Swimsuits {The Good, Bad, and Fugly}

The last two weeks have been crazy busy, which means that I haven't been able to workout like the crazy person I am.
By Saturday {day 3 of no sweating} I was pretty much ready to kill my husband. Every little thing he did drove me batty.
Sunday I decided for the good of our marriage I should go for a run, even though I was feeling VERY unmotivated!  I had a rough time getting my booty out the door, this happens when it starts getting hot and humid out, running is less fun and more torture. 
I set out some water and running food and told myself to do at least 4 miles, well after mile 1 I was drenched in sweat, so I took off my top and ran in my sports bra and shorts. Not pretty, but I was dying. Somewhere around mile 4 I started to feel better and ended up doing 10 total.
I came in showered, ate, and took a nap.
He was tolerable after that :)

I will be glad to get back to my regular routine, not just for my health but for my attitude!

Ok, on to the swimsuits. The husband put a new operating system on his computer last week and kept telling me to get whatever I wanted to keep off his computer and save it to a external drive. I rarely use his computer so I didn't think I had anything worth saving on it, so a few days later he's all like 'I saved your pictures for you'. 
I'm kinda almost wishing he hadn't. 

WARNING : one of the worst, most embarrassing pictures of me EVER.

I'm pretty sure I had fallen out of the boat and someone thought it'd be funny to take my picture.
Gee, thanks.
It was shortly after this that I joined Jenny Craig and lost weight {the first time}.

Let's move on to some better pictures, shall we?

I only lost about 12 pounds in the last year, but I can see a difference in my 'problem' area {my hips}.  These bottoms are loose now and can't be worn anywhere other than my backyard because if they get wet they fall off.
You know if I didn't have all that extra skin on my tummy, I might have some abs!
I will be getting that removed after my next {and last} kid. 

I ordered a new bikini for my cruise from Victoria Secret, I'm not a fan of online ordering but I gave it a shot and we shall see if it looks decent enough on me to be worn in public. My boobies just need more support than I can find in a regular store, hopefully VS comes though.  For a bra place, I am not a big fan of their bras. They are not made for big booby girls, they are more decorative.

And just for a good laugh on this Tuesday morning....

I can't help but to laugh out loud when I see this picture because I know EXACTLY how she feels :)


  1. My goodness girl, what a difference! I think you're amazing, before and after, you've always been beautiful.

    I hate Victoria's Secret. They don't have my bra size there. WTH? I'm strictly a Frederick's girl.

  2. Wowzers! Those were some boobs! :) I wish I was as motivated as you... maybe that'd make MY hubby tolerable. Who, just this morning, I told to go look into our junk room because I'm in the middle of cleaning it out and he said "oh" (not a good one!) and was like "well, I can kinda see some improvement" WTF?! I blamed it on him and the fact that his pile in the corner takes up most of the area now (minus the furniture) and he's like "I don't have an office like you so I don't have places to put things" It's junk, throw it away!

    I think I need to go run to get away from his negative, tired behavior..lol!

  3. Oh, and I love the picture. That's my favorite line in the Maroon 5/Wiz Khalifa song right now when Wiz raps. It's how I feel about a lot of stuff!

  4. You look amazing! It may have only been 12 pounds, but you are right, it mad a huge difference. Where did the love handles go? Great Job!!!!

  5. you look amazing now! you have worked SO hard.
    and i know how you feel- chris was away last week so i asked my neighbor to watch my kids a couple days so i could still walk- i knew if i didn't i might kill my kids. i get super irritated, too. and i lose motivation, like after a few days of not exercising i don't want to! and i have not been keeping up with the food journal obviously, but i have been keeping up with the healthy eating. i didn't even have any cake at the wedding.... actually i didn't eat much there because i don't eat meat and the choices were limited but i got lots of fruit in the form of red wine. ;)

  6. holy boobies is right!! :) i bet your husband loved those! haha

    i hate swimsuits with a passion. i (when i was young and skinny) would buy my swimsuits from VS and i have always loved them. ust make sure you buy one that is a "36D"or whatever and not a S M L XL bc the XL is still pretty RACY! haha!

  7. Wow! Look how far you've come! Your waist looks absolutely tiny in these newest pics!

  8. VS is my favorite place to order bathing suits, but it's kind of touch & go. I finally realized I needed to order a size larger in the top because my boobs kept popping out of the middle (it only took me 4 years to realize that!). But then this year I ordered a suit in the same size and style as a suit I already have and the bottoms were too big and the top was entirely too small, so I ended up taking it all back - VS FAIL!

  9. Hubba Hubba! You look HOT!!! Way to rock that bikini!!

  10. You look great! Wow!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  11. Awesome!! WAY to GO! I notice a huge difference in the photos. I agree about VS bras. I'm normally a large C, but there, I wear a D or DD. Crazy! keep up the good work!

  12. Can you say "f-ing amazing"??!!
    You are so beautiful big boobs and all!! I love you and inspire to be just like this next year!!!!

  13. You look A-mazing! Your so inspiring, your blogs keep my head and hopes up

  14. Oh girl, you have come a long long way! You should be so proud of yourself. You look great!

  15. Great post! Congrats on all of your weight loss, you look good! One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar (www.fullbar.com). Not only do their products help you lose weight, they help you keep the pounds off!

  16. please share if you find a "big booby" friendly swim top haha I'm having sooo much trouble these day..

    and can we talk about how awesome you look!! :) you make me wanna go run 11 miles and I HATE running with every bone in my body! ha

  17. I just discovered your blog, and LOVE it!!! I am a big boob girl myself. I can't shop at VS either. I have to go to Dillards, and get my size. I just discovered a swimsuit company that has this AMAZING strap for their tankini's. The shoulder straps cross in the back, and the extra strap cinches everything up!!! I bent over to take care of my baby, and nothing fell out!!! I think the website is www.hapari.com. I don't know about bikinis there. I am not to that point yet :) You are inspiring!!! Thank you!!!



  18. OMG! You really look hot in your new pictures. I have the same dilemma as yours. I do have a pear-shaped body so wearing bikinis in public is really a big NO for me too. But I guess you are my inspiration now. If I could only motivate myself to run even a mile every day, I think I would be able to lose these excess fats too.


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