Falling off the wagon.

I have a little secret. 
I've been taking a nap with Miss M almost everyday. 

Who wouldn't want to snuggle with that?
School starts in less than a month and I'm going to be sorry when I'm trying not to fall asleep in finance class!

In sad news, my favorite water bottle has turned up missing.

This is the last known picture of it {thanks to Miss M}. I've had to take regular 16 oz bottle to the gym, which sucks because I have to refill it about a million times.  I have a hard time drinking plain water through out the day, but when I sweat I drink it like it's going out of style. 

I went to the Dr. yesterday, I had to drag the kid along, all of my baby-sitters fell through.  She was good, except for trying to talk over me when I was talking to the Dr.  I swear she thinks everything is competition! I have NO IDEA where she gets that from :)

***on a side note: those of you with kids, when do they grow out of the tattletale phase?? I'm tired of being told on ALL. THE. TIME.  Seriously, shut the lid!

So, the Dr. doesn't think my working out is affecting my cycles.  She didn't seem concerned at all about the fact that I was working out 2 hours a day.
In fact she was concerned that I was not ovulating, which is weird because my temps always show that I do, but she said those are not reliable?? 
She took some blood work to check my progesterone anyways, if I don't get knocked up this round I'll go back to make sure that I am indeed ovulating. 
Other than that they don't do much until you've been trying a year.
I still plan to stick with my one hour a day at the gym for this month and see if it has any effect.

I really missing running, I've done 5ish miles a couple times on the weekend, but I'm craving a nice 10 mile ass kicker.

Spin is a good alternative because it's so fast paced and actually can condition your legs to help you run faster.  I spin at least 4x a week and do an advanced step class on the other days.
My eating on the other hand has been atrocious!
I seriously fell off the wagon and hit every piece of chocolate on the way down.  The problem is I'm having a hard time caring.  My weight is the same, it's been the same for the last decade {or year, whatever} so I'm really struggling with depriving myself of what I want when I don't feel it makes a difference. 
On the other hand I'm not satisfied with how I look.  I'm not UNHAPPY, but I just don't feel 'done'. 
I'm hoping when school starts to get a little motivation from being back in a routine.  I think I may even do a 10 day cleanse to kick my sugar habit, which I swear is like crack to me.

One last thing, I saw the most offensive saying on some jerks truck the other day.

{JAK IT UP fat chicks can't jump}

Seriously.  I don't care if you are fat or skinny this is wrong on so many levels.  I'm wanted to roll down my window and give him a piece of my mind, but I had the kid in the back and you know you can't be yelling at random people out the car window when your kids are around :)
It still annoys me just seeing this picture.

Happy Tuesday!


Pimping myself out {Striped Walls}

I like to spread my love of painting, so I pimped my services to a sweet friend of mine who wanted some prettiness in her bedroom!


A few months ago she upgraded to a king {moving from a queen to a king was the BEST thing I ever did for my own marriage!} and built her own headboard!

You can find the directions for the headboard here.
I'm loving her color choices, I never use orange because my husband has an adverse reaction to the color {seriously.} but it's such a fun pop of color against the teal!

So, we decided to keep the walls light, the colors we used were Behr's Glacier Bay, Refreshing Pool, and Aqua Spray.

Now whenever I've done stripes on my own walls I have used a laser level to get nice even stripes.  Unfortunately A's house was built in the 1950's and apparently they were not so concerned with straight walls back then :)

We had to do it the old fashioned way, with a tape measure. I'm just glad there were two of us and it went pretty quickly!

To get perfectly crisp stripes always paint over the tape with the walls base color first. This will stop any crazy bleed through!

Pull the tape off when it's semi wet so it doesn't peel off the paint.

See, so fresh and pretty! Doesn't the orange look pretty with the teal?

Does her ruffled bedskirt look familiar? She tea stained her's instead of dying it like I did,  I'm telling you that bedskirt is such a fabulous deal and can be so versatile!

This is my usual outfit, shorts, t-shirt, no make up.  Just another reason I'll be glad to get back to school, I miss getting all cute. 

