27. Wow, your day impresses me! I make too many excuses for not hitting the gym. Way to stick with it even when you are tired!

  28. Thanks so much for linking up with us! Your blog is so cute and so is your daughter.

  29. I need to live in Texas instead of OH! The bigger the hair, the better!! Just found your blog this morning! Looking forward to reading more!

  30. I LOVE Real Housewives!!! I can't wait for part 2 of the reunion on Sunday!


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