Let there be light!

It came. I opened. I conquered.
Yes, the light fixture. 
There was a lot of sweat and a whole lot of creative toddler friendly cursing.
Totally worth it because it look a MILLION times better than the old builder grade crap one!

First I had to hang my new mirrors so I would know the correct placement of the light.
I used my easy painters taping trick to hang them.

She refused to move out of the picture, what can I do?
Anyways, you tape off the length and width of the mirror, making sure the tape goes across where the hangers are on the back.

Make a hole where the nail should go.

Take your tape off and place it on the wall, make sure it's level.
Yes, I'm in my pj's again.

Kinda hard to get stuff done with a kid all over your back, she's such a lover :)
Put in your hangers and you are done!

Sooooo the light was less easy.  The builders didn't install a electrical box so I only had a stud on one side.

Off to Home Depot, where I had to bribe the kid with candy to get in the car.

I got a pancake box and put it on {which took like an hour to figure out how to screw everything together}, THEN realized I had to cut out the drywall behind it and attach it directly to the stud. Ugh. 
Cutting out drywall is really not fun, this project took me all afternoon to do.
It worked though! 

The best part is I only paid 25 bucks for the new light off Amazon!
I was searching around for one and put a few in my cart, but couldn't decide.
The next day when I logged in it told me the price had decreased from 80 to 25, sold!

Obviously I'm now starting on the cabinets,  hopefully I can knock it out this weekend!

My mirrors are from Hob Lob. Love love love me a chunky ornate framed mirror!!

I want to change the recessed light above the tub to a mini chandy, if I can find one for a decent price.  I'm thinking I saw a cute one at IKEA, so I may have to find time to pop over there this weekend. Hopefully now that I've done one the next one will be easier!


  1. Where is your camera strap from?

  2. An idea for your chandy for over the tub...go get an ugly brass one from your local thrift store or Habitat Restore. A friend of mine was changing out her light fixtures and had a smaller one over her kitchen table. I snatched it up, spray painted it a glossy white and it now resides in my laundry room. It was free from her, a $4 can of spray paint and about 10 minutes of work to change it out. I LOVE it!!

  3. You are a rock star!! I don't know if I would be able to do all that... so i'm super impressed! I love the lighting and the mirrors! LOVE the mirrors!!!

  4. go on with your bad self! WOO HOO! i have never tacked a lighting project- i am scurred. you did great! love the mirrors, too!

  5. Dang girl, you did the electrical wiring too? That's awesome! It looks great... can you come do ours? :)

  6. Wow that looks great!!! Thankfully my husband is good at the handy man stuff because I am hopeless! You do make me want to try some of this stuff myself though. Woman empowerment!!! : )

  7. Super cute. You're such an impressive Do-it-yourselfer! Makes me wish I was less of a lazy ass and actually did creative things like that around my house.

  8. OMG, love the color and the mirrors, great job Meg!

  9. go check out your good will..here, they have chandeliers all the time..you can paint it the color you want...

  10. Nice job...it looks great! I love your mirrors too!

  11. You are SO handy! I wish I had your skills!!! I love the new mirrors and the light looks good too! Great deal on it! Cannot wait to see the cabinets, good luck!!!


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