Random awesomeness from Michigan.

One of the best side effects of getting healthy {and putting it all over the Internet via blogger and Facebook} is motivating others to do the same.
Both my Aunt, Uncle,  husband, and Dad have all lost weight and taken up running.
We we heard they were having a 5k down the road from where we are staying we were all pumped to run our first family run together.

My main goal was to beat my Uncle T {in the green shirt}, what can I say I'm competitive!
He's got a good 6 inches on me and I know he can run faster than me, but I didn't let that stop me from whooping him by a good 45 seconds :)
In fact I ran a new PR, 26:25!

My husband didn't run the race, he didn't have his running gear, but we did squeeze in an Insanity workout together.

That shit was hard. I was sweating my ass off the entire 40 minutes.

Other than working out, the girls have been shopping. 
I found the cutest mirror in a barn off the side of the road for 10 bucks.
I have no clue where to put it, but it was too darling to pass up :)

We hit the beach yesterday.  The weather was nice, but the water chilly. 
I had to do a little motivating to get my cute cousin in the water.

The men went fishing, my husband caught his dinner.

I hope he knows he has to finish it off here, we will NOT be transporting fish back to Dallas on Wednesday.

Hitting up some more antique stores along the lake today, hoping to find some good deals. 
Like this awesome deer head.

I really wanted her, so I could do this....

I know it's a little freaky right?

Happy Monday!


  1. Great job at inspiring others!! I'd love to but my energy level is at zero lately! My mom actually mentioned I should get my thyroid checked... so that'll be happening and then maybe I can get motivated again!!! I did great for 3 months while in boot camp then that ended and I've been severly lacking. I wish I had your energy to get up (or you to motivate me, but not like how you pulled your cousin.. that's just funny!!)

  2. Looks like you are having blast! The little man in the race pic didn't look as enthused as the rest of you. LOL. Great catch for Oliver and I could not imagine transporting fish. Yuck! See ya soon!

  3. Please get that deer head so you could do that in your house...lol :)

  4. WoW! That is a nice fish!! I am in need to do a race so I will have to find one here (Vegas) ! Happy MOnday!

  5. Omg please do that with deer head I LOVE it! My sister has a wall of antlers and around them are adorable phone

  6. Are you in grand haven? Love Michigan!

  7. Love it!!! I'm in the blogging a world now. Go check me out!!! :)

  8. You can have the one I hit yesterday morning on the way to work. head's still good... Plus side is I'm in IN so it's almost on the way home :)

    Love your blog!

  9. You can have the one I hit on the way to work yesterday morning... Hit it in the back end- head's still good. And I'm in Indiana so it's kinda on the way home... :)

    Love your blog!!

  10. Way to go gettin your whole family motivated!! Love that huge fish and that last pic lol glad y'all are having a great time!!

  11. How exciting to get family members on board!!! Great job on the race and insanity workout with the hubs.. Awesome picture!!!!



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