You know nothing in life is free right?
Well as 'payment' for the angel wings my Mom made for me I had to stencil up her wall.
I love my Mom, but sometimes she is such a blonde. She bought a pretty shimmer gold color to stencil with, only problem it was THE SAME COLOR AS THE WALL. 
So, we just added in some other paint she had sitting around.

It actually turned out really pretty! It's much harder to stencil with shimmer paint through because it's thinner and drips more.

She also wanted stripes at the top of her stairs, so I taped off a few.  I'm actually getting really fast at doing it now :)

Nothing beats a graphic wall, it adds interest and is relatively cheap to do!
I guess you know I love them when almost every wall in my house has one on it :)

Happy Friday!


Probably more than you wanted to know.

I can't believe today is Thursday, I swear yesterday was Monday.  I'm kinda sick of summer, I feel like my days are running together and not in a good way.  I get like this at the end of the summer, I start craving a normal routine where I'm actually getting things done during the day. 
I think I'll be glad to go back to school in a month even though it's my last semester and it's gonna be a doozy!
So, what have I been doing? Well, for one I've been having a mini freak out waiting to ovulate for the last week.  Last month my cycle was 25 days total and this month I didn't even ovulate until day 23! What the heck?  I've been taking a b6 supplement someone recommended to help regulate my cycle and I've cut back my exercise to 1 hour a day, that may have something to do with it.  OR my body is just trying to annoy the heck out of me. Whatever it is I'm soooo over sexy time.  Like, for real.

We are also adjusting to my Hubs new work schedule, his team now has to work from 12-8, that means that I've had to push back Miss M's bedtime to 10 or 1030 so he has a chance to hang out with her after work.  Usually we are in bed by 830 and up around 530 so staying up late was hard, but it's actually much harder for us to sleep in.  My body just automatically wakes up at 530, I can't help it! I have to say I'm digging him not leaving for work until 11ish because he cleans the house before he leaves, score! One less thing I have to do!

It's been so dang hot here, it's unbearable! Saturday my Hubs wanted to go play golf, so I took Miss M with me to my soccer game.  I know she loves to come watch me play, but I feel so bad when she is sweating her little booty off.
I literally was icing down my head!

My MIL signed up Miss M for swim lessons, we put her in the 5-7 year olds even though she's only 3 because we actually wanted her to learn some stuff and not just have Mommy and Me time getting comfortable in the water.

My only concern was that she wouldn't listen to instructions as well as the older kids, but she's done awesome!

I got a little chocked up, this was her first class that I didn't have to participate with her.  She's growing up :)

The highlight of my week was the project my Mom finished for me! I saw some angel wings online I wanted to buy, but the shop was closed for the summer so I naturally turned to my Mom {who can recreate just about anything!} and asked begged her to make me some.

She cut them out of foam board and used vintage sheet music and spray glitter.

I used them to replace the mirror I had above my mantle.

I have a hard time getting a great picture of my mantle because of the windows being beside it, which is why I don't show it much, but I'm super heart loving my wings. Thanks Mom!
If you have questions about how she made them leave a comment, she obsessively reads my blog and would be happy to answer :)

Guess maybe I shouldn't be talking about sexy time when my entire family reads this huh?
I have to talk about it somewhere, my Husband is all 'what? Ovulate? What's that? We have to do it AGAIN?'
If you have good karma on your side could you send me some sticky baby dust?
I have a gyno appt Monday and I'm praying everything checks out OK and that cutting back on my exercise was enough.

Happy Thursday!


Refinished Bathroom Cabinets

I'm about to share my finished bathroom cabinets, exciting right??
More like, FINALLY :)

I've been prettying up my master bath room for a few weeks now, you can read about Part One herecovering an ugly shower here, and cute storage here.

As you know I used the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit on my ugly oak cabinets.
{oh and no one paid me to use it, I bought it myself and just wanted to share how I liked it}



Ahhh, so much better! I really liked the kit, it was easy to use and the finish is perfect! I was hesitant to use regular paint and primer because I've heard it can lead to the doors not shutting properly.  The color in the kit is more like a stain, you just don't have to do any sanding. Score!

