Wedding Season!

It's wedding season and I've been lucky enough to get to attend two in the last two weeks!
This last weekend I was a bridesmaid for one of my favorite people {Also the girl who got me started on my weight loss journey and running obsession}.  She put together the most romantic and wonderful wedding, it was just full of love.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite things from the wedding.

This adorable canvas where everyone stamped their thumbprint and signed their name. It turned out darling in the end and it a great piece to hang on the wall afterwards.

A chest for cards and gifts.

Love love love this seating chart!

Her dress was stunning, if I ever get married again I'm sooooo doing a lace dress.  Also her veil was her Mom's and it was absolutely stunning!

The bridesmaids all wore a black dress of their choosing and cowboy boots.

I'm so mad I forgot to get a close up pic of her bouquet! It was made of brooches and soooo pretty!
The bridesmaids carried bouquets made of burlap and tulle, which matched the guys boutonnieres my Mom made for her.

I had a blast and my Mom wept like a baby almost the entire time, you would have thought I was getting married all over again :)

Ohhhh and the best part was after the wedding she let us take home the decor :) I came home with some cute stuff!

So after a week out of town and being part of another wedding, my routine should get back to normal.  I only worked out 3x last week, which is unheard of for me.
I dusted off the scale this morning and took some after shots in a bikini.
Oh Lord.
Stay tuned for that awesomeness tomorrow :)

Happy Monday!


  1. what a great wedding! i loooove her dress, too, and think the same thing if i could go back and do mine again. love her bouquet- what a great idea! i had seen some of the images on fb- like the fingerprints and the trunk and love that, too! if i didn't have to work on saturdays to do it, wedding planning would be a fun job!

  2. You look great and looks like such a pretty wedding!! I love her bouquet!!

  3. Cute!!! I love that family tree and I really wish I had seen that 6 years ago! It'll really start to be meaningful to the couple as they start losing their family members. We did a traditional guest book and it's one of stupidest things ever. I'm thinking of scanning in all the names at some point and printing them on a big frame. It won't be as good but since the pages were written on both sides, I can't just start cutting up the names.

  4. What an adorable theme for a wedding. I really love the cowboy boots!

  5. WOW! What a beuaitful and unique wedding. The bride looked stunning and you looked beautiful too! LOVE the boots and the bouquets. I just love weddings :)

  6. She looks like she could be related to you. I adore that side shot of you at the thumbprint canvas. Beautiful picture. Are you sure you left goodies for others to take home? LOL, looks like you swiped everything in sight!!!

  7. What cool wedding decorations! And that's so nice she let you guys take some home!

    Love her dress. I really wish I'd been able to drop the weight before my wedding, but better late than never, huh?

  8. love the bouquets and boutonnieres! glad you had a great time.


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