Packing and Update on the {non}baby situation

I know I told y'all I would share my finished cabinets today, but my brain is so full of other stuff I can't even sit down and write about it. 
I know the suspense is killing you :)

I'm leaving tomorrow and I put off packing until today, but I have like a million other things I need to get done.
First one being a spray tan, I am still too pale to walk around in a bikini without one!

My bed looks like this right now.

My husband had the gall to ask where his stuff was, uhhhh pack your own shit. Geez, some days it's like having 2 kids!

I do have a list going, so I feel a little more organized.

I had to throw the kid in the bath to keep her out of the way.

It worked for about 20 minutes, now she's bugging the crap out of me and walking around taking pictures. She is obsessed with the camera lately, she's all about self portraits too {where in the world would she get THAT from?!?! haha!}

We had a great 4th, she even managed to not burn herself with her first sparkler.

I'm glad to be getting away for a few days, I need some relaxation.
I know after my last post {about my not feeling well} I got lots of 'are you preggo yet' comments, so I thought I would share what's going on in that department even though it's pretty stressful and upsetting.
So,  when I started working out more back in October of last year, my cycles became shorter. I really didn't think anything of it because they still showed every month and seemed normal. Well, I've learned that I am have a short luteal phase, like 7 days short. 
You need at least 10ish to even get pregnant.
After doing some research I think it's from too much exercise, they don't recommend more than 7 hours a week and right now I'm doing 12-13.
So I'm doing what I need to do and cutting back to 7. Less cardio and adding in some lower impact things, maybe even give yoga another try. {Uh, last time I did yoga I fainted in class, so embarrassing.}
I may even cut it back to 5 hours during the 2ww. Stopping completely is not the answer, they do recommend doing exercise just not too much.

It is so frustrating that my body is punishing me for doing something healthy. I could understand if I was underweight, or was a complete fanatic about exercise, but honestly I think I'm super healthy.  I was much less healthy when I got pregnant with Miss M and got preggo the first month.
I'm going to try to stay away from the scale too, the less I stress about it the better, right?
I have a Dr appt at the end of the month, so lets all pray that there is nothing else wrong. I blame my Mom {obviously, Mom's are the root of all kids problems, right?} she jinxed my eggs when I turned 30 :)

So bring on the tequila shots, mama needs to have a little fun!


  1. We tried for 4 months to have knox, and they were the 4 most stressful months of my life. it can consume your life. my advice is try not to stress on it too much, when you stop thinking about it that's when it will happen :) have fun on your vaca!! :)

  2. Where did you get the white & pink maxi dress on your bed? I saw a lady with it on yesterday @ a fourth of july parade & LOVED it.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful vacation! You deserve it.

  4. Hey! I struggled with getting pregnant with my second child (took 7 mos) and finally I starting taking a supplement called Femaprin. I also read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and started temping to get to know my cycles better. I tried Clomid and that didnt work but Femaprin did. It helps regulate your cycle, lengthen your luteal phase and balance your hormones. I got pregnant during my first month of taking it and we had officially stopped "trying" (but not preventing of course). I never got EWCM until taking it which is what really helped I think. Anyways, now I'm 18 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Good luck! I know how stressful it can be! XOXO!

    This is where I bought my Femaprin. http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Way-Femaprin-Vitex-Capsules/dp/B0009ETA6M/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

  5. I completely understand how frustrating it is with the fertility issues. I am in the same boat as you. We've been working on baby #2 for over a year now and I'm seeing a specialist to find out what's going on. I had PCOS, but have since become normal - just cannot seem to get pregnant. Getting pregnant with Cooper was super easy, it happened in 1 month and this is taking forever! Good luck to you, I'll definitely say a prayer.

  6. I'm going to gnaw my arm off if you don't post pictures of that finished bathroom! I'm so anxious to see how it looks. We are moving into a new house in a month-ish and I'm thinking you should come re-decorate for me!? :) You are so creative and your decor is so cute!

  7. I love your photo of the little one and that sparkler!! adorable!!

  8. I'm loving the black heels you have on your bed! They're super cute! If I could wear them without falling over I would definitely need a pair.

  9. Who knows Tequila may be just what the doctor ordered!!

    Glad you figured out your LP is shorter and that you can figure a way to correct this issue. Never knew it would be so difficult getting pregnant..they don't teach you these things in high school sex ed! (apparently just looking at a boy really WONT get you pregnant...ha!)

    Have a blast.

  10. Maybe you should stop stressing out about it and then you'll get prego? I don't know. Lily was a surprise (don't want to say accident because we wanted kids, just not as early as she arrived - ha!) and we haven't begun the road to #2. I wish you luck! My cousin and her best friend are pushing 40 and they are both trying super hard to get pregnant with no luck - miscarriages, in-vitro, etc. It's sad. Good luck with your baby makin'!!

  11. I would have never known that exercising would affect your cycle like that. Crazy. But, it'll happen when it happens, but at least now you have some knowledge to help you along. I'm so jealous of all your vacations this summer, ya jerk!

  12. Have fun on your trip!!!! Sorry to hear you are struggling :( Hopefully now that you're cutting a back it will be a fast climb to the top :)

  13. Wow, who knew you could work out too much!?!? I found your blog through Mama Laughlin's & I LOVE it as much as I LOVE hers!! You are a inspiration girl!! Your little lady is ADORABLE by the way!!

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  15. Yes, bring on the tequila... then get down with the hubs. Hey! It works for my 16 year old students! ;)

  16. Have fun girl! It will happen when you least expect it. My fingers are crossed for you and your little one is a doll! Love those brown eyes.

  17. I made a ridic lists too....made me feel better.

  18. Two of my three daughters are Clomid babies so I understand. Getting pregnant should be easy and when it isn't....well, it's frustrating. I also really understand the need to exercise for both the physical and the emotional. It quiets the mind then clears the way for you to be the mom/wife/friend/daughter etc.

  19. Hope y'all have fun on vacay! :)

    I'll be prayin' for ya so the stork will bring Miss M a sibling!

  20. Have a wonderful time !!! And prayers for some baby news soon! :)


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