Random post about laying eggs and clothes.

Dealing with infertility is frustrating not only because you can't get knocked up, but as I've come to learn, you can't get a definite answer to just about anything.
I blame Google. 
With way too much available information on the web it's easy to self diagnose.
Which makes me frustrated with the Dr. I feel like she's not listening to me or taking into account what I think I know.
She doesn't care that I'm charting, 'It's not reliable.'
I feel like she's taking her sweet time 'seeing what happens' and I'm feeling like 'Let's get this freaking show on the road already.'
Last month we did a regular girly checkup and tested my blood levels, which all came back normal.
This month she wanted to do a Day 21 test, which means that they check your hormone levels on your peak day {which would be 7 days past the day you ovulated}.
Only thing is I never ovulated on day 14 like you 'should', which I told her but she didn't seem to think this was a problem.
So I came in for the test, knowing I hadn't ovulated yet and when I had my sonogram done the tech said I was about to lay an egg. {ok, my words not hers}
Then she wanted to check my kidneys and spleen, more bad news.
She saw some mass {about 5 inches} on my left side between my kidney and stomach and because it's outside their area of expertise I have to go and have a CT scan done.
She did say it didn't look like a tumor, so hopefully that means I'm not dying.

She took MORE blood work because apparently just because the tech said I was about to ovulate didn't mean that I hadn't already.
Ummmmm ok? Let's just waste another month waiting for the same blood work we took last month!
I've been seeing this Dr for years and I really like HER, but this is the first time I've had any type of issue and honestly maybe I just don't know how the process works.
Most likely I'm just impatient. It's been known to happen :)

During this process I've gone from being hopeful, to angry, to indifferent.
I've stopped obsessing over every single sign my body gives and focused on more important things.
Like shopping.
I've been a clothes buying fool lately.

They make me feel better, but I need to learn to take off price tags before my husband starts asking questions.
Him:  'Ummm how much was this dress??'
Me: 'Well it wasn't 84 dollars if that makes you feel better.'

Life is smoother when he doesn't ask questons :) I look cute and that's all that really matters, right honey??

I loooove this pink jacket {Charlotte Russe} It has ruches arms and lace on the side, plus it's my all time favorite color :)

I bought a few pairs of new jeans, but I swear every pair is made for a person who is at least 5'8.

I have to cuff them until I get a chance to go to the tailors and get them hemmed.

I fluffy heart love this top {JLO at Kohls}, even better with the cute necklace I stole from my sister.

Happy Monday!


  1. This is the second blog I follow that happened to post about infertility. I have recently been told I have fertility issues and it is slightly helpful to know and hear other women's stories. Thanks for the post. Cheers to baby making!

  2. I am so sorry you are getting frustrated witb your doctor. I hope you get everything worked out. I know it can be frustrating, but a lot of people say when they stop stressing about it, and don't put so much pressure on it, that it seems to happen. good luck :)

  3. I hope you start getting some answers soon, but at least until then, you are looking AMAZING. Keep us updates, k? <3

  4. Love that dress! Was thinking about you this weekend. Hope everything goes ok with the scan.

  5. I hope that you find some answers, waiting is so hard! On a positive note, your style is amazing, I love all the pieces! Where did you get the yellow bottom dress? Its adorable!

  6. you are too cute! keep us posted on the mass please.
    also, i bet that now you are indifferent you will get knocked up. keep on laying eggs.

  7. OMG those BOOTS! Love them!

    Pete and I are avoiding kids like the plague right now, so I haven't ever gone through any fertility issues. I'm terrified that I will though, since my body likes to throw me a curve ball at every turn.

    BUT I can still relate to being completely frustrated with the medical field. I ran into some health issues, starting about a year and a half ago and it was awful. Just trying to get the specialists to listen to me was a nightmare. Also, there are tons of girly issues that we just know nothing about--I think women's health has been severely under-researched. I've been left with very little faith in doctors and medications. I really hope you start getting some answers. Maybe seek out a second opinion? Couldn't hurt!

  8. That last pic you look sooo skinny! You look skinny most the time but very very skinny in those jeans! Good luck with all the testing it took us over a year ot testing and trying for Aubrey and my last two pregnancies were surprises

  9. I feel your pain with the whole infertility issue... I have something called PCOS, Polycystic ovary syndrome, and it SUCKS!!! It seems like the doctors just like to take their time doing their stupid tests and I've been waiting long enough, I don't want to wait any longer... I just want a baby already! I wish there was a magic pill you could take and it would make you ovulate instantly, you know? Just something that would make getting preggers much easier. I girl can dream, right?

  10. I am in the dfw area too and struggled for a long time with infertility until I was finally diagnosed with "unexplainable infertility" - awesome. Anyway, I used Dr. Goldstein and did 3 rounds of IVF before finaly getting pregnant with twins, who are perfectly and healthy 22 month old toddlers now. I have had several friends and family that have also dealt with fertility issues too (I think that this increase in issues is because of our food and hormones, etc. but that's a whole nother story), anyways, I would not use Dr. G again, but would highly recommend Dr. Douglass if you decide to seek out a reproductive endocronologist. Hopefully all is good and you won't need to go that route, but I just thought I'd put it out there in case you were interested.

  11. I'm so sorry for all the crap you're going through Megan. Have you thought about seeing another doctor? Maybe the one you go to isn't that knowledgable about fertility issues. You could even try an infertility specialist. I'm like you and would be super impatient to get things going, which is why I think a second opinion might be in order. Just my 2 cents!

  12. Sorry to hear about all the trouble with trying to get pregnant. I hope it works out soon! Love the tops!

  13. I'm loving all these clothes!!!!

  14. I can understand the impatience (sp?) we are trying for another baby and it is driving me nuts. The two week wait is miserable! I am sorry you are going through this. So since you were laying an egg did you run home and have sex?

  15. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. It's so frustrating when drs. get into the mode and don't explain things well enough! I'm praying for a great outcome! In the meantime shop away. :-) totally get the pants things... I'm 5'3"!

    ~Anneke at www.thisthatandlife.com

  16. yea drs and patients dont seem to have the same time table do they!? lol. my dr put me on clomid, i asked about ultra sounds and the nurse said "he has so many patients on clomid he cant monitor them all by sonogram!" ummmmmmmmm ok? i just took my blood work yesterday. i used those ovulation predictor kits that give you a smiley face. my cycles were 33 days and round 3 of clomid put me at 30 days. so we will see! i dont want to take clomid more than 1 possibly 2 more times. its harsh stuff!

    ive also found that male drs are a little more sympathetic and willing to do more of what you ask. thats just my opinion though lol

  17. I've been going through the same issues for years so I know how you feel. I hope everything is alright!


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