Back at it!

I think the universe is trying to break me of my Internet crack habit. Seriously, even after 5 days out of town without it, I come home and a storm knocks the thingy {Yes, Cassie that's the technical term for it,  haha!} off my roof that brings me Internet. So annoying, but thankfully the storm last night didn't do any roof top damage, but it did do this....

Yeah, that would be her new swing set, I swear we have the craziest wind in my area!

My lunch with Cassie and Ali was amazing, they are seriously so sweet I could have spent all day hanging with them! Next time I'm in Maryland I'm totally kidnapping Cassie for a whole day :)

Her daughter Emmy was SO ADORABLE! I mean, I think my kid is a doll, but that Emmy I could of eaten up with a spoon!

She also told me about a creamery up the road where you can feed baby calves at 4pm everyday, so after nap time we headed up there and it was SO MUCH FUN!

Those little calves are just so cute, we don't get this kind of fun in Dallas.

We spent Memorial Day napping and hanging at the pool with our BFF's.

Yesterday my Dad's company had a family fun day at Dr. Pepper Stadium in Frisco.  We played softball, I did alright, even got a base, but soccer is definitely my sport of choice :)

I haven't weighed in since I've gotten home, better to give my body a few days to adjust before stressing out over my weight. I'm hitting the gym hard tonight, Wednesdays are my favorite day so I'm looking forward to it.
Tomorrow I will weigh in and see what damage has been done.
On the bright side, I pulled out all my swimsuits from last year and all but 1 {which was a little small last year} were too big.  Yay for that, but boo to having for fork over more cash for swimwear~
I may take some photos and compare them to last summers. Nothing beats a good before and after, am I right???


May Edition of OOT

I've learned that I can barely function without my 3 basics life essentials.
Internet, a gym, and a scale.

Miss M and I took a little vacay for my cousins wedding, in Maryland. Me and a 3 year old on a all day plane ride, ugh.  She started off a little high on the crazy scale, but slept the second half of the trip.

Well, we both napped, traveling is hard work :)
I picked up some good reading material for the trip at Costco, it's been a loooong while since I read a book for fun and not a text book!

I finished the first one and just started the second, a little disturbing, very dirty, but you just can't put it down! Wow, I'm not sure how people are not blushing while reading this in public!

When we got here my Mom brought along some items she thought my Aunt had left at her house the last time she came to visit.  So she pulls out these pants and my aunts arguing that they are not hers, when I looked over I had to laugh. They were my old fat pants I wore all the time! 
I had to try them on just for fun :)

Geez, I remember when these were SNUG on me, now I can fit into one leg!

This is the first of 4 trips I'm taking this summer, some how we planned on just 1 vacation {a cruise with some friends} in July, but things happen and now we are taking 1 each month. 
Not that I'm complaining, but eating well and getting in workouts while away from home is hard.  Sometimes you have very little control on where\when you eat and if you have time to get in a sweat fest.
Wednesday we went to Hersey Park, PA. I ALMOST made it out of there without eating chocolate.  I went to grab a coffee and they had this delish looking peanut butter Reese's mousse thing. OMG> It was heaven in a cup. Worth every calorie.

The kids enjoyed it though. {Miss M and her new boyfriend, PJ}

Somehow Miss M and I ended up with matching outfits. 

I've been trekking out for a 6ish mile run in the mornings, it's so much harder to run here. Hills everywhere! Makes me thankful I live in a flat state.

The most exciting thing is happening today!!!!

I get to meet a celebrity! {ok, maybe just to those of us who stalk her blog because she's super awesome!}
Yes, it's true I'm having lunch with.....Cassie, from Primitive and Proper!
I can't wait to put a face to the lovely person who is always quick to leave a sweet comment or an encouraging email for me!

Well, I've been hogging this chair at Starbucks for a while now. I'm seriously missing reading my blogs every morning. I don't know how people live with out Internet! 
Hopefully the next time I step on the scale I won't freak out. I've turned down a lot of sugar sweets this week and tried to stop eating when I feel full. So unfair how hard it is to lose weight, but how EASY it is to pack it on.
I miss the gym and thanks to Facebook {and a sweet message from one of the girls there} I know they miss me too!

Stay tuned to hear all about my lunch on Monday! 


Stencil and Stained Table

Last year I redid my kitchen nook and while I loved it I was over the little person table {for Miss M} so when I found a 40 dollar table at a flea market I jumped on it.  
Well, more like begged my husband to bring it home {which is why I prefer to shop WITHOUT him}
I get a lot of comments asking how I get my hubs to go along with my decorating.
My secret is to not ask permission, but forgiveness after the fact. Usually it works, sometimes I have to be nice to him for a few days while he adjusts to it :)

Anyways, back to my table. I saw stencil and stain technique on Pinterest and KNEW I had to try it!


