Stencil and Stained Table

Last year I redid my kitchen nook and while I loved it I was over the little person table {for Miss M} so when I found a 40 dollar table at a flea market I jumped on it.  
Well, more like begged my husband to bring it home {which is why I prefer to shop WITHOUT him}
I get a lot of comments asking how I get my hubs to go along with my decorating.
My secret is to not ask permission, but forgiveness after the fact. Usually it works, sometimes I have to be nice to him for a few days while he adjusts to it :)

Anyways, back to my table. I saw stencil and stain technique on Pinterest and KNEW I had to try it!


Yes, it was ugly, but it's super heavy real wood.
I gave her a good sanding and went to town stenciling.

This took a good chunk of my day and stenciling on the curves around the sides was not easy.
BUT I love me some zebra :)

Next I applied the stain which was scary because I spent so much time on the stencil I really was scared it wouldn't turn out!

Let it sit for a few minutes, then wiped it down.

Ta Da!

The chairs are Lilac {Rustoleum} and the bottom is Provence {Annie Sloan Chalk Paint}
The furry chair cushions are from Pier One {on clearance!}

I am so excited how the top turned out!!

Even my husband 'liked' it. Well as much as he can like zebra print :)

I moved my Anthro Mirror from the mantle to the wall here and took out the shelf and bench with shoe bins.  My husband is concerned about where we will put our shoes, I told him 'HOW ABOUT WE PUT THEM AWAY??'
Such a novel idea :)

I do want some different curtains, but the only ones I like were at pier one and were too expensive {of course}. Sooo I will bide my time until I find what I want {not that I know what that is}.

Happy Monday!


  1. How fun!!!!! I don't think I could bring myself to put stain over the stencil, I'd be too panicked that it wouldn't work! Is the stencil vinyl?

  2. Cute! I desperately need a table in our kitchen where we can eat at instead of always using the formal dining room (which I kind of wish wasn't so formal feeling!). I have a small set from my in-laws that needs major love... maybe once I get around to it in the next few weeks, I'll try something fun on top. Or just slap on some bright paint!

  3. Love love the table redo! It turned out great :)

  4. You can sell me your current curtains when you find your new ones!! love them! :)

  5. That's so cute!!! Is that just regular paint stenciled on and then you stain over it?

  6. MEGAN!!! it looks so good...i also saw this on pinterest and was wondering how it would look in my dining room...prb not so good...i just did a small zebra side table and i have to say you have lots of patience to do such a large piece...as always i LOVE your work!
    ashley @ creating love and joy

  7. Oh My Word...you did such a great job and it looks amazing!!! WOW

  8. That turned out really well! I love it! I like how the table top itself came out! I may have to copy cat you :)


  9. that is SO funky and So you!!!! love it!

  10. Your table looks fabulous!!!

  11. This came out really cute! I like it with the curtains :)

  12. This is so cool, great job!!

  13. This is great, I have to say I haven't tried this technique yet but I'm going to have to now!! Marvalous my dear!!

  14. Really interesting. I would have not thought to put stain over the paint. I would have stained and then stenciled. Great idea!!

  15. Who doesn't love some zebra? Great job. I love your curtains. Mail them to Canada when you get your new ones!!!

  16. LOVE!!!! Our HS mascot is the Zebra (my hubby is basketball coach and teacher there) and Zebra print has become somewhat an affliction for me ever since. May have to try this!

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  18. Love this! Your patience shows - that table is phenomenal!!! And I, too, think the table looks great with the curtains.

  19. Such a great take on stenciling. I too would of been scared of it ruining the stencil, yikes! I love the look, that set doesn't look even close to it's original state. Great job! I might just have to try this technique on something...

  20. So cool! I probably never would have looked twice at the "before" table set.

  21. Oh my! That is so gorgeous!! I have absolutely no craftiness in me, but maybe I can talk my husband into this....

  22. Love the table! LOVE IT! I don't know if I would have been brave enough to do the bold base & chair colors but I love the top. I actually love it all. I love the way you use color!

  23. Love the table! I haven't got a chance to look at the tutorial on Pinterest from your link, but what did use to stencil, just regular paint? And then stain on top? Did you use a seal? I'm gonna have to try this!


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