Refinished Bathroom Cabinets

I'm about to share my finished bathroom cabinets, exciting right??
More like, FINALLY :)

I've been prettying up my master bath room for a few weeks now, you can read about Part One herecovering an ugly shower here, and cute storage here.

As you know I used the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit on my ugly oak cabinets.
{oh and no one paid me to use it, I bought it myself and just wanted to share how I liked it}



Ahhh, so much better! I really liked the kit, it was easy to use and the finish is perfect! I was hesitant to use regular paint and primer because I've heard it can lead to the doors not shutting properly.  The color in the kit is more like a stain, you just don't have to do any sanding. Score!

The only problem I ran in to was the top coat.  After putting it on and letting it dry I found white buildup.

It wasn't all over, just on the edges. When I was working on them I laid the door all out on top of paint cans so I could make sure not to have drip marks on the edges.

Maybe they dried too fast in the heat? I dunno. 
No biggie though, I just went over a couple spot with the base color again and it was fine.

I added a few glam knobs from Hobby Lobby.

The color I used was Tudor and I did use the {optional} glaze on it although you couldn't really see a difference.

I super heart love it so much I really want to do my kitchen cabinets. 
Then I remember that I have 25 freaking cabinet doors plus 11 drawer fronts. That's a huge under taking!

Oh and just for some cuteness, while we were out of town a cute family of birds had babies in my planter on the front porch!

It just happens to be right outside the dining room window, so Miss M has been glued to that window watching the Mama bird feed the babies all day.

How cute are they!?!?

She's now convinced that I should give birth to baby birds and not a real baby :)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Love the new look!
    Those little babies are so cute :)

  2. aaaah so so so much better! they look amazing! and love the new knobs, too!

  3. Looks fantastic! Love the hardware you chose, and the mirrors are beautiful. Megan

    PLEASE come to my house and do mine!!
    I'll pay you!!!!

    Seriously- on a scale of 1 to Christian Grey, how hard was it??
    It looks fabulous and would look sooo good on my pink (YES PINK) wood cabinets!

  5. You did a FANTASTIC job! Looks gorgeous.

  6. Love the transformation. Crazy how one little space can look so different with a little hard work.

  7. Oh wow! I love it. Such a dramatic change.

  8. We used that same kit to redo our guest bath and ran into the same issue with the top coat, so I didn't end up using it when we did the kitchen cabinets, instead I just got some spray vanish and called it a day - no dropplets of white build-up! Bathroom looks great!

  9. the vanity looks great! love the knobs. but that birds' nest on the porch gives me the willies. we had one our porch last summer and mama bird did not like when we walked past, but we didn't have a key for the side door. i would run to the door and fumble with my keys. still makes me nervous to think about it.

  10. They look great! What a transformation!

    and those birdies are precious!

  11. Love love love. I think I might ask my landlord if I can do the same in my rental. Love. Love love. I love it.

  12. they look AMAZING! You're a rock star. Seriously, when do you have time to do that. Isn't it hot as balls out there anyway?

  13. I love, love, love your bathroom!

  14. I love, love, love your bathroom!

  15. Looks great! We are hopefully going to be doing a complete gut job of our bathroom (probably next summer) and I can't decide what to do on color schemes so I love to see bathroom posts!

    And I LOVE those knobs. I saw those the other day. Mercury glass is my favorite!

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  17. You are fabulous! The transformation is amazing; I had to do a double-take because it looks so different. I love the mirrors too. You rock!

  18. Oh my gosh, that is the cutest pic of Miss Madison looking at the birdies. Keep up the great bloggin'! I really like your new bathroom.

  19. WOW your cabinets look AMAZING! Now I wanna do my bathroom and then maybe the kitchen!

    Miss M and her birds are totally adorable! Too cute!

  20. Oh my gosh!' I love looooove it!!! How much did you say it cost you?! I hate our cabinets but don't want to dish out lots of $$ since we are only here temporarily.

  21. Those cabinets turned out amazing!! I might have to try that kit:)

  22. Wow! Those cabinets look amazing! And what a great idea to use only four knobs on them! I would have screwed in a knob for each door and drawer and it would have been total overkill. Sigh. You have such great style...

  23. Please come do my house! :)
    It looks amazing!!!!

  24. The hubs and I want to do the same thing (and pretty much the same color) in our new house. Luckily it's a fairly small kitchen so we're excited.

  25. Seriously - gorgeous! I love everything about it. I'm going to try to make your board/glass jar holder thing to put it my bathroom (although I've debated doing something similar for the kitchen too).

  26. The cabinets look amazing! Love the baby birds too.. how sweet. :)

  27. The baby and bathroom cabinets are looking great in this blog.

  28. Very beautiful dear!!!
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  29. The use of brown in your cabinet paint it emphasize the wood concept with your bathroom

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