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I weighed in today even though I knew it wouldn't be awesome.  I did great all week, ate my 1700 calories a day and burned 6000 at the gym in 6 days.  Then came Saturday.  After the gym I had to run some errands and by the time I got home Miss M was sleeping in the car so I took her in and somehow ended up taking a nap with her.  I didn't eat lunch so when I woke up I was STARVING.  We had a birthday party to go to, I'm sure you can see where this is going.  Chips and dip. Burgers. Cake and Ice Cream. I had it all. 
I know better than to go to these things hungry, this is why!
Sunday was marginally better even though I didn't track.
I was 149 today, so that's a 2 pound loss for the week. I just feel this is going to be a 2 pound cycle for the rest of the summer.  Eat well during the week and then as soon as I go out of town or to some type of event I will gain it back.
I'm sure y'all are sick of hearing about these 2 pounds so I'll try to spare you from this drama until the fall :)

Anyways. I'm super stoked to be leaving in 3 days for my cruise!!!! I can NOT wait to lay by a pool and close my eyes and not have to worry about anyone drowning.

I'll miss her cute face, but a few days away is going to be heaven, I can't lie!

She's getting pretty good at taking pictures, I'm finding less of her finger :)

 She's not looking though any eye hole, it's mostly just luck.

I should be packing, but I'm not feeling great today.  I was sure I poisoned myself somehow after dinner last night, all of the sudden I was so freaking sick.  I was moaning about dying and my husband was all 'ok, well I'm going to go watch tv while your in here'.  WTH, no way, if I'm sick you better stay in here and keep me company!

Then he tried to get me to do breathing exercises so I kicked him out anyways. This is why women are the care takers.

I also asked him to keep Miss M in her own bed last night so she wouldn't be kicking me in the stomach every 15 minutes.
I swear that child wakes up every 2 hours at night, he put her back a few times yet some time around 4 am I was being kicked...as usual. 
I'm still voting that we put a lock on her door so she can't get out. 
I really wouldn't mind her sleeping with us if she didn't thrash about like a crazed wild animal.

I finished my bathroom cabinets, I just need to take some pictures and show y'all tomorrow :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm so jealous that you're going on a cruise! Take lotsa pics so I can live vicariously through you, mmmkay?

  2. So excited for both of our cruises, hope you feel better love!

  3. You, missy, are entirely too hard on yourself! Look at how far you've come!! I know it's probably frustrating to be dancing around 2 lbs, but you owe it to yourself to enjoy yourself, too. Just think - you COULD have worked out, but you got some super special nap time with Miss M, right? So you enjoyed yourself a little bit at the party. The fact that you're so self aware means a lot. You'll have plenty of time to work out when it's cold or rainy - enjoy yourself because you're a hott mama!

  4. Have fun on your cruise!!

    We still have Lily in a crib. She hasn't climbed out at all and the few times we've seen her trying, we tell her no that she'll get hurt. She listens well for the most part. My husband thinks it's time to put the toddler bed side on instead of the crib but I'm thinking "why bother?" Sure, it's getting hard to put her in to bed because she's getting so long and she's not little anymore but she's only 35 lbs., so it's not terrible. Some day we'll have to do it though, she's so long!

  5. She is adorable! I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Two pounds lost is better than two gained, right?!! Kudos to you!

    I hope you have a blast on your cruise. I'm jealous, but that's okay!

  7. Hooray for going on Cruise!! SO jealous! Have a blast :)

  8. Your doing great! Those two pounds will fall off of you before you know it.

    Enjoy your cruise, and Happy 4th !!



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