Yes, it was ugly, but it's super heavy real wood.
I gave her a good sanding and went to town stenciling.

This took a good chunk of my day and stenciling on the curves around the sides was not easy.
BUT I love me some zebra :)

Next I applied the stain which was scary because I spent so much time on the stencil I really was scared it wouldn't turn out!

Let it sit for a few minutes, then wiped it down.

Ta Da!

The chairs are Lilac {Rustoleum} and the bottom is Provence {Annie Sloan Chalk Paint}
The furry chair cushions are from Pier One {on clearance!}

I am so excited how the top turned out!!

Even my husband 'liked' it. Well as much as he can like zebra print :)

I moved my Anthro Mirror from the mantle to the wall here and took out the shelf and bench with shoe bins.  My husband is concerned about where we will put our shoes, I told him 'HOW ABOUT WE PUT THEM AWAY??'
Such a novel idea :)

I do want some different curtains, but the only ones I like were at pier one and were too expensive {of course}. Sooo I will bide my time until I find what I want {not that I know what that is}.

Happy Monday!


Maintaing through a holiday

Why does every holiday have to revolve around eating out? While I appreciate not having to cook and hanging out with my family, it's no bueno for weight loss.
I did maintain my 146, but I'm sure if I had cooked at home I would've had a loss.
Friday was my last final at school and I didn't get home until around 930, I was starving and I can NOT sleep on an empty stomach, but I hate eating and going straight to bed. 
Saturday I hit the gym early for a 30 minute dreadmill run, a hour of Turbo\Step class, and a hour of Body Pump.
Step on Saturdays is pretty challenging, but once you get the hang of the moves it's a lot of fun! I feel so proud if I get through a set without messing up :)
I somehow ended up at IKEA with my parents, my Mom is trying to organize her craft space.

She'll probably kill me for posting this pic, but I think it's funny. 
Her crafting room was out. of. control.

She could't even find the floor, but she says she crafts better in chaos, and her shit does turn out pretty damn good.

Well around rolled 12:30 and I was starving, so we go to lunch and I really wanted something yummy {i.e. unhealthy} which is usually what happens when I wait too long to eat.  I decide to order the Cobb Salad with fried chicken because really how much worse can it be than grilled?
I looked it up on MyFitnessPal {they have the best calorie library of any app I've found!} 1100 calories.
The grilled was only 546. 
So moral of the story is, look it up before you eat!

Sunday the husband took Miss Madi to visit with his Mom, I was supposed to have a soccer game, but it was rained out last minute.
It was 10am at this point and I had a choice to make, sit and relax or go out in the 80 degree super sunny weather and run.
I loathe running any other time than very early morning when it's warm out.
I put on my running clothes, added a few songs to my ipod, and forced myself out the door.
I set out some water and GU, just in case I ended up running for a while.
Once I got going I started feeling good, a runners high hit me around mile 5 and I ended up doing 10.4.

I've been trying to be more diligent on stretching afterwards. My hamstrings are super tight, I would totally pay someone to professionally stretch me even though I've heard it's painful :)

Came in took a nice relaxing shower, sans child, bliss.

More eating out, this time with the entire family for Mother's Day.
Another nice big salad with very little dressing.
I even passed on chocolate cake, that I'm still thinking about.

{Dress from Old Navy}

My Mom is always wrapping my gifts so pretty, I love it!

She got me the Antonio Melani Gayla Hobo which I adore, I haven't had a new purse in a while.
It's the perfect medium size, super soft, and has a fun yellow print fabric inside!

I tried this Belly Bloat Shake I saw on Dr. OZ when I was running the dreadmill, pretty tasty, but we'll see if it has any real effect.

I'm also going to try making some protein bites I saw on Journey to a New Me's Facebook Page, all about trying out some new healthy recipes to keep me motivated!


My Most Awesome Parenting Moments

I've been a Mom now for 3 years, preeeetty sure that makes me an expert. 
Sooooo I thought I would share some of my most awesomest parenting moments with you guys.
You can thank me later.

Feeding her through the baby gate like she's a baby calf. Just for a good laugh.

Oh, I'm so good at knowing what she's up to every minute {uhhhh except that ONE time she ate cat food}


Letting her pee in the parking lot because the bathroom was too far away and I was shopping.

Nap time.
Yeah, I rock at nap time.


Hobby Lobby.

Hey, only REAL Moms can transfer a sleeping kid from one car to another, plus install the car seat!

