Bigger Better Dining Room Table

One day last week I was driving home from the gym and when I pulled in the neighborhood someone had all their furniture out on the lawn.
I was unsure if they were installing new carpet or getting evicted. 
I did a slowwwww drive by and spotted a price tag on a dining room table, obviously I had to stop.
You can't beat only having to haul it half a mile.

My previous table only sat 4 and I really needed 6 chairs.

After dragging it home I hightailed it to Home Depot {my husband may have threatened my life if I didn't get it done over the weekend. He's weird about the garage being all filled up with my projects.}

I SWEAR to you I was going with an open mind.

My original plan was to do a grey table with white chairs.
BUT after standing in front of all those pretty paint chips, I just couldn't ignore what my heart was telling me.

Yes, it's pink, well watermelon actually.
I have no defense, don't judge me, I love color.

Helpful tip: When spray painting 6 chairs in the yard make sure your husbands BLACK truck isn't getting any blow back. Oops.

I painted {3.5 coats!} on the table, spray painted and covered the chairs, all in a weekend.
My right hand is killing me and I have a blister from the staple gun.
The things I do for my husband a pretty table!

Bambina told me she loves it.

You want to know the one thing in the room my Husband hates?
The bench under the window.
Seriously, I have a pink dining room table overlooked by a cross dressing deer and THAT'S what bothers you??

Happy Hump Day!

*the stencil on the wall is from Cutting Edge Stencils, love them!


Hi, my name is Megan. {Part 1}

I decided to do a little memoir about myself, to give you an idea of who I am.

I was born March 23, 1981. I ALWAYS meet people who share my birthday, it was a popular day to give birth I guess :)

I am the oldest of 4, I guess my Mom was bored in the 80's so she just kept having kids. I tried to tell her she could have stopped with perfection, but life sure is different as an only child {just ask my husband!}

I have 2 brothers who were born in 82 and 83 and a sister who was born in 88. 
Being so close in age lead to a lot of sibling rivalry, which is why I chose not to have my own kids so close in age. 

My teenage years were not fun, for me or my parents. I was headstrong and a little too independent for my own good. 
Please God, let me not be paid back for that through my own children!

After high school I did not want to go to college, I think the main reason was that I really didn't have a burning desire to work in a certain field, so indecisiveness lead to not doing it at all.

I was a party girl and I was having fun, then I meet a douche bag. 
I dated this jerk for a year or two and it was pretty much the worst idea ever.
I was young, I thought it was love. He was abusive, mentally and physically. 
I THANK GOD everyday that I got out of that relationship and for once in my life listened to my Mom when she told me that girls who pick these kind of guys usually keep picking them.

A few months later I was bartending at a pool hall in Dallas and this guy asks me out and of course I said no, I had a rule about dating anyone I met at the bar. He wore me down, mostly because he really seemed like a really nice guy and we started dating. 
He took me to see Bedazzled {worst movie ever!} on our first date, so it was a good thing he was a good kisser :)

I was 20.

We started dating in 2001.
We had a lot of ups and downs, not so much with each other as with me and my, let's call it, 'craziness'. 

He stuck by me no matter what, he really is one amazing guy {shhh don't tell him though, he already has a giant ego}

In 2004 I got a job with a beauty retailer and I LOVED it!

I was there for several years, working my way up the management ladder.
I also took classes at community college, but it got to be too much with work, so I once again stopped going to school.

We also bought a house in 2004.

In 2006 we decided to get married, there was no big proposal, things just kinda fell into place. I worked with a girl who got me an amazing deal on my amazing ring :)

After the amazing ring, Mom decided to give me an amazing wedding.  I was working a lot and really let her plan IT ALL.  I picked out my dress and stuff, but she did all the hard work, which was fine by me.
It was a FUN wedding, if you know me in real life you know I'm always a good time at any party :)

August 4, 2007.

Did I mention that my husband got laid off the week before the wedding? 
He works in the tech field and things were not good around this time, luckily he received a severance package.  He loved getting to stay home for a few weeks and play video games in between job hunting. 
We shall just call this his 'guy maternity leave'. 

One day I decided to have a baby and BAM I was pregnant the next month.

April 4, 2009 Miss Madison was born via C-section {I went into labor while shopping at a flea market!}

While I was pregnant I stopped working and after being bored at home for a few weeks, decided to go back to school.
This was not an easy decision for us, my husband really did NOT want to live on 1 paycheck. He is a saver, while I am not, BUT this was the best idea long term for our family.

To be continued....


How I saved my husband 20 bucks.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the fact that I am a product junkie.
I love nothing more than trying new things, but this is not a cheap hobby.
The good shit will cost you, some items you can cheap out on, like mascara and lipstick. 
Eyeshadow is not one of those, you pay for pigment.

'most' of my eyeshadows.
I know, it's crazy.

I randomly came across the blog MaskCara, love BTW, and she gave a recipe for making your own eye shadow primer.
Which costs 20 bucks if you buy it, totally worth a shot.

Cornstarch, chapstick, foundation.
I used the blow dryer to melt the chapstick, then I added the cornstarch and foundation.
In hindsight I would have added the cornstarch last and  a little at a time to get the right consistency.

Totally works.
{Wearing Too Faced Bada Boom Bada Bing}

The way I see it I just saved my husband 20 bucks, see I don't need a job :)

Plus, I busted out my first sweater of the season.

82 degrees is fall weather, right?

Happy Hump Day!


Decorating with Humor.

I'm still here.
Surgery went well, they didn't have to slice me open, so yay!

