Shabby Bookshelf

First off, you guys are amazing! Thank you, thank you for sharing all your great ideas for getting Miss M to eat healthier with me!! I'm pumped to try out the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook and some of the other suggestions you guys gave!

Now, I'm changing gears to share something non weight related because I have ADD like that :)

 To the dismay of my husband, I did find room for MORE furniture in our house.

I was driving out of the neighborhood and someone was having a garage sale, I saw furniture and had to stop. 
I never stop unless I see big stuff, too many garage sales around me are full of crap.

My handy man across the street put on a new back and added a new shelf.  The previous owners used it for a tv stand by cutting holes in the back.

I mixed up my own chalk paint after spending weeks deciding what color to use, finally I just thought why not do a few?

I gave her a base coat of white, then my homemade chalk paint, and finished with a good sanding.

She just happened to fit perfectly on a small wall in my dining room.

I just realized that there is Miss M's watercolor paint on the front of the bottom tin.
Ah, so is life with kids.

I'm a sucker for a turned leg.

I bought this for 5 bucks at an antique shop having no clue what to do with it.
Turns out it's a book holder :)

I think I want to change the star and frame above it, but haven't found the perfect thing yet because of the light switch there I have a hard time finding the perfect size picture.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Maybe repaint the star/frame?? I'm so behind on blogging now that school has started. Stay tuned!!!! ;)

  2. Love that book holder! Maybe just take the frame off until you find something else? The star by itself would look great.

  3. Wowsa lady! That looks amazing! I sure wish I had your talent or that you lived closer! I love all of your projects!!


  4. Looks amazing!!!

  5. Hi. I am a stalker that reads your blog so sorry about the random message, but I have a question. Why did you use chalkpaint. I realize you mixed it yourself, but why? Texture? Or is there some other much cooler reason that I can't think of. I am totally impressed with your garage sale find/revamp of the furniture. Good job, it looks great, and would probably go for about $400 in Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel. :)


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi. I am one of your stalkers who reads your blog but you have no idea who I am - So, sorry about the random message, but I have a question. Why did you use chalk paint?(I am assuming that's the same as "chalkboard paint") I mean, I know you mixed it yourself, but why? Texture? Or is there a much cooler reason that is escaping me at the moment? I am really impressed with your garage sale find/revamp. It looks awesome and would probably go for $400 at a Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel type store. (I just might have to 'Pin' your a$$!(Funny how a phrase like that takes on a whole different meaning from just a few years ago, lol)) Anyways! Good job! :)


  8. I never have luck at garage sales! What a great find:) I love the creativity you put into it!!

  9. looks awesome! I love it! Also loved your posts from MI. We love going to the South Haven/St. Joe area! Isn't it next to perfect?? =)

  10. I love the colour and the great detail on it. Garage sales are basically over here. Sucks for us crafters.

  11. Love it!! I wish you could come & redo my home! lol

  12. Very cute! You have such a good eye and taste for these :)


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