How I ran 10 miles in August.

I found my new favorite thing. 

I've seen these around while playing soccer, but I kept forgetting to find one and buy it. 
So sad because I super heart fluffy cupcake love it and I've been sweating my booty off and it would've come in quite handy.

You wet it, wring it out, and it stays cold.
 This thing stayed cold for my entire 10.2 mile run.
In August.
In Texas.

I actually felt good and cool while running, my back was hurting more than I was sweating.
That's what happens when you don't keep up your cardio, random things get weak and have to be worked back up.

Which is exactly why I felt the need to run 10 miles in the heat. 
Just to make sure I still could.

I wanted to stretch really well afterwards, so I won't be sore tomorrow, but some little tiny person interrupted me.

She must not have been having fun with Daddy inside because usually when I'm a sweaty mess she's won't touch me.

She begged me to go 'run' with her, but once I sat down I was done.  Like D.O.N.E.
It's been a while since I've kicked my own ass.

I posted the other day on my Facebook Page that Kohl's had a bunch of cute workout clothes marked 70% off.

Don't get too excited, this pretty little shirt was not one of them.

It WAS on the clearance rack, but after finding out it wasn't marked down I just couldn't pass it up.
The colors are fun and the cut outs on the side bring much needed ventilation to my midsection.
It was on sale though :)
For real I did find some cute stuff, it's marked down because it's 'summer' but workout gear is workout gear and the good stuff ain't cheap.

Miss M graduated from swim class.

In just 2 weeks she mastered front and back floating, using the paddle board correctly, and swimming under water.

She totally was doing a breast stroke underwater, I was jumping and screaming for my future Olympian!
What can I say, I get excited :)

Yeah, this is my uniform. 
I honestly wear this tank and shorts all. the. time. 
It's just so comfy and when it's 106 out and I don't have 'plans' I can't make myself wear a real 'outfit'.

I did wear makeup, so there's that.
Although I'm pretty sure I sweat it off within 30 minutes.

See I do have a husband.
Picture proof.

I've been working on a little something I plan to wrap up this weekend and I'm SOOOOOOO EXCITED. I hate keeping secrets so I'll be glad to finish this one up and let the cat out of the bag!

We are also doing family pictures tomorrow in downtown McKinney, it's pretty hard to find coordinating outfits for 8 people. 
Plus make sure everyone shows up on time.
My brothers being the hardest. Seriously we may be grown but I can still give them a beat down to keep them in line just like when we were little.
Being the oldest comes with a lot of responsibility!

Happy Friday!


  1. I saw the Frogg Togg thing at Dick's & Academy & I started to buy one. My hubs loves their rain suits. I just wasn't sure how it worked. I think I'll be buying one!

  2. Can't wait to see your family pics! It's crazy how much your siblings have grown, and I still remember them as young teens. You look HAWT in that workout outfit, lady! Love all the pink!

  3. You're precious!! Cute work out clothes too ;))))

  4. Um, wow!! That towel is awesome! I'm going on a run tomorrow, mind you it won't be 10 miles, but I sure as hell wish I had one! Dang it!

    I also LOVE that workout top. I had no idea Kohl's sold workout attire. I need to hit them up :)

  5. I think it's awesome your little girl loves water. I remember being pretty scared until I met my husband (whom was the one that taught me to swim)
    Love the shirt & the colors are awesome!

  6. Trying to get to Kohl's tomorrow! In serious need of workout clothes!

  7. Very inspiring. Your blog is amazing.


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