Dun Dun Dun. {Weigh In}

I weighed myself today.
Soooooooooo NOT good. 151.
Holy Smokes, I've gained like 5 pounds since the last time. I would say WTH, but I did a lot of eating out over the last 4 days.

We made a little family trip {with our BFF"s!!} to Sea World.  Have to get our money's worth out of those Fun Passes :)

These girls just love each other, like adopted sisters :)

I've been a little sad about Miss M growing up, but one thing I love is that she is old enough now to ride some adult rides.

The look on her face when her stomach dropped out from under her was PRICELESS! My baby has no fear and LOVED riding her first 'roller coaster'!

The next day we hit up the water park and made some new friends.  I have known this girl for 3 years online {we meet through a baby website while preggo} so I feel like I KNOW her, but it was so fun to meet and the girls all loved each other.

Little kids rock, everyone is their friend :) 

All 3 girls took a nap, which was a small miracle in itself.

Of course, mine was the only one who needed Mommy cuddling before she would pass out. 
Needy Needy Needy.

I sported one of my new bikini's {JCP} even though I was feeling pretty bloated. 

I came home Sunday and Monday I hit the gym hard. 2 hours of cardio, plus the fact that it was 104 outside made me sweat like a dude. Just knowing it's that hot outside makes me feel rundown, I have no clue why. 
I did 6 miles on the dreadmill, which is a miracle because I HATE running for more than 3 on that thing. I just can't handle running outside right now because of the heat.

I haven't talked about it much, but working on baby number two has been pretty stressful. That combined with the fact that I'm home all day everyday {no school} have been major contributors to my weight gain.
I plan on working hard to get back down to at least 145 before my cruise in 2 weeks because NO WAY am I going on vacation and coming home fatter than I am now!!!

I plan on not weighing myself again until next Tuesday, so I will keep you updated.  My hubs is trying to drop a few before then too.....

He's doing Insanity and doesn't appreciate when I try to correct his form. 
Hey, I'm just trying to help :) I may have to try a few of the workouts, but I'm not willing to give up my gym time {kid free!} for them.


  1. Good for you for catching it at just 5 pounds! Could be like me and have WAY more than that to relose.

    You look great in the bikini by the way.

  2. Don't let a little hiccup get you down. You've made great progress!

  3. well if you are out a lot i bet it's a lot of sodium/water weight. drink lots of water and cut out the sodium over the next couple weeks and you will be there!

  4. Weight gain sucks but you totally got this so I don't even need to send you some motivational "go get 'em, Tiger!" message. (But, those messages are nice anyway, so "Go get 'em, Tiger!")
    How does the hubs like Insanity? We've been thinking about it over here. Any thoughts?

  5. Glad you guys had a great time! We've been meaning to take the kids to Sea World, but it just hasn't happened yet. You still look amazing, ya jerk! And you know that weight is just going to fall right off when you get back into your normal routine. <3

  6. You look great!!! I bought a bikini and I'm too scared to wear it :( oh women and their insecurities!

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I'm so jealous that you're going on a cruise soon! I'm on vacation this week, but we're being lame and staying home.

  8. I wish I was 150! I had to get some tests done yesterday and one of the things mentioned (of course) was weight. So now I'm going to really try to lose more weight, starting with the goal of 10-15 pounds. My mom mentioned again that my dad is willing to pay the $100 a month for my boot camp, so I'll probably take him up on that offer. How can I refuse?! Sure, waking up at 4:30 to be there by 5 sucks but I it'll also give me some extra energy and get back into waking up early for school. I'm thinking I'll start in July and really watch everything.

    Glad the girlies had so much fun! I love how kids can make friends so quickly!

  9. Got to love the mommy play groups I just had a meet up with one of mine from online super fun. Love the blog!

  10. Ok, first of all, you want to say WTH to your weight?? have you seen your figure missy?? you look AMAZING and five pounds is nothing for you stress about,Cheese and rice, trust me!! Love the pics of the girlies. they are adorable. Saddens me to remember mine at that age at seaworld. Precious!

  11. I'm glad you blogged again, I was going through withdrawals!

  12. Ya still look great girl!
    Sounds like a fun trip! :)


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