A cheap solution for an ugly shower

I really would love to install a beautiful stone tile shower.
My Husband on the other hand is all, no no no. 
Save money, blah blah blah.
You'll be sacking groceries when your 65 if I just let your buy everything you wanted. 
{That, BTW, is his FAVORITE thing to tell me}

My 20 dollar solution.

A shower curtain is not long enough, so use a regular 84 inch length curtain.

I hung it on a shower rod, but it needs to be on shower rings for easy access.  I just poked holes and slid them through.
The bling rings I had, I'm pretty sure they were from Target{Shabby Chic Collection}, but not recently.

So at least I don't have to look at it every time I walk in the bathroom.
Which is a lot because I'm loving the new color and mirrors.

Ohhhhhh AND I found a vintage {read:OLD} chandy for above the tub.

The shape and size was perfect!

The wiring was not.

I just went to Home Depot and bought a rewiring kit {by the lighting fixtures} and figured out how to do it.
Luckily, I decided to try rewiring the middle part first and see it that worked, which it did, I know I probably would have ditched the project if I had to rewire each arm!

Giving her a little primer, of course out of the 60 {no joke} cans of spray paint I have, I don't have the ONE color I need.

The cabinets are coming along nicely.

The Cabinet Transformation by Rustoleum is awesome!
It's more of a stain than a paint so it goes on really smooth, the drying time is really what takes the longest.

Back out the the heat to finish painting :)
Sweating burns calories, right??

Happy Monday! 


  1. I love that you hid your ugly shower door with the shower curtain. I have been thinking about doing that in my own bathroom, but didnt know how it would look. I think I may try now!

  2. I love the curtain idea for the glass shower. Can't wait to see the cabinets & overall finished look :)

  3. Great idea for covering the shower! That curtain is great!!!

  4. the shower curtain that is not really a shower curtain is perfect! and i love that light!!!

  5. I wish I had a husband to tell me that - wouldn't be super broke now! Grass is always greener. So proud of you! Love your blog. Get 'em girl.

  6. i've done the same thing with my shower stall! we actually installed the door (i can't take the shower curtain touching me) and then we rehung the curtain b/c it was too blah and boring without it!

  7. AWESOME!!!! Looks like you are working hard!! Love the curtain to hide the shower. Perfect!

  8. i love how you "hid" your shower! we have those same shower clips and they are from target :) I got them for RG's bathroom a little less than a year ago :)
    oh and i love the chandelier :)

  9. Love it! We have a nice tiled shower but I HATE the shower door. Trying to convince the hubs to tear out the shower door...it aint happening. I wonder if I could do something like this...

  10. that curtain looks great disguising itself as a shower curtain. and i am ridiculously impressed that you rewired that adorable chandelier. i'm so afraid of wires.


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