Maintaing through a holiday

Why does every holiday have to revolve around eating out? While I appreciate not having to cook and hanging out with my family, it's no bueno for weight loss.
I did maintain my 146, but I'm sure if I had cooked at home I would've had a loss.
Friday was my last final at school and I didn't get home until around 930, I was starving and I can NOT sleep on an empty stomach, but I hate eating and going straight to bed. 
Saturday I hit the gym early for a 30 minute dreadmill run, a hour of Turbo\Step class, and a hour of Body Pump.
Step on Saturdays is pretty challenging, but once you get the hang of the moves it's a lot of fun! I feel so proud if I get through a set without messing up :)
I somehow ended up at IKEA with my parents, my Mom is trying to organize her craft space.

She'll probably kill me for posting this pic, but I think it's funny. 
Her crafting room was out. of. control.

She could't even find the floor, but she says she crafts better in chaos, and her shit does turn out pretty damn good.

Well around rolled 12:30 and I was starving, so we go to lunch and I really wanted something yummy {i.e. unhealthy} which is usually what happens when I wait too long to eat.  I decide to order the Cobb Salad with fried chicken because really how much worse can it be than grilled?
I looked it up on MyFitnessPal {they have the best calorie library of any app I've found!} 1100 calories.
The grilled was only 546. 
So moral of the story is, look it up before you eat!

Sunday the husband took Miss Madi to visit with his Mom, I was supposed to have a soccer game, but it was rained out last minute.
It was 10am at this point and I had a choice to make, sit and relax or go out in the 80 degree super sunny weather and run.
I loathe running any other time than very early morning when it's warm out.
I put on my running clothes, added a few songs to my ipod, and forced myself out the door.
I set out some water and GU, just in case I ended up running for a while.
Once I got going I started feeling good, a runners high hit me around mile 5 and I ended up doing 10.4.

I've been trying to be more diligent on stretching afterwards. My hamstrings are super tight, I would totally pay someone to professionally stretch me even though I've heard it's painful :)

Came in took a nice relaxing shower, sans child, bliss.

More eating out, this time with the entire family for Mother's Day.
Another nice big salad with very little dressing.
I even passed on chocolate cake, that I'm still thinking about.

{Dress from Old Navy}

My Mom is always wrapping my gifts so pretty, I love it!

She got me the Antonio Melani Gayla Hobo which I adore, I haven't had a new purse in a while.
It's the perfect medium size, super soft, and has a fun yellow print fabric inside!

I tried this Belly Bloat Shake I saw on Dr. OZ when I was running the dreadmill, pretty tasty, but we'll see if it has any real effect.

I'm also going to try making some protein bites I saw on Journey to a New Me's Facebook Page, all about trying out some new healthy recipes to keep me motivated!


  1. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! Why do you always look so fabulous in pics, ya jerk? ;P

  2. You are looking so good girl! I love that dress and purse!

  3. I found you via Mama Laughlin!

    Great job on maintaing over a holiday...that isn't easy! ;)

    Love your dress, I found it online and was sad to see they didn't have my size...I <3 chevron!!

  4. I love My Fitness Pal! I use it all the time and it really does help!

    Cute dress!!!!!

  5. LOVE your new purse! I've been following for a little while but haven't commented. You're such an inspiration! Eating out is so tough for me because I love it so much! We ate Mexican over the weekend & I had a salad & I actually got the dressing on the side & dipped & I was AMAZED at how little I actually ate because normally I pour the whole serving they give me all over it. Keep up the good work!

  6. I love that ON dress..I almost bought it! Your purse is great too..sweet gift!


  7. Love the color of the purse! Looking Fabulous gal. I am so jealous of you being able to go to IKEA wheneve. The closest one to me is like 3 hours away and I have never been in one, but I do drool over their website quite often. :)

  8. Bahaha just cracked up at your "dreadmill" comment...hope that wasn't a typo--because that's hilarious. Just how I feel about it!!

    I just started reading your fab blog a few days ago...I'm super inspired by you. I've been on a weight loss journey for almost 2 years now...lost about 80 lbs in the first year and have been trying to maintain over the past 12 months. It's still a daily battle, so it's been so encouraging for me to find more health and fitness blogs to follow to keep current on exercises, recipes, etc. LOVE your blog so much!

    Can't wait to keep reading from you. Keep up the good work, girlfriend. You look absolutely incredible! Coming from someone in her own weight loss journey, I am super proud of you. I know how hard it is and how much effort and energy it takes. But it's SO worth it. Always remember that!!!

  9. you look awesome! love your dress, and love your new bag!

  10. ok, i'm feeling slightly better about my craft room, but worse about my lack of fitness. 10+ miles. dang! my lack of flexibility is shameful. love your chevron dress and new purse. happy belated mama's day!

  11. you look awesome!! :) i love that dress and your new purse!!! :)

  12. Love the fam pic, my girls always want to hold the present no matter how big or heavy it is

  13. Don't you wish we could just eat whatever, whenever and not worry about this calorie counting ish? You and that little family of yours look gorgeous by the way!

  14. I maintained as well. Even with having a large Dairy Queen blizzard TWO night in a row!!!!!

  15. Pink & Fabulous! Happy mommas day!!!!

  16. what a beautiful purse!! and congrats on just running for the heck of running and doing 10 miles that is great

  17. Hey! I love that bag!!! I also wanted to let you know I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award! Come check out the page at http://thependletonhouse.blogspot.com/2012/05/thanks-emily.html and remember to pass it along! :)

  18. Love the dress & the new purse. Keep up the hard work!


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