Being the Favorite!

When you grow up in a family of 4 kids, you really have to step up your game to take the 'favorite' spot.
I'm pretty sure I sealed my fate in that position by throwing my Mom a Surprise 50th Birthday Party!

This is my lovely Mother. She is pretty awesome.

I threw her party at Gather in McKinney, TX, which I highly recommend even if your just looking for a cute place to have lunch.

Their decor is stunning, brick walls, chandeliers, the most darling dishes. 

Even the bathrooms were amazing, I made sure everyone used it before they left because they were just fantastic! 

Me, Mom, and my younger sister Katie.

We played birthday girl Bingo, using vintage buttons to mark the spots.

The cake is from Bliss Cupcakes in Allen, TX, is was AH-MAZING.  
You need to stop by and try their cupcakes. OHHHHHHHHH yummmmmm!
I love them so much because their frosting is not too sweet, nothing worse than a toothache when your enjoying a small treat :)
Plus their prices are great!

For food I opted for the tea service, which is a sampling of all their delish food served on cute treys.

One day, when I don't have small children destroying things, I want a set of these Royal Albert dishes. 
So beautiful.

Now, it was SO HARD to keep this party a secret, for one because I talk to my Mom several times a day and tell her everything.
The ruse to get her there and dressed up was that we were taking family pictures as her birthday present.
Well, then she went and started buying new outfits for everyone in the family to wear so I decided I better hire a photographer to actually come do photos after the party.

With such a large family, it's quite a task to get everyone in the same spot at the same time. 
Unfortunately, once my youngest brother showed up my sister had to leave for work.
We still ended up with some great shots.

Photo's by a good friend of mine, Bebe's Photography.

I adore this picture, Miss Madison's true colors are showing!

Oh and did I mention that it was my 5 year wedding anniversary?
Of course I would get married on my Mom's birthday!

My dress is from Dillards {One World Collection} clearances for 23 bucks.
I'm telling ya, there are some good sales going on right now!

Here's a snippet from the big day.
My new husband decided it would be a good idea to chase me around the reception and throw me to the floor while shoving cake in my face.
Good thing he's cute.

Happy Monday!


  1. Ahhhh, that is awesome! Love your dress, and yes! I think you sealed the spot as her favorite! But you always knew that, right?

  2. What a great spot to have a party! I'm sure your definitely in the favorite position now. Happy Anniversary and I love your dress. It's beautiful. Megan

  3. looks like a fun time- that restaurant looks so cool! and you look beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love the cake. It looks so pretty. Love your dress too.

  5. I ended up finding the dress at Dillards, except they only had a large and Extra large that didn't fit and they didn't have them on sale either here. :( Boo! I still love that dress though, great pick!

  6. i love it! looks like a GREAT party! you MUST be the favorite child now! =)

  7. What a wonderful party! Y'all looked gorgeous! No luck at Kohl's this weekend. Need to get to Dillard's - super cute dress. You win daughter of the year.

  8. WOW! That place looks amazing!! Your mom is super lucky that you're her daughter!! Happy Anniversary!

  9. Love your blog. Good job on the party. You and hubby are so cute together!

  10. Looks like a wonderful party! That place is adorable and the cake looks amazing!

    Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

    Karen (previously from Our Little Corner)

  11. Loooove it!!! And I loooove Bliss!!! I didn't know they sold full sized cakes too!!! This could be dangerous....

  12. I can see why you would be the favorite!! And that cake is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Happy Birthday mom and Happy Anniversary to YOU!

  13. I've never been to Gather, but it looks super adorable. Reminds me of The Dove's Nest in downtown Waxahachie. Same type of place (lunch on weekends, decorated rustic chic). My mom and I meet each other halfway since I'm in Carrollton and she's in Waco. I need to get some girlfriends together because Gather looks like my kind of place and it's closer than Waxahachie!

  14. Those photos were great! You look awesome! Do you have instagram? I'd love to follow you. I'm maxwellmama4 on there. :)

  15. Great job on the surprise party!!! and Happy Anniversary! Love the pics :)

  16. Happy Birthday and anniversary! Megan, is there anyone in your family that is not drop dead gorgeous??? You all look like models. What a wonderful, wonderful daughter you are and such a special day for your mom!

  17. Cute pics and happy b-day to your mom!

  18. Great family photo and gosh I love that last pic!!! Lol

  19. That is funny got married on my mom's birthday too


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