10 Mile Race Recap

Monday, Monday, Monday.
I've been dreading it because I took the weekend off from studying, but now it's over and I need to turn my brain back on. Ugh.
Nothing relives stress better than sweating, so of course I spent most of the weekend covered in it.
Friday I debated on going for a run because I had the 10 mile race the next day, but Thursday I skipped the gym because of a school project I had put off until the last minute.  I just couldn't mentally skip 2 workouts in 2 days, I would be a real B to hang around :)
So I did a nice 6 mile run, Friday is the only day I get to workout in the morning, I love it because I just feel so much better all day!  It's harder to workout in the evening, but I just suck it up and do it.
They were doing packet pickup at Luke's Locker, so I stopped by to pick it up and OF COURSE they give you a coupon to use so I had to buy a new outfit :)

Dont' worry my tan is fake, I'm too old and scared to lay in a tanning bed anymore :)

I wish I could run without my shirt on, it's so hot and I sweat like a dude.
Alas, it's not pretty so I bought a mesh shirt to try to get some air to my midsection.

Running at White Rock has special meaning for me, it was the first time I felt like a REAL runner.  If you've never read my running story you can click here to read it.  

This picture was taken 12\16\2010
185 pounds.

I felt so awesome about my self here, I vividly remember the feeling I had after running 9.3 miles at a 12 minute pace.  
I didn't care I was 'slow' I didn't care that I was a little chunky, I was a FREAKING RUNNER! 

So Saturday's 10 miler felt amazing, I was 40 pounds lighter, faster, and healthier.

{Yeah, ignore the fact that I have a black eye, my mascara ran and no one bothered to tell me!}

I ran the 10 miles in 1:35, which is a 9 and a half minute mile.
146 pounds.
Oh and it was like 80 degrees out, ugh soooo HOT.

At least it's pretty scenery!

I tried the Margarita Shot Blok's before hand because they are filled with sodium, tasted nasty but I didn't feel very thirsty despite the heat.  I would recommend for summer runs!

The fam came out to see me too, I'm pretty sure it was because they wanted in on the post race breakfast at Ihop :)

I ate a ton, sausage and pancakes never tasted so good! Yum!


  1. Good for you Meagan! what an accomplishment.

  2. You look so good Megan! I love your home decor updates but I'm looking forward to your weight loss posts more and more. So motivating!

  3. way to go!!!!!! you look amazing! and did i read 146? so have you lsot a couple more pounds does that mean?

  4. You look like a freakin' Rockstar and I LOVE your hot pink tennis shoes and outfit. I'm a girly-girl like that. :) Way to go! I can't wait to be able to run like that!!

    I now feel like a loser because I'm the one that suggested we run this.
    Womp womp.
    But yay for your 9.5 minute miles! That's awesome!!! YOu'd have totally lapped my ass anyway! haha.

    Seriously Megan, you look AWE-SOME!!!
    So so proud of you!
    I love that outfit too!!!

  6. Great job! It is inspiring to see how far you've come, helps me believe that one day I'll be a superstar too. I'm currently running 12 minute miles, I can barely imagine breaking the 10 mile/minute mark.

    Ps. Love the outfit!

  7. awesome job !! You rocked that race and I love the comparison to the previous pic/race!

    Kelly @ Journey to a New Me

  8. Your outfit is fantastic! Firm believer that when you look good you run good and you definitely did that! Impressive run.

  9. I think I am more impressed by the fact that you actually wear makeup while running. You are truly a hero of mine. LOL

  10. I found you through Mama Laughlin and I wanted to say what an inspiration you are! Congrats on your 10-miler! I can't wait to do the same!

  11. Love the tank!!! And great time

  12. Love the tank!! And great time

  13. Turquoise and pink? LOVE IT!

    And you are so freaking skinny now. I almost wouldn't have recognized you today except for, ya know, the giant stencil. Sending baby dust your way!

  14. You rock!!! Nice job girl!

    Did the thought cross your mind to run with something that weighed 40lbs just to feel difference?! :)
    It's amazing what losing some extra pounds can do to make us feel lighter and healthier! :)

  15. You remind me so much of myself! Can't wait til I weigh 146 and look as awesome as u! 30 more lbs :)

  16. Congrats girl! That is an awesome accomplishment. IHOP at the end is also a good inspiration ; )

  17. So proud of you!! You look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I've missed reading your blog!!!!!
    I tagged you in a post tonight!

  19. You rocked it once again Meg. You look amazing by the way! So proud of ya. And I think it's hilarious that you ran a 10k and then had pancakes and sausage. Haha. That's something I would have done.

  20. Great job girl!!! You look like you've lost more than 40lbs!

  21. super cute new running outfit!!! I hope to get some new stuff at the expo this weekend, before my 10k!! My first 10k~on my bday! so excited. And, the bondiband vendor will be there as well. I have been wanting to get one since you posted about it. have an awesome week!


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