8 miles

I did a longish run today, 8 miles, which in this heat really felt like 12.  
When I first started running I used to run every. single. day.  Usually in the mornings.  I was soooo hooked on it, I would be crabby if I missed my run.
Once Miss M got a little older and wouldn't scream bloody murder at being left in the play area at the gym, I started going to classes 5 days a week. 
It was much less stressful for me to go in the evenings and Miss M LOVES the kids there, so it's a win win.
Plus, my Hubs is all gung-ho about working out right now, so I've been nice and letting him have the mornings to do it. {Which is another reason I hate men, he's lost like 3 pounds in the last couple days by EATING MORE and doing Insanity. Ugh.}
I've missed running outside though, the dreadmill just isn't the same.  
I put on my big girl panties and braved the heat {and HUMIDITY! Which is worse}.

I kinda felt like I wanted to die.  I went though 3 bottles of ice water, half in my mouth the other half on my head.

Running in the summer requires no shirt, a sweatband, a visor, and a sweat towel.
Sweat was POURING off my visor as I ran, I really though it was raining.
Wishful thinking.

The only thing that got me though the last mile was thinking about the ice cold watermelon waiting for me :)
Yeah, I run with 2 ipods, they have been acting funky {randomly turning off} and I lose total motivation if I don't have music.

I pulled out an old SD card today and found a pic of me a my very first 5k!

My how things {and my body!} have changed.

I've been tracking my calories all week.  I'm eating 1700 a day.  
I get this number by taking my BMR {1330} and adding in my daily exercise {1000} and subtracting around 600 for weight loss. 
Although the BMR is only what my body needs for basic functioning, it does not include things like taking your 3 year old to the wave pool for 2 hours. 
I have to say that I'm pretty damn hungry only eating 1700. I've limited myself to only burning 1000 calories a day at the gym. I even left spin early one night when my Polar told me I'd hit it.  That's progress, I've NEVER left a class early!
Honestly, I know I probably need to cut it back even more, but I'll wait until I'm knocked up {hopefully soon!} before doing that.

Happy Friday!


  1. Way to go! Running in the heat is....well...something I never do. Haha!!! Happy Summer ;)

  2. You are awesome. End of story...

    But really I cant imagine running today (it was 100+ here today with heat index @ 110ish) well I cant imaging me running at all Haha. I'm going to have too look back on all your post when its time for me to do the exercise thing :) you are such a motivation!

    Fingers crossed for y'all ;)

  3. Give me the scoop on your heart rate monitor/calories counter. I've been looking into getting one to accurately measure my calories burned and keep a watch on my heart rate, but I can't decide which one to get. And honestly, I don't know the difference in all of them and which is better than another. Which one do you recommend? I trust your opinion :)

  4. First, how awesome are your running shoes?????

    You are such an inspiration!

  5. Good luck. I'm thinking of starting Boot Camp again this week. I'm super nervous as some people have been at it (along with any normal exercise) these past few months and I haven't been. I need to get back into though!! And the coach is so nice and motivational!

  6. Running helped me lose 30 lbs fast, but I gained at all back after pregnancy. :(. Burning a 1000 calories a day is a lot!

  7. Isn't watermelon the most delicious summer food ever? We have been eating it like crazy.

  8. I did 8 this morning and was done by 8:30 and was drenched. way to go!!

  9. I just bought that same bondi band!

  10. OK, so I tried running 4 miles yesterday and it was ROUGH! It was still pretty early, so it couldn't have been more than 85 degrees out, but the heat really got to me. We're just not conditioned for warmer temps in Minnesota. So what's the secret? Do you bring water on your run with you?


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