The only problem I ran in to was the top coat.  After putting it on and letting it dry I found white buildup.

It wasn't all over, just on the edges. When I was working on them I laid the door all out on top of paint cans so I could make sure not to have drip marks on the edges.

Maybe they dried too fast in the heat? I dunno. 
No biggie though, I just went over a couple spot with the base color again and it was fine.

I added a few glam knobs from Hobby Lobby.

The color I used was Tudor and I did use the {optional} glaze on it although you couldn't really see a difference.

I super heart love it so much I really want to do my kitchen cabinets. 
Then I remember that I have 25 freaking cabinet doors plus 11 drawer fronts. That's a huge under taking!

Oh and just for some cuteness, while we were out of town a cute family of birds had babies in my planter on the front porch!

It just happens to be right outside the dining room window, so Miss M has been glued to that window watching the Mama bird feed the babies all day.

How cute are they!?!?

She's now convinced that I should give birth to baby birds and not a real baby :)

Happy Thursday!


Playlist Update and questions answered!

I had a few people ask me some questions and I can't reply because you don't have your email linked to your blog account.
Thought I'd be nice and answer them here :)

Where did I get my swimsuits?

Both of these are from JCPenney's. I had really great luck there after the Victoria Secret debacle {lots of side boobage and the bottoms only covered one butt cheek}. Plus they were cheap, like 15 bucks for each piece.

What cruise line did I take? Did I like it?

I didn't plan on this cruise, my friends posted on Facebook that they were going wayyyy back in like November and I just decided it sounded like fun and signed Oliver and I up to go too.  Just another reason I can't live without FB :)
We took the Carnival Triumph out of Galveston.  We live in Dallas, which is about a 5 hour drive to the port, it sure was nice not to have to buy plane tickets or worry about flying.
While the cruise ship was nice, the pools on board sucked.  There were 3 small pools and 6 hot tubs.  Who in the hell wants to sit in a hot tub when it's freaking hot outside?? Not me.
In the future I would try to pick a boat with a giant pool on board.
The rooms were decent, great service, they cleaned it like 5 times a day.
All my friends booked a room with a balcony, but I was cheap and picked a cabin room to save money.  It didn't bother me, but Oliver said next time to just spend the money on a balcony.
Then again I was only in the room to change or sleep, I think I was the only person on the trip who never took an afternoon nap!
Other than that everything was good, people were nice, food was decent, and I had a great time!
I've stayed at an all inclusive resort {In Jamaica for our honeymoon} and I would say there are pros and cons to both a resort and a cruise.  
The resort is nice because at the end your balance is usually nothing.
The cruise is nice for all the fun activities.
As long as the weather is nice, you will have a good time!

Do you guys use the SoundHound App?
I love love love it because any time I hear a good song I can find it and bookmark it to download later.
Here are some recent additions to my Sweating It Out play list.

click to see it bigger

I'm spending the day helping a friend pretty up her walls, some colorful paint and some crisp stripes to go along with the fun headboard she made!

Can't wait to show y'all when we are done!

Happy Tuesday!


I'm backkkkk!

Did y'all miss me?? 
We had a  great time on our cruise!

Day 1
We had 10 people in our group so we had t shirts made, Team Overboard!
Each couple had the name of a famous couple on the back. Oliver and I were Mickey and Mallory {anyone know what movie they are from??}

The boys started drinking at 11 am the day we left, I told Oliver if he got too drunk and fell off the boat I was not responsible! BTW that could totally happen, the sides are not very high.

My BFF couldn't make it so I did the next best thing.

Flat Amber.

She had a great time partying it up with us :)

I joined in on the dancing right away, lots of good music and I learned The Wobble {which they played a lot so I'm a pro at it now}

Can you tell I'm excited??

The next day was spent laying by the pool, eating, and drinking.

