Road Trippin'

I barely survived the 16 hour road trip from Dallas to Michigan.

The first 5 hours I was denied any type of beverage or potty break.

My husband is a pro car tripper, once driving 24 hours {each way!} instead of flying for work.
I, on the other hand, would rather fly, but the last few times I've flown with Miss M it was a nightmare of delayed flights and a very long day.
Driving sounded like fun, jamming in the car to LMAFO, stopping whenever we wanted....
My husband has a hard time just stopping for no reason.
I had to take over the drivers seat {I'm kinda a control freak.} Plus he drives too slow.
Until I got mad dogged by the cops in a construction zone for pushing the speed limit. 

Miss M was pretty good the first day, about 10 hours of driving.

Probably because she thought we were 'almost there' the entire time.

The second day was not as good, 6 hours of whining almost did me in.

We finally made it to Lake Michigan!

I got up this morning to run and I thought I was in the twilight zone.

It was 67 degrees outside!! 

No, Miss M didn't run the 7 miles with me, she just likes to chase me in :)

Honestly I didn't feel that sweaty, apparently my ass was though!

I plan to fully enjoy this weather before I head back to 100+ temps next week.

Oh and I'm reading the most awesome book, This is why your Fat.
I'm so motivated to try clean eating after reading just half this book, I can't wait to finish the other half and make the switch when I get back!
I've already warned the Hubs, he better just get on board :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. You look super good in the picture on the playground!!!

  2. you look so pretty on the swings! enjoy your trip

  3. p.s. i have a funny jackie werner story. the book is NOT how she diets.

  4. Super long car drive...blah
    67 degree weather?....heaven!
    This is why your fat.....Loved that book. It is so motivating...at least the few weeks after I read it then like a bad rash Diet Coke and chocolate made it's way back into my life.
    Have a great time on your trip!!

  5. We just got back from Lake Erie and it was wonderful weather! It definitely beats the record breaking heat we're having in Missouri. Although today's not bad, finally, now that it's back in the double digits. We didn't take Lily on our car ride though or else we would have made additional stops. I think we stopped only three or 4 times each way so that we could refill the gas tank and empty our bladders!

  6. What is with guys and not stopping? A girl's gotta pee! We did the 14 hr drive to Michigan from SC & only stopped twice. Thank GOD it was through the night so I didn't really want to drink anything anyway.

  7. Enjoy your time in Michigan! It is so pretty, and typically pretty cool by the lake.

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  10. as an avid reader of your blog and resident of traverse city, mi, i sure hope you enjoy your time in the mitten state!

  11. Yay for vacay and cooler temps. Happy you made it there safely. Have fun :)

  12. Get your workout on girl, swamp ass and all!! :)

  13. You always motivate me!! Hope you have a great time!!

  14. Glad you're having a great time! Bring some of that cooler weather down here with ya when you come back!

  15. I agree with the other comments--you look great! So tiny!

  16. You look amaze-balls in the picture on the playground!! I love reading your blog...found you through Mama L...obviously lol!! Keep it up chickie!!! You inspire me!!j

  17. You look amaze-balls in the picture at the playground!! Love your blog, you are a inspiration to me!! Found you through Mama Laughlin...obviously!! I just love that saying!!


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