My Most Awesome Parenting Moments

I've been a Mom now for 3 years, preeeetty sure that makes me an expert. 
Sooooo I thought I would share some of my most awesomest parenting moments with you guys.
You can thank me later.

Feeding her through the baby gate like she's a baby calf. Just for a good laugh.

Oh, I'm so good at knowing what she's up to every minute {uhhhh except that ONE time she ate cat food}


Letting her pee in the parking lot because the bathroom was too far away and I was shopping.

Nap time.
Yeah, I rock at nap time.


Hobby Lobby.

Hey, only REAL Moms can transfer a sleeping kid from one car to another, plus install the car seat!

La Madeline.

Now, granted, this one doesn't LOOK that bad, but what you don't know is that it's over 100 degrees out and the only way I could get her to stop screaming and go to sleep was to put that damn swaddle blanket on her.
It worked.

Forcing her to take pictures she doesn't want.

Scaring her with crawfish.

Making her coach me on my ab workout. Occasionally I will make her hold my feet for sit-ups.

Oh yeah, massage my achy muscles!

As you can see, she really enjoys me dragging her out shopping all the time.
IKEA is fun, she's crazy :)

Maybe when I graduate I should right a parenting book.
I haven't even told y'all about the time she fell head first on to the concrete from her stroller.
In front of everyone at the Arboretum.
Or when she drank a bottle of 3 day old formula that had been left in the summer heat.

Happy Mother's Day!
Hopefully I haven't damaged her too bad :)


  1. Happy Mother's Day! I have a collection of pictures of my kids stuck & crying for help. Sure! Lemme get my camera first. HA HA!

  2. Hahaha! Oh my lawdy! What we go through... we should have 345 Mother's Days and the rest should be our birthdays...hehehe.

  3. this post was awesome. happy mother's day to a real mother :)

  4. i really enjoyed reading this post! i have taken some pictures like these in my almost 20 years of being a mom...you are gonna love showing these to her boyfriend/huband one day!

  5. I think we all can relate! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Happy Mother's Day!!! Love the pics. I have a few similar ones. I think every kid should have those!!

  7. You are so funny! I love the potty in the parking lot one. Happy Mother's day to you. I hope it has been a great one for ya.

  8. Oh my gosh Megan those are a hoot! The calf feeding one was hysterical. You seem to go with the flow with a sense of humor, that can't be damaging too any kid. Happy Mothers day expert mom :)

  9. That just means that you'll be even more of a pro when the next one comes! Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Megan you just made me laugh til my tummy hurts I can always count on you! Girl we all have those moments...I am an expert at a sleeping baby in a buggy too, girl purses make nice pillows lol, the fact you and your friend changed cars with baby in carseat without waking her awesomesauce lol! What is she doing at Ikea? Boycotting lol, that one is so funny, girl you crack me up! Love this post and heres to you for you are a great momma and even better you post the stuff that all of us know has happened to us too ha! xoxo

  11. Hilarious! I think we all have had our finer parenting moments.

  12. Love these photos! LOL I have plenty moments like this, I'm pretty sure our mothers have as well, but they didn't have social media to share! haha Happy mother's day!

  13. OMG! This cracked me up!!! First...I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! Second...we all have those moments. I learned I would be winning mother of the year when Ellie was about 3 weeks old and haven't stopped since. The best was when I didn't latch her in the carseat, picked it up but the handle wasn't secure either. That combo made Ellie flip face first onto the hardwood floor from about three feet up really hard. The bang and following screams woke up the entire house. Oh yeah...we've all done it. But we rock as mother's because we are there every step of the way!!!! XOXO

  14. Haha! So funny! I love that you have pictures of all of these things. You are a great mom!

  15. hahahh oh my gosh! I LOVE This... it makes me feel a little more "normal" ha!! :)

  16. LMBO! Have you ever seen Crappy Pictures before? It's a parenting blog, and the author uses the worst, hand drawn pictures to depict her daily life. Hilarious! Maybe you should translate those into hand drawings.

    Now how did you get her to massage you . . . I need Owen to do that to me!

  17. These pics crack me up! My favorite is the one of her scrunchy face in the Halloween costume lol!!!! Hope you had an amazing mother's day, Lady!!!

  18. I'm calling child protective services! Just kidding...this was too funny - Dez


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