Someone stole my camera, I'm less upset about the camera than I was about the pictures that were on it!   I participated in the digital scavenger hunt and won, there were some good pictures on there :(

I did really well on my eating the first day and it kinda went down hill from there, BUT I tried to make up for it by taking the stairs instead of the elevator {my calves were KILLING me!} and I went to the gym every morning for a 3 mile run.
I have to say they do offer healthy options like fruit, yogurt, grilled chicken and veggies. 
I just really wanted bacon, burgers, and fries some days. 

Day 3 was in Progresso Mexico.

Lots of drinking.

Can't pass up a massage on the beach!

My favorite activity of the day was sand volleyball :)

That night we hit the casino a little. I've never played slots, but I can totally see how they would be addicting. I swear I lost 40 bucks in like 5 minute!

We also did some snorkeling in Cozumel, while it was pretty it was nothing compared to the beauty of Jamaica.

I also had a yummy drink, the glass was coated in chocolate.  Y'all know I had to lick that glass first :)

Ok, so one night was formal night and everyone dresses up and they try to take some cheesy pictures of you. The guy kept trying to pose us all dumb, I may have been drinking and refused to do what he wanted, I almost died when I saw Oliver's face the next day and had to buy this picture!

Trust us to dirty up a family picture.

This was our first cruise and overall we had a great time, but it was also our first time vacationing with friends and I think that makes a world of difference.  Oliver's not one to hang by the pool and dance so it's nice to have girlfriends along who will!
The food was ok, there were lots of fun activities going on through out the day which was different than just staying at a resort.
While food was included in the price of the cruise drinks were not {except tea and water} and let's just say Oliver spent a pretty penny on his drinking!

I'm also happy to report that I didn't gain a single pound! Guess those early mornings paid off!

I'm glad to be back I missed my baby girl, who I swear grew 10 ft while I was gone.

Facetime worked much better than Skype. 
She had a grand time staying with all her grandparents, spoiled rotten for a week!


Packing and Update on the {non}baby situation

I know I told y'all I would share my finished cabinets today, but my brain is so full of other stuff I can't even sit down and write about it. 
I know the suspense is killing you :)

I'm leaving tomorrow and I put off packing until today, but I have like a million other things I need to get done.
First one being a spray tan, I am still too pale to walk around in a bikini without one!

My bed looks like this right now.

My husband had the gall to ask where his stuff was, uhhhh pack your own shit. Geez, some days it's like having 2 kids!

I do have a list going, so I feel a little more organized.

I had to throw the kid in the bath to keep her out of the way.

It worked for about 20 minutes, now she's bugging the crap out of me and walking around taking pictures. She is obsessed with the camera lately, she's all about self portraits too {where in the world would she get THAT from?!?! haha!}

We had a great 4th, she even managed to not burn herself with her first sparkler.

I'm glad to be getting away for a few days, I need some relaxation.
I know after my last post {about my not feeling well} I got lots of 'are you preggo yet' comments, so I thought I would share what's going on in that department even though it's pretty stressful and upsetting.
So,  when I started working out more back in October of last year, my cycles became shorter. I really didn't think anything of it because they still showed every month and seemed normal. Well, I've learned that I am have a short luteal phase, like 7 days short. 
You need at least 10ish to even get pregnant.
After doing some research I think it's from too much exercise, they don't recommend more than 7 hours a week and right now I'm doing 12-13.
So I'm doing what I need to do and cutting back to 7. Less cardio and adding in some lower impact things, maybe even give yoga another try. {Uh, last time I did yoga I fainted in class, so embarrassing.}
I may even cut it back to 5 hours during the 2ww. Stopping completely is not the answer, they do recommend doing exercise just not too much.

It is so frustrating that my body is punishing me for doing something healthy. I could understand if I was underweight, or was a complete fanatic about exercise, but honestly I think I'm super healthy.  I was much less healthy when I got pregnant with Miss M and got preggo the first month.
I'm going to try to stay away from the scale too, the less I stress about it the better, right?
I have a Dr appt at the end of the month, so lets all pray that there is nothing else wrong. I blame my Mom {obviously, Mom's are the root of all kids problems, right?} she jinxed my eggs when I turned 30 :)

So bring on the tequila shots, mama needs to have a little fun!


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