Probably more than you wanted to know.

I can't believe today is Thursday, I swear yesterday was Monday.  I'm kinda sick of summer, I feel like my days are running together and not in a good way.  I get like this at the end of the summer, I start craving a normal routine where I'm actually getting things done during the day. 
I think I'll be glad to go back to school in a month even though it's my last semester and it's gonna be a doozy!
So, what have I been doing? Well, for one I've been having a mini freak out waiting to ovulate for the last week.  Last month my cycle was 25 days total and this month I didn't even ovulate until day 23! What the heck?  I've been taking a b6 supplement someone recommended to help regulate my cycle and I've cut back my exercise to 1 hour a day, that may have something to do with it.  OR my body is just trying to annoy the heck out of me. Whatever it is I'm soooo over sexy time.  Like, for real.

We are also adjusting to my Hubs new work schedule, his team now has to work from 12-8, that means that I've had to push back Miss M's bedtime to 10 or 1030 so he has a chance to hang out with her after work.  Usually we are in bed by 830 and up around 530 so staying up late was hard, but it's actually much harder for us to sleep in.  My body just automatically wakes up at 530, I can't help it! I have to say I'm digging him not leaving for work until 11ish because he cleans the house before he leaves, score! One less thing I have to do!

It's been so dang hot here, it's unbearable! Saturday my Hubs wanted to go play golf, so I took Miss M with me to my soccer game.  I know she loves to come watch me play, but I feel so bad when she is sweating her little booty off.
I literally was icing down my head!

My MIL signed up Miss M for swim lessons, we put her in the 5-7 year olds even though she's only 3 because we actually wanted her to learn some stuff and not just have Mommy and Me time getting comfortable in the water.

My only concern was that she wouldn't listen to instructions as well as the older kids, but she's done awesome!

I got a little chocked up, this was her first class that I didn't have to participate with her.  She's growing up :)

The highlight of my week was the project my Mom finished for me! I saw some angel wings online I wanted to buy, but the shop was closed for the summer so I naturally turned to my Mom {who can recreate just about anything!} and asked begged her to make me some.

She cut them out of foam board and used vintage sheet music and spray glitter.

I used them to replace the mirror I had above my mantle.

I have a hard time getting a great picture of my mantle because of the windows being beside it, which is why I don't show it much, but I'm super heart loving my wings. Thanks Mom!
If you have questions about how she made them leave a comment, she obsessively reads my blog and would be happy to answer :)

Guess maybe I shouldn't be talking about sexy time when my entire family reads this huh?
I have to talk about it somewhere, my Husband is all 'what? Ovulate? What's that? We have to do it AGAIN?'
If you have good karma on your side could you send me some sticky baby dust?
I have a gyno appt Monday and I'm praying everything checks out OK and that cutting back on my exercise was enough.

Happy Thursday!


  1. those wings are awesome! and i am sending good karma your way!

  2. I have a feeling that you are going to be pregnant very soon!

  3. Ugh-I am SO over summer too. I am sick of it being so hot the only thing to do with the kids is swim.
    BTW-AWESOME your girly is swimming with the big kids-very smart on your part.

    Baby dust your way woman! If I could I would just give you all of mine. That door is closed at our house. And locked. And the key was thrown into the fires of Mordor...

  4. Those wings look perfect there. Love them. Good luck with TTC. It can be so stressful!

  5. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 months, so I feel your pain! I had a gyno appointment yesterday and totally broke down crying in her office!!! I know I am putting too much pressure on myself, but if one more person tells me to just relax, or that it will happen when you are least expect it I might have to slap their face : )

  6. haha! Best of luck with that sexy time lol - cracks me up at least :)

    and madison looks so cute at her swim lesson!! awww :)

  7. It's funny you mention your mom reading your blog and how you should not talk about "sexy time"... when in fact, you're trying to make a baby (right?!) and so you need to have that time together. My family would be all for me and my hubs having sexy time if it meant we were trying... ha! I don't know how many times we hear the question "so when's #2?" .. can't we enjoy Lily first?!?

  8. Cute little swimmer :)
    LOVE those wings, so so cool!!!
    Happy ovulating ;)

  9. good luck! I seem to be very fertile.. I will send you some baby making energy! :D

  10. Loved your post.
    Sexy time...What's that??!!! ; )
    Sending baby dust your way. We are enjoying our girl and strongly considering her being an only...AHHHHH, the thought.
    So I guess I should say take my baby dust and run : )

    Miss M is so cute swimming. Go momma for jumping her to the next class.

    Love the angel wings too.

  11. One your girl looks so grown swimming with the big kids! Two the angel wings = too cute! Three I'm sending good karma your way from a very pregnant mama, that's good baby juju (sp?) Right?

  12. I am trying to get preggo as well. I have only been trying a month but it is so hard waiting and being disappointed every month. Good luck.

  13. Oh..hope everything is A-OK for you!!! And LOVE the photo of Miss M in the water looking up at the instructor. She is precious!!!

  14. Big girl swimming!! So cute!!!
    Praying for your TTC journey and that God provides you with another sweet baby!!

  15. from another blog I read, I don't know if you have heard of this but it may be worth a try.... http://kandjstaats.blogspot.com/2011/10/soy.html?m=1. hope it may help.

  16. Send some of that baby dust my way too :)

  17. Love what you do with walls - Gorgeous!

    Yes, I would love to know how to make those beautiful wings.

    Sending you Good Karma and Sprinklings of Baby Dust.



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