Too much cardio

I found this really great article online about cardio and I had an eye opening moment after answering these questions.

Are YOU a cardio abuser?

If you answer “yes” to three or more of these, then consider yourself a potential cardio abuser. See above for “cardio rehab” ideas.
  • Do you try to negate a bad food choice or less than stellar nutritional day with extra steady state cardio session to “even out” the calories?  YES
  • Is the duration of the session more important to you than intensity (e.g., you’ll choose 50 minutes lower intensity over 20 minutes of intervals)? No, not really I focus more on calorie burn.
  • If time is short, do you scratch off resistance training before cardio sessions? YES
  • If you want to drop some weight, is your first choice a 10 km or half marathon event? NO {already learned that doesn't work}
  • If a coach gives you a goal-specific program, are you quick to ask “where’s the cardio?” or “when will we be adding in card?” Probably
  • Do you track and record “calories burned per session” on a stationary piece of equipment? Well, on my heart rate monitor
  • Do you feel fat or out of control when you go a day or more without a cardio session? YES
  • Do you find your cardio time inching up and up… are you putting in more than an hour a day trying to lose weight or make progress? YES
  • Do you find yourself progressing to longer endurance events — eventually hoping that events such as ultramarathons will help you lose fat? Do half-marathons seem like not enough and a full marathon just getting warmed up? NO, 13.1 is still plenty far for me :)
  • Do you keep using cardio well beyond when it stops being useful or productive — for example doing cardio many times weekly for months and even years with little or no change in stimulus? YES
  • Does the thought of dropping cardio make you feel distressed, fearful, and/or anxious? YES!!!
  • Have you even refused to stop doing it after a trainer or health professional expressed concern about what effects so much cardio may have on you? UMmmm, if you consider people telling to slow down, then yes.
  • Have you had blood test results that suggest you’re under significant physical stress (e.g. depressed sex hormones, disrupted thyroid, very high or very low cortisol, etc.)? No
  • Are you afraid or reluctant to do resistance training, or increase the intensity or frequency of resistance training, in case you “get too big” or “bulk up” — even though endless cardio sessions haven’t helped you accomplish your goal (of reduced weight, body fat and/or girth measures)? No, I like doing weights too just not as much.

So yes I abuse cardio.  I think in the beginning it started with trying to work off bad food choices.  
Shit, I ate that bag of chips I better go run THAT off tonight.
BUT on the flip side, I love the 'runners high' I get from a good sweat fest.  
I have become a slave to my heart rate monitor, going longer and longer at the gym to burn as many calories as I can.
Well, I was stuck at 150 for MONTHS so apparently you can't run off a bag of chips and burning more calories doesn't equal weight loss {Unless you're on Biggest Loser, they workout like all day everyday and drop a load of weight! Must be the magic of Bob and Dolvett whom I love}
I'm trying really hard to cut back on my cardio and adding in more resistance training and weights.
If you know me in real life, then you know I'm super social, I love to be around other people which is half the reason I go to a gym.  {other than needing a break from the toddler} Wednesdays are my favorite days and I may have over did it yesterday with a calorie burn of 1420, oops.  
Today I'm ONLY going to do 30 minutes of spin and then Body Pump {weight class}.
Baby steps people, baby steps :)

I'm still doing good on my abs!

My little sweaty buddy!

Oh and I totally realized I bought the wrong video, I have the 6 week 6 pack, not the 30 day one.
Oh well, abs are abs and Jillians still hard core :)

I'm also not going to wear my heart rate monitor to the gym everyday so I'm less focused on burn and more on my workout.

Oh, and I FINALLY broke the plateau, 145.8 BABY!! 
Here's hoping to keeping it off in a healthy way!


  1. I super puffy heart your workout shoes! My favorite cardio workout is Zumba. It's so much fun and you will work up a sweat!

  2. see, you should just skip the spin tonight!
    also, it seems you have been talking a lot about getting pregnant... maybe too much cardio isn't helping that venture? i am not health professional, but it is possible i think?

  3. Yeah I definitely abuse cardio. Didn't really realize that until i read your post. I run or do the elliptical 7 days a week ad if god forbid I have to miss a day, I get anxious and moody. I crave that high I get after a good workout and I just dont get the same high from strength training. I have been trying to add in more weights and resistance and take at least one day off of cardio each week. I've done good for 4 weeks now. Hoping my scale budges...it's been stuck regardless of what i do!

  4. Way to go girl!!! I'm now happy to say that I know you in "real life". I told the hubs I made a friend at the gym and she invited me to a class. He probably laughed on the inside at me... I'll pretend he doesn't think I'm a royal goof!!! Next week, I'll try body pump... ((yikes!!!))

  5. I get that way too and that is why I want to start slower. I go hard core and end up eventually burning out though. I don't want that. I want something I can fit in always and forever.

    Love your shoes! And way to go on the 140s. Jealous, but you've earned it.

  6. For the past 9 weeks or so, I've just been interval training for a 5k. Next week, my man friend and I start Insanity. I'm kind of nervous because of what I've heard, but I'm excited! You're looking good, though. I can't wait to be up to 13.1 miles and maybe a cardio abuser. :P


  7. YAY for breaking through a plateau!!!!!!!!!!
    I NEED to be at 135 when I go to Vegas... like in a BAD way!!!

  8. This abdominal exercise is easy just lie on the back with the legs in the air and put your hands underneath the head. When you do exercises for your core, you strengthen all the muscles in a way that keeps them working together.

  9. Dang, congrats on breaking 150! Although you look amazing and fabulous at every weight, ya jerk. ;P

  10. I wish I could say I abuse cardio or any other exercise just a little bit. But I'm lucky if I run once every 3 months. Oops.
    Also, you totally rock for breaking your plato! You go girl! And I love the pics of M working out w you. Such a cutie!

  11. I am trying to incorporate weights into my routine more often..but I really love the cardio!

  12. Way to go girl !!!! I def think less stress about the calorie burns is going to do you some good. BROKE THE BARRIER!!! GO GIRL GO! Keep up the awesome work! :)

  13. Way to go girl !!!! I def think less stress about the calorie burns is going to do you some good. BROKE THE BARRIER!!! GO GIRL GO! Keep up the awesome work! :)

  14. I just found your blog and I am SO happy that I did!! Since November I have lost 30 pounds and taken up running....and I love it! You look amazing!!!

  15. Great Job Megan! I can't wait to get there.... As you said, "Baby steps", but that doesn't mean that I can't wish for the weight to drop faster! lol I have been doing Shakeology and TF for over 4 weeks now. I think I have lost around 10 lbs, BUT the inches, WOWZER, I think I am down like 21" now. It's a great work out. Thanks to you, I now what a heart monitor thingy. lol I am always wondering how many calories I am burning while doing the Turbo Fire workouts. Thanks for the idea and you look great Momma!


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