A plea for help and gym tips!

The most amazing thing happened.

Pigtails! It only took 3 long years, but FINALLY we have enough hair!
Best day ever.  I heart having a little girl.

A few months ago I found the cutest light fixture at a flea market.

I've since painted it and begged my Husband to 'help' me hang it. Either we really are too busy or he's getting good at putting me off because it's still not hung.
I decided to try to do it myself.

Sorry I have no head, Miss M took this picture and it's a miracle she didn't have her finger over the lens.
Due to a wonky screw I couldn't even get the old fixture down.
I left the tools and ladder there hoping one day I'll come home and he will have done it for me.
So far that plan is not working {Honey if you read this, I have sacrificed my body to bear you a beautiful child the least you can do is help a girl hang a light!}

Yesterday was registration for school and after sitting in line for 2+ hours last year I got my booty to school reallly early and only had to wait an hour.  I'm graduating in December so I only needed 5 classes, which makes getting a good schedule impossible.  I ended up registering and then realizing on Thursdays I would be going to school from 10am to 10 pm. My first thought was how in the heck and I'm gonna get in a work out? {Priorities people!}
So I ended up switching some things around and now I'm getting out at 4 everyday, but Miss M gets out of preschool at 2 so I still have some juggling to do.
Change sucks, just when I have a routine things change again.  When I plan my life I plan my work outs because it's a part of who I am now.  If it's important to you, you will find time.

Speaking of working out, Tuesday I could NOT get motivated to get to the gym.  My brain wanted to go, but my body just wouldn't get on board.  So I stayed home and took a rest day while only feeling slightly guilty.
Wednesday I was still feeling a little unmotivated, but I put on my gear and went anyways.
I felt so much better afterwards! I burned a crap ton of calories and  had fun to boot. 

I thought I would share some of my tips on getting a great gym workout.

1. Eat before you go, even if I go in the evenings I eat before hand.  Your body needs fuel so you can push yourself hard and not feel like your dying. Usually I eat a banana or a protein bar.
2. Try classes!! It's hard to push yourself as hard as someone else can. Don't worry about looking like a fool if you don't know the moves, after 2 or 3 classes you will be a pro! For the longest time I didn't do any 'dance' type classes because I felt dumb standing there when everyone was dancing, but  I finally tried one and IT'S CRAZY FUN!
3. Get there early to 'warm up' on your own. I always do at least 15 minutes on the treadmill before any class, this helps get your heart rate up so during class you will burn more.
4. If your not doing classes go in with a plan! Not having a plan usually ends up in a 'ehhh that's good enough' attitude. One of my favorite 'on my own' exercises is the Bcx Bootcamp. Print them off keep them in your car!
5. Make friends. I love my gym because it's small and all women, I see the same gals every week so don't be shy and say hello it makes it more fun!

Happy Thursday!


  1. i love the pigtails! and i love that light fixture!!!!

  2. I know how great of a feeling it is to see your little girl in pigtails! My niece didn't have a lot of hair until at least 3 years old, and we celebrated the day we could put her hair in a Pebbles-like pony tail on the top of her head!

    I also love the lamp and your curtains!

  3. Thanks for the workout motivation! I struggle with that. I'm still carrying around 30lbs of the 70lbs(gasp!) I gained when i was pregnant....3 yrs ago!! It makes me sad...:-( you look awesome and I would kill for just half of your dedication. Love your blog!

  4. What do you recommend to track calories your burning? I have been looking in to some products and they are pretty spendy so would like to hear some thoughts before I spend so much. Thanks

  5. yay for pigtails! i haven't been able to talk june into since the one time she let me do it for a photo. stubborn little gal. good luck with the juggling--we're on plan e or f now for summer coverage. and that is an awfully cute lamp; your hubs definitely owes it to you to hang it.

  6. Cute lamp! Is it teal?! :)

    Good job on motivation... I'm lacking it as I have so much stress from my last graduate class. My portfolio is gigantic and it's driving me insane!

  7. I'm sitting here on my ever-expanding butt reading your workout tips and I don't even belong to a gym ...

    How sad is that.


    At least I'm eating soup ...



  8. I found your blog through Katie at Runsforcookies and your blog is so cute! I hope it's okay that I added it to my follow list! Thanks for the gym tips :)

  9. I love the light fixture, hopefully the mention in the blog will get your hubby to help! I seriously love the bed picture in your header, that ruffle bed skirt is to die for!! Where did you find that?


  10. Love the piggytails! Adorable.
    Miss Madison is getting so big.

  11. Love the piggytails! Adorable.
    Miss Madison is getting so big.

  12. Such a cutie with the pigtails! Love that you're still loving bcx bootcamp! Girl, you look great!!

  13. Glad I just found you through Primitive and Proper! Those cute little pigtails remind me of our first daughter who took forever to grow hair!!! It's still more of a bob cut and she's 6! :-)

  14. I can't wait for pigtails! My daughter is finally getting some hair in, and I can't wait!! She pulls out every bow and headband I put on her, but I'm hopeful that she won't be able to reach pig tails :) Thanks for the gym tips - I actually joined my gym to help make friends, but I haven't been consistent with classes. I'm sure if I was it would help make friends.

  15. Thanks for the tips and your motivation-- I have only been to the gym once since rg was born and tbh very day I almost didn't go bc I didnt have a plan-- I'm going to have to check out your link for the bootcamp. I posted that day on fb that to me going to the gym without a plan was like going to the grocery store without a list- both end in disaster! Ha! So true for me anyways :)
    oh... And love th piggies!

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