May Edition of OOT

I've learned that I can barely function without my 3 basics life essentials.
Internet, a gym, and a scale.

Miss M and I took a little vacay for my cousins wedding, in Maryland. Me and a 3 year old on a all day plane ride, ugh.  She started off a little high on the crazy scale, but slept the second half of the trip.

Well, we both napped, traveling is hard work :)
I picked up some good reading material for the trip at Costco, it's been a loooong while since I read a book for fun and not a text book!

I finished the first one and just started the second, a little disturbing, very dirty, but you just can't put it down! Wow, I'm not sure how people are not blushing while reading this in public!

When we got here my Mom brought along some items she thought my Aunt had left at her house the last time she came to visit.  So she pulls out these pants and my aunts arguing that they are not hers, when I looked over I had to laugh. They were my old fat pants I wore all the time! 
I had to try them on just for fun :)

Geez, I remember when these were SNUG on me, now I can fit into one leg!

This is the first of 4 trips I'm taking this summer, some how we planned on just 1 vacation {a cruise with some friends} in July, but things happen and now we are taking 1 each month. 
Not that I'm complaining, but eating well and getting in workouts while away from home is hard.  Sometimes you have very little control on where\when you eat and if you have time to get in a sweat fest.
Wednesday we went to Hersey Park, PA. I ALMOST made it out of there without eating chocolate.  I went to grab a coffee and they had this delish looking peanut butter Reese's mousse thing. OMG> It was heaven in a cup. Worth every calorie.

The kids enjoyed it though. {Miss M and her new boyfriend, PJ}

Somehow Miss M and I ended up with matching outfits. 

I've been trekking out for a 6ish mile run in the mornings, it's so much harder to run here. Hills everywhere! Makes me thankful I live in a flat state.

The most exciting thing is happening today!!!!

I get to meet a celebrity! {ok, maybe just to those of us who stalk her blog because she's super awesome!}
Yes, it's true I'm having lunch with.....Cassie, from Primitive and Proper!
I can't wait to put a face to the lovely person who is always quick to leave a sweet comment or an encouraging email for me!

Well, I've been hogging this chair at Starbucks for a while now. I'm seriously missing reading my blogs every morning. I don't know how people live with out Internet! 
Hopefully the next time I step on the scale I won't freak out. I've turned down a lot of sugar sweets this week and tried to stop eating when I feel full. So unfair how hard it is to lose weight, but how EASY it is to pack it on.
I miss the gym and thanks to Facebook {and a sweet message from one of the girls there} I know they miss me too!

Stay tuned to hear all about my lunch on Monday! 


  1. Have fun with Cassie!

    You look amazing! Especially after comparing yourself in those formally snug pants!

  2. I struggled through the 1st book because the writing is so elementary and I can only read the same line so many times before getting upset but the ending left me wanting the second. Now I'm half done with that one and it is a little better. I think there's at least more of a "story" in this one so far. I'm glad I have a nook because people have no idea what I'm reading. :)

    Great picture. I did that with a pair of capries from last summer. It's so weird fitting in just one leg when the same pants were so tight you had a muffin top earlier in the year.

  3. Look at you, looking super skinny in horizontal stripes!!!!

  4. Looks like you all are having an awesome trip! Enjoy your lunch with Cassie...she is so sweet! I love Hershey Park..hope it was a blast. Megan

  5. Fifty Shades is awesome, and I couldn't agree more on the blushing comment.

  6. Hope you have a good lunch! Its always nice to meet fellow bloggers.

    You look great!

  7. Love your matching outfits! I was just talking about this with someone the other day: people don't do the parent/kid matching outfit thing that much anymore, do they? Unless by accident, I guess! That was HUGE in the 80's!

  8. wow is all i can say...fitting into 1 leg of pants that used to be tight...you rock girl!!!

    enjoy your time {& keep saying no to those sweets...good girl!}

  9. OMG I can't believe you are reading that book in public LOL I haven't read it but I have seen specials on the author, even she blushes talking about it LOL I hear ya with not having internet, my kids think I am addicted, which I am. I rely on it for EVERYTHING not just blog or social media. Have a great time! You have to live your life, just make good choices and you should be fine. Getting away from a scale is probably good for you, let your mind be your guide not the scale while you are on vacation.

  10. Looks like you're having fun!!!

    Say Hi to Cassie for me!!! whoo hoo!
    she is so awesome!

  11. I would die without internet and a scale! Pretty sure I am ok without a workout...LOL Looks like you are having fun. I'm sure you will lose after this trip, especially with your runs and running around. Can't wait for pool time! See ya soon.

  12. I would die without internet and a scale. Pretty sure I am ok without a workout though...LOL Looks like you are having a blast! I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised when you get back and step on a scale. Can't wait for pool time. See ya soon! Tell M hi!

  13. Yay for bloggy get-togethers! Lunch was a blast and I'm so happy we got a chance to meet :) Miss Madison is adorable! Have fun at the wedding!

  14. Such a brat!! and so LUCKY!!! Tell Cassie I said hello from Texas too!! Geez that's freakin' awesome!!

  15. The pants picture is priceless! What an accomplishment! You get my utmost respect for traveling with a lil one. I hate flying and can't imagine being responsible for more than my carry-on! Hope you're having a great trip !

  16. LOVE your hair!! I need mine cut bad but it is so easy right now to pull back in a not so sweet ponytail.

  17. First I gotta say - girl you look soooooo good. I'm proud of you for all your hard work.

    As on gym rat to another, I hear you. I can barely be sane without my workouts. I hope you have fun this summer with all your upcoming fun.

  18. you look so good megan and i'm sure it's hard to be out of the routine that has worked for you. but i'm glad you had some chocolate at hershey and i can't wait to hear about lunch with cassie!

  19. Wow..look at those pants on your now..you look FANTASTIC!!!

    I miss workout now as well when my routine changes..the old me hated exercising..now I love it!


  20. look at you hott mama!! I went on a mini get away this weekend with my husband and it is SO HARD to stay "good" away from home!!! congrats!


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