Hope everyone had a great Easter! Mine consisted of cleaning my house, doing my taxes, and busting out my homework due Monday :) Fun stuff, I know.

It rained here so we had to move Miss M's egg hunt indoors, but she didn't seem to care she gasped every time she saw an egg sitting on the ground :)

I did do a little, much needed, shopping on Friday.  I learned that apparently I have a misconception about what I actually look like.
When I was heavy I knew exactly what size to try on and if it even looked halfway decent and zipped up I bought it. Usually I was more excited about it fitting than actual fashion, NOT that I dressed bad but your options are more limited the bigger you are. I've had jeans all the way to a size 20.
My favorite store to shop in was Lane Bryant.
To this day I still go in there looking for bras thinking they will fit me. 

{July 2009}

I was looking for a dress for a friends wedding, I picked up one to try on in a 14 because when I look at it, to me, it looks like my size.
There happened to be another one I liked and it only had one size, a 6, despite the fact that I just bought that size a few weeks ago, this dress was super fitted and I honesty felt it wouldn't fit.
The 6 fit perfectly.
Why can I not wrap my brain around that fact?
Probably because when I look in the mirror I see things I still need to work on.
We should call THIS the curse of being a woman!
Never being happy with your appearance.

My 'trouble' area is my hips and thighs. 
I was told once they are called Irish Hips, which I guess is better than the Polish nose I could of inherited :)
From the time I was a teenager until a few months ago I NEVER EVER WORE SHORTS.
Oh I would wear capris and if I was really feeling daring bermudas, but never shorts.
Well, when I ran to Target yesterday to pick up crap for Miss M's Easter basket {please tell me I'm not the only one doing it the day before!} I decided I needed some capri's because it's already so dang hot here in Dallas.
I picked up a few capris and bermudas to try on and thought about all the lunges I had done at the gym that morning.
Eff it, I'm going to try on some damn shorts, like REAL shorts not long shorts!!!!!
They fit, they looked good.

Well, a little wedge never hurts :)

{Top and Shoe: Old Navy}
{Shorts: Target}

Happy Monday!


  1. no a wedge never hurts. i almost bought those same ones (when i was at target on saturday getting crap for easter baskets), but i can't wear open-toed to work. might have to get them anyway. i still don't do shorts very often. yours are super cute.

  2. Seriously, you look so fabulous it makes me want to cry. I've known you for a bazillion years, and to see how far you've come just blows my freaking mind. You are amazing!

  3. wrap your head around this: you look awesome!

  4. I'm not a shorts person either and I'm kind of excited to be able to wear some this summer. I haven't bought any yet, because I still have a few months to lose a little more, but I plan on it. I have always been strictly capries and jeans no matter how warm it is and I refuse to live like that this year.

    I also find every little thing wrong with me these days. I'm 50 pounds less than I used to be and yet there is still always something I'm not happy with. Being a woman can sometimes be so hard!

  5. You look great! Oh how I long to wear shorts again and feel good about it! :) BTW, I was at the store around 6:00 Saturday night buying my girls Easter basket crap, so I'm right there with you!


  6. You look terrific, Megan! I am loving your 'after' photos. It's amazing to see how far you've come. Keep up the great work! You are an inspiration.

    Plus, your outfit is super cute! I love that your shirt matches your shoes. That is seriously the cutest pic of Miss Madison I've ever seen.

  7. GET IT GIRL!!!
    Yes, they DO look great!!!

    You rock!!!

  8. You rocked those shorts! Lookin good. I've been debating trying on some "real" shorts for this summer. I'm not sure yet. I definietey need a tan before trying.

  9. Work it girlie!!! You look fabulous!

  10. Work it girlie!!! You look FABULOUS!

  11. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I can SO relate to you! I have a 2 yr old boy and a girl on the way, due in July. I've struggled with my weight forever and hope that after this 2nd(and last!) baby I'll be able to get to where I feel comfortable and healthy! It's nice to see other moms out there with the same kind of struggles and joys in life! You look amazing!

  12. You look great in shorts. I am super thick through the calves/thighs no matter my size too. It could be much worse, I could not imagine never losing my stomach-I'll take a flatter belly any day.

  13. your little ones dress is so adorable! what a cutie! and you, what a hottie!!! :)

    i agree, that should be the curse for sure!

  14. Congrats!!! I'd be happy to be a 12 or 14 again... my 18 sized hips and thighs don't seem to be going anywhere! My waist is smaller and there is definitely some gaps in my clothes there, but not enough other places. :( But look at you! Love the outfit and you look good in shorts! All those lunges are really working off. :)

    And yes, I was at Walmart the day of Easter buying a new card for my camera because teh last one was empty and I don't like to delete images (even if they are on my computer!).

  15. The shorts look awesome! Good job pushing yourself out of your comfort zone because clearly it was worth it! I don't know what it is about us women. We always have to compare ourselves to everyone else in the world and it really hinders us. How do we change it? :-)

  16. New follower, fellow Texan. Cute shoes!!!

  17. you are a hottie and an inspiration! SO glad to have found your blog!!

  18. Love the new outfit, liking the stripes! Good job on the weight loss.

  19. Us women really do have a skewed image of what we really look like. Glad you tried on the shorts because look at you rockin' those shorts!!! You're inspiring!

  20. You look awesome! The shorts are too cute on you. They must have been meant to be. :) It's funny how we see ourselves huh? I still battle with it often. Keep up the good work! P.S. Love the pic of your sweet daughter on Easter. Oh, and the dog in the back ground cracks me up! :) Cute!

    ❀ Paige
    Finding Joy in the Journey

  21. new reader here, you look great in your shorts! Go on with your bad self girl! haha you have a great story!

  22. Yay girlie! You look awesome! And you're right - a wedge never hurts!

  23. I lost 60 pounds back in 2004 and had a very hard time adjusting to being skinny (went from a 20 to an 8). It's a total head game! I didn't even know where to shop at because I had been shopping at only Old Navy and Lane Bryant for so long! And I don't know how you've survived Texas heat with capris! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be living in my swimsuit lounging in my kids' kiddie pool in a few months! ha!

  24. Just started reading your blog. Love the shorts! You look great! Such an inspiration!

  25. You look great hot mama! Loving your blog layout. The wedges are great!

  26. You are totally rocking those shorts!!! I bet you feel like a rock star!

  27. LOVE the outfit. You look great!

  28. You seriously look amazing !!! :) love your whole outfit! You deserved a little shopping spree - your hard work has definitely paid off!!! Bravo!!!

  29. You seriously look amazing! I think you totally deserved that little shopping spree- your hard work has definitely paid off! So proud of how far you have come! :)

  30. Um, Hello! You ROCK! Amazing work woman!! I just have to comment on this particular post because I feel ya! I still have weight to lose (about 30) but losing the 50+ thus far SHOULD make me look at myself different right? But sometimes, I scare myself in the mirror. I also look at clothes in stores and think they are too small...I end up wearing clothes WAY TO BIG for me even still. It's sad actually, the perception I have of myself...but I think that's because I lived that way for so long. It's taking a lot of change in my head to get used to this newer me... :)


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