La Madeline.

Now, granted, this one doesn't LOOK that bad, but what you don't know is that it's over 100 degrees out and the only way I could get her to stop screaming and go to sleep was to put that damn swaddle blanket on her.
It worked.

Forcing her to take pictures she doesn't want.

Scaring her with crawfish.

Making her coach me on my ab workout. Occasionally I will make her hold my feet for sit-ups.

Oh yeah, massage my achy muscles!

As you can see, she really enjoys me dragging her out shopping all the time.
IKEA is fun, she's crazy :)

Maybe when I graduate I should right a parenting book.
I haven't even told y'all about the time she fell head first on to the concrete from her stroller.
In front of everyone at the Arboretum.
Or when she drank a bottle of 3 day old formula that had been left in the summer heat.

Happy Mother's Day!
Hopefully I haven't damaged her too bad :)


10 Mile Race Recap

Monday, Monday, Monday.
I've been dreading it because I took the weekend off from studying, but now it's over and I need to turn my brain back on. Ugh.
Nothing relives stress better than sweating, so of course I spent most of the weekend covered in it.
Friday I debated on going for a run because I had the 10 mile race the next day, but Thursday I skipped the gym because of a school project I had put off until the last minute.  I just couldn't mentally skip 2 workouts in 2 days, I would be a real B to hang around :)
So I did a nice 6 mile run, Friday is the only day I get to workout in the morning, I love it because I just feel so much better all day!  It's harder to workout in the evening, but I just suck it up and do it.
They were doing packet pickup at Luke's Locker, so I stopped by to pick it up and OF COURSE they give you a coupon to use so I had to buy a new outfit :)

Dont' worry my tan is fake, I'm too old and scared to lay in a tanning bed anymore :)

I wish I could run without my shirt on, it's so hot and I sweat like a dude.
Alas, it's not pretty so I bought a mesh shirt to try to get some air to my midsection.

Running at White Rock has special meaning for me, it was the first time I felt like a REAL runner.  If you've never read my running story you can click here to read it.  

This picture was taken 12\16\2010
185 pounds.

I felt so awesome about my self here, I vividly remember the feeling I had after running 9.3 miles at a 12 minute pace.  
I didn't care I was 'slow' I didn't care that I was a little chunky, I was a FREAKING RUNNER! 

So Saturday's 10 miler felt amazing, I was 40 pounds lighter, faster, and healthier.

{Yeah, ignore the fact that I have a black eye, my mascara ran and no one bothered to tell me!}

I ran the 10 miles in 1:35, which is a 9 and a half minute mile.
146 pounds.
Oh and it was like 80 degrees out, ugh soooo HOT.

At least it's pretty scenery!

I tried the Margarita Shot Blok's before hand because they are filled with sodium, tasted nasty but I didn't feel very thirsty despite the heat.  I would recommend for summer runs!

The fam came out to see me too, I'm pretty sure it was because they wanted in on the post race breakfast at Ihop :)

I ate a ton, sausage and pancakes never tasted so good! Yum!


Update and a plee for help

I'm alive. Promise. 
I just have been crazy busy studying for finals.
And trying to get preggo, that shit takes WORK. 
Charting, peeing on sticks, having lots of sexy time.{ Oops, maybe I should have left that out since my entire family reads this blog!} Well, that's how babies ARE made, hopefully :)
I know I've already been to this rodeo, but damn if I don't forget half the crap I went through.  Plus those dang ovulation sticks suck and I never get a good one, so just winging it....kinda.
I'm spending WAY too much time reading this website, which pretty much just confirms that EVERYTHING is a symptom of pregnancy.
It's probably all in my head, but just in case I've picked 2 names and I'm currently teaching them to Miss M.

Who is just as cute as ever in the last of the Texas Bluebonnets!

Awww how sweet is this pic, she will always be my baby.
The one who taught me to be a Mother.
The one I 'practiced' on, so the next time around I'll be SUPER awesome.

I haven't even had time lately to go shopping {my second fav activity next to sweating}.
Good thing I have an awesome Mom who blows up my phone while I'm sitting in class to tell me about some cute curtains at Tuesday Morning that I HAVE to have.

Aren't those ruffles adorb?

Just for fun I'm running the White Rock 10 mile run this weekend.
It's going to suck when the temps get too high for long races, considering it's already close to 90 here that time is not far off.
Should be fun though, White Rock Lake is great scenery, plus live music and food!

OK I have a huge favor to ask of all my fabulous blog friends! Can you go vote for Miss M to win a cute baby contest? 
Prettttttyyyyy please with sugar on top?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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