I'm backkkkk!

Did y'all miss me?? 
We had a  great time on our cruise!

Day 1
We had 10 people in our group so we had t shirts made, Team Overboard!
Each couple had the name of a famous couple on the back. Oliver and I were Mickey and Mallory {anyone know what movie they are from??}

The boys started drinking at 11 am the day we left, I told Oliver if he got too drunk and fell off the boat I was not responsible! BTW that could totally happen, the sides are not very high.

My BFF couldn't make it so I did the next best thing.

Flat Amber.

She had a great time partying it up with us :)

I joined in on the dancing right away, lots of good music and I learned The Wobble {which they played a lot so I'm a pro at it now}

Can you tell I'm excited??

The next day was spent laying by the pool, eating, and drinking.

Someone stole my camera, I'm less upset about the camera than I was about the pictures that were on it!   I participated in the digital scavenger hunt and won, there were some good pictures on there :(

I did really well on my eating the first day and it kinda went down hill from there, BUT I tried to make up for it by taking the stairs instead of the elevator {my calves were KILLING me!} and I went to the gym every morning for a 3 mile run.
I have to say they do offer healthy options like fruit, yogurt, grilled chicken and veggies. 
I just really wanted bacon, burgers, and fries some days. 

Day 3 was in Progresso Mexico.

Lots of drinking.

Can't pass up a massage on the beach!

My favorite activity of the day was sand volleyball :)

That night we hit the casino a little. I've never played slots, but I can totally see how they would be addicting. I swear I lost 40 bucks in like 5 minute!

We also did some snorkeling in Cozumel, while it was pretty it was nothing compared to the beauty of Jamaica.

I also had a yummy drink, the glass was coated in chocolate.  Y'all know I had to lick that glass first :)

Ok, so one night was formal night and everyone dresses up and they try to take some cheesy pictures of you. The guy kept trying to pose us all dumb, I may have been drinking and refused to do what he wanted, I almost died when I saw Oliver's face the next day and had to buy this picture!

Trust us to dirty up a family picture.

This was our first cruise and overall we had a great time, but it was also our first time vacationing with friends and I think that makes a world of difference.  Oliver's not one to hang by the pool and dance so it's nice to have girlfriends along who will!
The food was ok, there were lots of fun activities going on through out the day which was different than just staying at a resort.
While food was included in the price of the cruise drinks were not {except tea and water} and let's just say Oliver spent a pretty penny on his drinking!

I'm also happy to report that I didn't gain a single pound! Guess those early mornings paid off!

I'm glad to be back I missed my baby girl, who I swear grew 10 ft while I was gone.

Facetime worked much better than Skype. 
She had a grand time staying with all her grandparents, spoiled rotten for a week!


  1. I'm totally jealous and now I'm making Jake look into cruises. :) He'll get up and dance with me, but it'd be nice to have someone there to hand the camera off to so we're both in the pics. You look fabulous, missy! Yellow looks HAWT on you!

  2. Wow - sounds like an awesome trip! And congrats to you for not gaining a single pound! We have a friend coming into town today for a week, and my goal is to maintain. Thanks for letting me know it can be done :)

  3. you look like you had a wonderful time and got a great tan. I never took a cruise but have been to Jamaica.

  4. I want to go on a cruise so bad! My husband and I have been looking into them a lot lately and we just may have to commit.

    You look wonderful and congrats on not gaining a pound!

  5. So happy that you had fun. You were missed!

  6. Looks like a blast!! I agree-some trips are just better with friends.

  7. Oh my gosh! This had me laughing. From the flat Amber to your husband looking all dirty. LMBO! Looks like you had a great time!

  8. What a fun trip! Love the family pic! You are rockin that yellow suit.....looks fab. Way to go on maintaining the weight and all while on a cruise!!

  9. I LOVE the dirty picture!! It gave me a good laugh this lovely Monday morning. LMAO. Glad you had a good time, and look up "The Wop", it's a newer dance like The Wobble.

  10. oh my god, that "naughty" photo is hiLARious! you needed to buy that, if only to get them to take it down from the display area!

  11. looks like the perfect vacation! the photo of you and oliver is freaking hilarious!!! LOVE it!

  12. BAHAHAHA! I love your family pic! That is hysterical!

    Also, you seriously have the cutest bathing suits EVER. Good job on running off those burgers--totally worth it, in my book! Especially with no gain!

  13. Welcome back!! WOW, what a great trip! I cracked up with that cruise photo - haha!!!

  14. Looks like a great time! Love the formal picture. Your husbands face is priceless

  15. Looks like a blast! I literally LOL'd at your formal pic! Too funny. (I hate those cheesy poses they put you in & usually avoid it!)

    Glad y'all had fun and go you for not gaining weight on a cruise!

  16. I seriously dying laughing at your cruise portrait. LMFAO!!!

    I'm posting ours on Thursday and wow, the poses they put us in, ridiculous! :)

  17. You look like you had an AWESOME time! I've never been on a cruise, but it looks like a goood time. :)

    But.. I gotta know... WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR SUIT?! I love the little skirt! I'm going on a canoe trip in a few weeks and can't find anything that doesn't make me look like I'm either a grandma or stuffed like a sausage. Help a girl out!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Great job on maintaining!

    My hubby and I our considering a cruise (our first). If you don't mind, which cruise line did you use and would you recommend them? Any tips for cruise newbies? :)

  20. Aw! I love y'all's pics - so cute. Even the dirty one, I guess. ;)

    I've never been on a cruise, but it looks like fun.

    P.S. You look amazing!

  21. I seriously can not stop laughing at that wonderful family pic of you and the hubs. Oh my goodness. Fabulous.

  22. Looks like you and your hubby had a great time! You looked wonderful! Glad to have you back!

  23. Looks like y'all had a great time!! :)

  24. Yay!! so much fun! and you look great by the way!! Love that photo of Oliver. he looks like an 80 cheesy (porn) star. not that I would know but that face cracks me up!!

    good times glad your back and had a blast :)

  25. First - You look amazing!!!!

    Second - what an awesome trip!!! I love the dirty family photo. I see a Christmas card in that one. :)

    Great to have you back!


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