Thank you, thank you everyone, for all the well wishes. 
It's comforting to know I have so many people who prayed for my recovery! 

It's not the surgery thats hard it's the carbon dioxide they use to inflate you like a hot air balloon.
That crap hurts when it's try to escape out of your head!
The day after I was a little too optimistic about my pain and I went flea market shopping.

And I wore jeans, not good for the tummy still full of gas :(
It was meant to be though because I found a pretty little deer head for a good price!!

I saw this on Pinterest months ago and I've wanted one ever since, but mounted deer heads are not cheap.
Which is why you must be patient, if it's meant to be it's meant to be.

Meet Bambina!

Yes, we had to name her :)

Of course she's a diva, dripping in jewels and tulle.

I'm sure some will think I'm nuts for hanging her in my house.
When I decorate, I want to smile, I want my home to make me happy.

I want a little humor in my life.
Or a lot, depending on the day.

What has made you smile today?


Day in the Life {Trophy Wife}

 My day always starts off with coffee, emails, and blogs.
 My only alone time, I try to be VERRRRY quiet so as not to wake the terror toddler.

Clean up time. 
Not the house, me.

It's amazing how much better I look with makeup :) 
I'm really into Stila right now!

I heart me so big Texas hair, lots and lots of Aquage and a round brush.


Pack my bags and get my afternoon 'pick me up' ready.

Breakfast {oatmeal, honey, and bananas}
Pack my snacks and lunch for the day.


Kisses bye bye.
Daddy takes her to preschool on Monday and Wednesdays.

Realize my oil needs changed and my tires rotated. {When the hell do I have time to do that??}
Monday=Starbucks {Chai Tea with Soy Milk}
Sit in traffic for an hour.

8:30-11:45 School.

I tend to browse Pinterest when the teacher gets boring, thankfully that's not a lot this semester.

I live too far from school to drive back home, but my parents live down the road so I usually stop over there on my break and eat lunch.

Of course I have to catch up on the Housewives.

Then I finish up a paper that's due tomorrow.

Back to school for another class. I'm wishing I had packed more snacks or a bigger lunch because I am still hungry.
{I totally resisted the left over Red Velvet cake that was in my Mom's fridge thankyouverymuch}
My sister picks up Miss M from Preschool and I almost laughed out loud at this picture she posted on FB.

The kid looks drugged. ha ha!

Back to my Mom's to get ready for the gym and pick up my baby,

I'm tired, but I consider the gym just part of what I have to do.
Would I rather go home, make dinner, and relax....yes.
Got to do what you got to do!

Once again I wonder why the hell I'm eating an apple and my skinny ass sister is eating Cheetos.

Sweaty time.
{30 minutes running on the treadmill, 45 of spin, 15 of abs}

I drive home, make dinner, clean up my messes.
I swear my bags multiply, but in reality it's just the kid.

I unpack them and feed the kid, who starts acting like this....

Just tired from school and a short nap.
Plus she wants her Daddy, who isn't home yet.

I finally get to sit down and eat.

Which lasts for abouttttt 2 minutes before Miss M comes and starts crying about wanting to go outside and jump on the trampoline.

FINALLY my husband gets home.
I kick everyone out of the room because I'm OFF DUTY.

See ya tomorrow suckers!

Linking up!


Surgery and new phones

How in the heck is today Wednesday?? Short weeks always throw me off, why can't all holidays be on Fridays? That would work out better for me.
I spent Labor Day sweating, I talked my BFF into doing a 10k with me {her first one!} and it soooo HOT and HILLY.

She did great even though I'm sure she was cussing me when we were trekking up those damn mountains they call hills. Hey, we are Texas girls, we like our flat roads thankyouverymuch.

Yesterday I went for my appt with the general surgeon, if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know this, but I have to have surgery next Friday. Apparently I have a huge cyst that goes from my ribs to my hip bone, ewwww. They are going to try to remove it laparoscopicly, but if they find evidence of a tumor or can't get it out they will have to cut me open.
Surgery to me means two things= $$$ and no working out.
As long as they don't cut me open I should be good to go in a few days. {Praying} I don't do well 'resting'. Even after my csection I asked for them to take out my tubes and I was up cleaning the hospital room, I know I'm crazy.
When I'm stressed I clean.

The Dr I met was awesome, seriously like the nicest guy ever. He asked me about my weight loss and was amazed when I told him how I lost it, running and eating right. He shook my hand like I was  some celebrity and told me it was nice to see someone doing it the right way. 
We spent a good 20 minutes talking about running :)

I start getting the fall itch when Labor Day rolls around, but it was freaking 102 yesterday. Killmenow.
So, I guess I'll be sporting my summer clothes for a little while longer.

Like this cute top I got for 5 bucks at Target.

I'm also ready for Apple to bring out their new phone already. Usually I'm not one to get all giddy about a new phone, but the microphone on mine has been broken for months.  I can only talk on speaker phone, which makes it really hard to fight with your husband while in a store :)

This was my Dad's solution, they seriously sell this at Wal Mart. Who would really walk around talking on a giant blue phone? Well, besides Miss M.
I decided to make the switch from Droid to the iPhone so I can sync my computer to it and I've heard they are enlarging the screen which was my major compliant about the old ones. 
Hopefully they stick to the Sept 21st plan!

That's all my randomness for today, I need to get a move on a make Miss M's lunch {my first time!} for her first day of Preschool! 
I need to have her picture ready before I leave because I have to been in class before she starts and I can't trust my husband to get decent shots. Men take 1 maybe 2 and call it a day :)

Happy Hump Day!


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