Pimping myself out {Striped Walls}

I like to spread my love of painting, so I pimped my services to a sweet friend of mine who wanted some prettiness in her bedroom!


A few months ago she upgraded to a king {moving from a queen to a king was the BEST thing I ever did for my own marriage!} and built her own headboard!

You can find the directions for the headboard here.
I'm loving her color choices, I never use orange because my husband has an adverse reaction to the color {seriously.} but it's such a fun pop of color against the teal!

So, we decided to keep the walls light, the colors we used were Behr's Glacier Bay, Refreshing Pool, and Aqua Spray.

Now whenever I've done stripes on my own walls I have used a laser level to get nice even stripes.  Unfortunately A's house was built in the 1950's and apparently they were not so concerned with straight walls back then :)

We had to do it the old fashioned way, with a tape measure. I'm just glad there were two of us and it went pretty quickly!

To get perfectly crisp stripes always paint over the tape with the walls base color first. This will stop any crazy bleed through!

Pull the tape off when it's semi wet so it doesn't peel off the paint.

See, so fresh and pretty! Doesn't the orange look pretty with the teal?

Does her ruffled bedskirt look familiar? She tea stained her's instead of dying it like I did,  I'm telling you that bedskirt is such a fabulous deal and can be so versatile!

This is my usual outfit, shorts, t-shirt, no make up.  Just another reason I'll be glad to get back to school, I miss getting all cute. 

You know nothing in life is free right?
Well as 'payment' for the angel wings my Mom made for me I had to stencil up her wall.
I love my Mom, but sometimes she is such a blonde. She bought a pretty shimmer gold color to stencil with, only problem it was THE SAME COLOR AS THE WALL. 
So, we just added in some other paint she had sitting around.

It actually turned out really pretty! It's much harder to stencil with shimmer paint through because it's thinner and drips more.

She also wanted stripes at the top of her stairs, so I taped off a few.  I'm actually getting really fast at doing it now :)

Nothing beats a graphic wall, it adds interest and is relatively cheap to do!
I guess you know I love them when almost every wall in my house has one on it :)

Happy Friday!


  1. So this means you'll have no problems flying to PA and helping me paint our new house?!? :)

    Seriously though, it looks great, I love all the colors.

  2. You've been a busy girl! I did Ava's room with the metallic paint too, and the guy told me I could paint one layer with regular paint, and then do the shimmer paint over it and it would really pop. But I didn't want to deal with trying to line up the stencil twice, I'm lazy like that. :)

  3. All the stripes look amazing and I love the stencils on your mom's wall! Great job!

    Now I need you to come over here and paint stripes on some of my walls! :)

    - Karen

  4. By the way, my blog has gone private. I've added you to my reader list using the email you have posted on your sidebar.

  5. You are welcome to come paint a couple of rooms in my house too. And refinish some furniture while you're at it. Haha. Great job lady!

  6. Such a cool effect! Beautiful work, Lady!

  7. Fabulous!!! : )

    We did K's walls striped..NEVER AGAIN!! But I'll holler at ya if we change our minds ; )

  8. Awesome!!!! You are such a sweet friend and daughter :)

  9. Love what you did at your mom's. I don't have the patience for that stuff.

  10. You are kick ass at painting those stripes!

    Also love the stencil at your moms. I love stenciling anything, such an easy way to change the look of a room or furniture.

  11. Love the stripes! They make the colors in the bedroom pop. I'm greeting ready to stripe it up in my living room. ( I have to deal with high ceilings so there will be a lot of ladder balancing going on.)

  12. i love the fun painting but UNFORTUNATELY... i HATE to paint! :-/


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