Parties, parties, parties!

I feel like I'm so behind on blogging! Sorry to those of you stalking my blog for updates :) 
Some days I just don't have time to fit it all in and unfortunately blogging is the first to go.  It's paid off though, I got 3 A's on my last 3 tests and applied for graduation in December.  I feel like I've been in school forever, actually I guess I have been. I'm excited to get it done and move on {IE find a great job and make some more shopping money} life ain't a ton of fun on one income. 
I turned the big 3-1 last Friday and my poor Mother had a 10 minute argument with me about how I was only turning 30. Seriously, she even had me second guessing myself, I'm thinking MAYBE I AM ONLY 30?? 
Geez. She even made me a cake with 30 on top.

The cake was an Ombre cake she saw on Pinterest. Very pretty, but no way can you make those pretty rosette swirls with butter cream frosting, it's too soft. 

Yesterday we had Miss M's 3rd birthday and let me tell you my house looked like I threw a college frat party for a bunch of boys. Crazy and messy, but it was a sign of all the fun we had :)

Her cute little dress is from Dillard's, the day before I realized she had nothing to wear and had to actually take her to the mall BY MYSELF {killmenow}. Usually I'm on top of these things, but I'm falling behind on the wearings yo!

My Mom {who we will now refer to a WonderWoman or WW for short} made these fantastic crowns for each kiddo.

Even for the boys! 

Last year we learned that cooking for 30+ people is a pain in the ass, so this year we went with Subway! Easy and good {plus healthy!} and cost me the same amount as if I would have gone and bought groceries.

WW pretty much did all the party stuff, decor, cakes, and cupcakes herself.
Yeah, I have the best Mom.
Ohhh and the cupcakes have an Oreo baked into the bottom. Delish!

Yeah, she made the cake too, hence the WW nickname.

She also made Princess Wands, treat bags, and those cute centerpieces! 

I had to take the pinata situation into my own hands.
The kids weren't cutting it.

Miss M and her BFF, these girls are so dang cute together I want to eat their faces off.

The kids jumped until they were wore the heck out.
My plan of having my husband clean up the next day while I was at soccer didn't work out like I planned.
Let's just say he can't drink like he used to!


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!

    Your mom is amazing!! WOW! what a party!
    I love your dress BTW!

  2. your mom is awesome, yes. but can we talk about how smokin hot you are in that dress?

  3. i love the dress you are wearing to your daughters party! cute!

    that is so funny that your mom forgot how old you are! ;) congrats on applying for graduation. i havent been reading that long so i dont know what your major is but good ob!

    i remember those barbie cakes when i was growing up! :)

  4. Well Happy Birthday to you and Miss Madison! And girl, your momma is definitely Wonder Woman! She did a fabulous job!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Seriously, I want that hat.

  6. looks like so much fun!! hahah you had me cracking up with the last comment :)

    ps you arent the only one who feels so behind on blogging... I forever have 100 things I want to say and never have time to get it all done! :-/

  7. WOW! Your mom friggin' ROCKS Give her a big ole' smooch or two for that one! Lucky Duck!!

  8. I love to see when people who get on pinterest actually make the stuff they pin! I haven't had time to lately but I have good intentions. I bet your mom had a blast making it all.

    I think it's funny she forgot how old you are! I can honestly say I've forgotten my own age before.

  9. That's so funny that your mom thought you were 30!

    Love your outfit, you look SUUUUUPER skinny! :)

    And I'm taking your advice and doing Subway sandwiches for Big T's birthday in September.
    We did that last year and it was AWESOME not having to cook!

  10. Your mom really IS wonder woman!!

    Happy 30 +1!! ;)

    I love your dress and hat...too cute!

  11. wow--so much cuteness. including your wearings. i'm so with you on buying the food. glad you both had happy birthdays.

  12. What a great time !
    Happy Birthday to all ! :)

  13. New follower here :) I love your blog! it's so bright and cheery!! And those subs and cake are making me hungry.....lol

  14. Happy 31 to you and happy 3rd to Madison!! Looks like a great party.. love the decorations and cake!!!

  15. Happy birthdays! I love that you got after that pinata to show them how it's done properly! Three is such a great age and so is 31! I am laughing at your mom and you arguing over how old you are. I can never remember how old I am...how did that happen?


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