Back at it!

I think the universe is trying to break me of my Internet crack habit. Seriously, even after 5 days out of town without it, I come home and a storm knocks the thingy {Yes, Cassie that's the technical term for it,  haha!} off my roof that brings me Internet. So annoying, but thankfully the storm last night didn't do any roof top damage, but it did do this....

Yeah, that would be her new swing set, I swear we have the craziest wind in my area!

My lunch with Cassie and Ali was amazing, they are seriously so sweet I could have spent all day hanging with them! Next time I'm in Maryland I'm totally kidnapping Cassie for a whole day :)

Her daughter Emmy was SO ADORABLE! I mean, I think my kid is a doll, but that Emmy I could of eaten up with a spoon!

She also told me about a creamery up the road where you can feed baby calves at 4pm everyday, so after nap time we headed up there and it was SO MUCH FUN!

Those little calves are just so cute, we don't get this kind of fun in Dallas.

We spent Memorial Day napping and hanging at the pool with our BFF's.

Yesterday my Dad's company had a family fun day at Dr. Pepper Stadium in Frisco.  We played softball, I did alright, even got a base, but soccer is definitely my sport of choice :)

I haven't weighed in since I've gotten home, better to give my body a few days to adjust before stressing out over my weight. I'm hitting the gym hard tonight, Wednesdays are my favorite day so I'm looking forward to it.
Tomorrow I will weigh in and see what damage has been done.
On the bright side, I pulled out all my swimsuits from last year and all but 1 {which was a little small last year} were too big.  Yay for that, but boo to having for fork over more cash for swimwear~
I may take some photos and compare them to last summers. Nothing beats a good before and after, am I right???


  1. can't wait to see the pics megan!

  2. I just found you and have enjoyed reading your blog!! Thank you for your inspiration and sweet personality!
    Can't wait to get to know you more!
    Holly Bartlett

  3. Holly crap that wind was crazy. Poor Oliver...all of his hard work crashed. I guess he will have some clean up to do. LOL You are looking good so I'm sure there isn't much damage from you trip. Can't wait to see those comparison pics.

  4. Holly crap those winds were crazy! Poor Oliver...all of his hard work crashed. I guess he has some clean up to do. LOL You are looking great, so I'm sure the damage from you trip was very minimal if any at all.

  5. kidnap me away! that would be so fun! glad you enjoyed the calves- they are the sweetest with those big eyes!
    and can we not talk about bathing suits.....

  6. It looks like you had a great time! Congrats and the weight loss this past year. I had the same thing for myself and I HATE looking for a new bathing suit. They're expensive and I'm too picky. :) Good luck in finding the perfect suit.

  7. So I'm still getting over my jealousy of you right now! Brat! ( I mean that in the most loving of ways) Brat! haha

    what a great time and I'm gonna have to shoot myself after your new before and after shot. You always have he BEST ones!

  8. Omg, I want to feed a baby calf. And yay for new swimwear!

    Good luck on your weigh-in tomorrow! :)

  9. I'm glad you had so much fun! I've never met any bloggers in real life but always thought it would be fun.

    Crazy winds! If we had that strong of wind (to knock over a play set), it'd be a tornado here. We put our swing set about 12" into the ground with giant bolts going through it too. It'll be standing when my house falls apart... lol.

  10. Sounds like a great weekend. Little M is getting so big. Love her watermelon outfit. : )

    Hubby says I need to find new swimwear too, ugh! That's the worst. Please share if you find anything.

  11. Welcome back! Yikes, that's some serious wind! I had a blast meeting you and yoru sweet little one ;)

  12. you are a riot! I just love you! So did you meet bloggy friends? How fun! You look like you are having as much fun feeding the baby calf as Maddie is! Love all the pics and totally do a before and after you are a hot momma and worked so hard, totally show your hard work girl! You look great! Gs work does a Baseball night at the stadium we are going next week, it's a picnic night at the ballpark Kelcee loves it, I just hope this year I have her take pics with the right team oops hahhahha!
    love ya

  13. Sounds like you had a really fun trip and visit with Cassie!!
    That is a really great pic of you guys feeding the calf.

    I used to play softball for years. I was really good at playing outfield, but sucked at getting on base! I swung at everything! I couldn't resist!

  14. Miss Megan! You are looking fantastic and so is Miss Madi. When I look back at your photos from a year ago, the difference is night and day. Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration!


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